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Love at First Sight – The Real Truth Behind It

love at first sight

Do you believe in love at first sight? Many people have varying degrees of acceptance when it comes to this kind of love because, quite frankly, ย it’s rather shallow. But what does one feel when they experience this? Matt Preston reveals the truth.

As clichรฉ as love at first sight may sound, it’s truly an experience of a lifetime.

Falling in love in an instant

I remember the first time I experienced love at first sight.

I was in my eighth grade, just a little boy sitting in an audience, watching a theatrical play at an interschool competition.

I was mildly fascinated, look at all the new faces in the crowd, from different schools. As I scanned the full hall, my eyes saw a girl I had never seen before.

She was sitting a couple of seats to my left, and she was beautiful, divine.

Barely did I see her face for a few seconds and my world stopped for a moment, and everything blurred into oblivion, everything but her beautiful face.

A moment later, she turned towards me and looked back at me. Our eyes met and at that moment, in an instant beyond time frames, I came face to face with a new emotion.

It was overwhelming in all senses of the word.

My stomach jolted and twisted in coils and I wanted to throw up. My body heated up instantly like I was experiencing spontaneous human combustion, and I felt dizzy and numb.

But yet, with all these horrible emotions flowing through me, I felt deliriously happy. And I felt so light, like I could fly, no, like I could just turn into mist and poof!

When our eyes met

Our eyes met for what seemed like eternity, or perhaps just a second or two in reality, and I just had to look away. I don’t know why, but if I had stared any longer I would have thrown up [Read: The secret behind the first glance]. It was a perfect blend of ecstasy and fear. My adrenalin was pumping and my heart was beating so hard I could feel my tongue vibrating in sync.

Within moments, I realized I was addicted to her. I just had to look back at her and stare at that beautiful face. I couldn’t help thinking God must have been high when he created her. She was beyond an inspiration.

I kept glancing at her nervously, taking in as much of her as I could, but it was never enough. I was craving to see her face, like a man gasping for air at a high altitude. And every now and then, when our eyes met, I had a relapse of stomach jolts and intoxication. [Read: Law of attraction in love]

This happened back and forth for almost an hour, and with each passing minute, I was drawn deeper and deeper into this experience.

What happened next?

Well, love at first sight was a good start. But falling in love immediately also makes you lose your senses. I tried talking to her that day, but I was a nervous wreck.

She turned me down, and I never did see her ever again [Read: What to talk about on a date]. But that first memory of experiencing love was so intense that I can still visualize it like it happened just yesterday, even though that incident probably took place close to two decades ago. [Read: Short loves stories]

But now I know why I experienced such emotions and felt that way towards that girl. Frankly, it wasn’t my fault, because there’s more to love at first sight than meets the eye!

Evolution and love at first sight

Over the course of human evolution, we’ve progressed and evolved to become better at a few things that really matter. We’ve learnt to eat, procreate and survive.

And there are a lot of complex processes that subconsciously set things into motion when these three things that really matter enter the picture. When it comes to procreation, evolution has taught us how to fall in love, get sexually excited by someone, and desire someone passionately. [Read: The meaning of love]

Falling in love at first sight

All of us have created a subconscious mental image of our potential partner. When we walk into a room, without really realizing it, you’ll find yourself liking a few potential partners and not bothering with a few.

And at times, a potential partner whom you are attracted to may start warming up to you or get attracted to you too. So does love at first sight work? It most definitely does!

Science playing matchmaker

Not all of us fall in love within seconds. It has been seen in studies that men are more prone to falling in love immediately than women. It seems like men are more stimulated by visual appeal than women. On the other hand, women experience romantic chemistry a lot better than men. [Read: Chemistry in love]

What does that mean? Men know they like a woman the very second they see her. But in the case of women, they usually fall in love with someone after the first conversation.

Kissing secrets, body odor and love

Did you know that your first kiss can affect your chemistry in love too? Studies have shown that the exchange of saliva can also be a test for love. Every time you kiss, genes of major histocompatibility complex [MHC] get exchanged between two people, and if your genes share too many similarities, you might actually get turned off and lose the attraction, says Dr. Claus Wedekind at the University of Edinburg.

And it’s not just the kiss, your body odor too can predict whether you will experience love at first sight.

Subconsciously, all of us are drawn to certain scents in our partner’s bodies. Did you get a whiff of true love when you’re rubbing shoulders at a party? You’re definitely going to experience love at first sight that night.

Beyond the science of love

Leaving how science plays matchmaker apart, falling in love or experiencing love at first sight can be a beautiful sensation. While our pheromones, genes and body odors are hard at work in the background, all we experience in our mind are intense highs and delirious moments like a junkie high on coke.

Instead of worrying about whether it’s going to work out or not, leave the soothsaying questions to evolution. If both of you find yourselves getting attracted to each other when you meet for the first time, there’s a very good chance that evolution has handpicked a perfect match.

So watch out for this elusive kind of love. What follows may or may not be perfect, but that first flutter of butterflies in the stomach is truly something that makes falling in love at first sight one of the best experiences of a lifetime!

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32 thoughts on “Love at First Sight – The Real Truth Behind It”

  1. Alex says:

    I experienced the exact same thing in high school!!! You got me at the part where you talked about floating on air. He did something to me that I had never experienced from another human being. He was so gorgeous and perfect to me but I also liked him for who he was and his interests, what he stood for. But he was definitely my subconscious idea of a perfect man!

    Thanks for publishing this. It really helped me come to terms with understanding something that no one around me could ever be of help with. He turned me down because i litterally could not talk when I spoke to him the first time! It was terrible.

  2. Sophie says:

    I’m 16 and a couple weeks ago I started work. I was walking through the isle of the shop I work in and saw this guy. He was so cute the first time I saw him, he smiled and that was it- in love I fell! He’s gone now though. Moved to uni- it hurts now knowing I might never see him again and that I should have spoken to him more ๐Ÿ™

  3. Sabrina says:

    It happened to me too! But the weird thing is this never happened to me in school but when I was much older. I look at him well enough to assess whether he was gorgeous or not. The minute I looked at him,I just felt a jolt in my heart and this incredible rush of adrenaline. I couldn’t feel my body and I wasn’t aware of anything. I think I gave a small start then and my eyes widened.
    I was incredibly drawn to him and if he was in close proximity, my knees would go weak, I’d feel so happy that I couldn’t think of anything and I’d have such a fast heartbeat and high adrenaline rush that I wouldn’t be able to do anything right. I was dumbfounded and I couldn’t even speak right. If I looked at him and made eye contact with him, I’d immediately start blushing. All the heat in my body would rise to my cheeks. A few minutes of being around him or even having bare, minimal conversation was like heaven. All these beautiful, heavenly emotions would come to my head and I’d be in this feverish frenzy for hours or days at a time( I know it sounds crazy). But it was so beautiful. He stimulated my senses in a way no one ever could. Those memories still put a smile on my face sometimes and I still can remember how intensely I felt.

  4. Jos says:

    This comment is a little late, but I believe in love at first sight too. You are right when you say we have a ‘subconscious mental image’ of our prospective partners.

    I’m thirty, and I never thought I had a type, but I do. About twelve years ago, I was at the grocery store and I saw this much older guy sitting on a wall. He was around thirty back then. I couldn’t understand why I was so fascinated with him, any more than I could understand why I found an ‘old dude’ attractive.

    Physically, I matured early, but I was a late bloomer when it came to noticing the guys. This guy was the first to ever ‘really’ turn my head. I sat there for a good hour just looking at him. Turns out, he is a triathlete who had come to my island for the sport.

    It didn’t take me long to figure out the attraction after that. I have it bad for extreme sport enthusiasts. There’s something about all that discipline that I want to have around me. I think I like the osmosis that occurs. There’s something about the ruddy cheeks of a distance runner, and the breadth of a swimmer’s shoulders, or the thighs of a biker. But, a triathlete turns my head every time without fail. My friends say I have a radar for them, because I can spot one in a suit. So, yes. We instinctively know what we want when we see it.

  5. shenevergothim says:

    The same thing happened to me. The chemistry we had. I remember the first momet I fell in love with him. It was a snowy day and we got stuck on my way to school. Then all of a sudden a white truck stopped and a tall image of a sexy tall siloutte xoming towards me and within seconds the car was pushed out. And he walked over into his truck and took off. Those seconds I was on a high and I swear too god I was left speachless. He took my breathe away juss walking back to his truck and within seconds he was gone. The moment I knew I had to have him was I was standing in the cafeteria in school waiting o pay for my meal and for a second my body juss stopped and I happen to poke my head his way. He was walking away slanted, sqinting his eyes and smiling at me. In that moment I swear we were the only two who exsisted. Iht was something of angels singing. That day I looked like crap tho, no make up, sweatpants, hair tied. Sadly I never got the guy but he stimulated me in everyway possible. He infactuated me, it was mutual but there was his brother in the way. He liked me too. But although I never got him. I think of him everyday. With the way he looked at me though I knew he was in love too. He’s something that angels are made of with a sprinkle of inspiration that brightup my life. I’m juss scared tilthe next time I see him though and all the feelings come fluttering back. He was something. And I don’t think he’ll ever stop crossing my mind.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    It’s so true. Love at first sight exists. I remember in my second year at the university, i went on a date with some guy, who i didnt like. After our date he called a friend to come pick me up so he take me back. It was a sunday august at dawn, i remember when i got at the car he leaped out and just the moment we saw each other i knew i wanted to know this guy and spend the rest of mylife with him. He is cute and tall with a sharp nose, but there was something about him. I just loved him. Alot happened before we met again and exchanged numbers, we dated for 19 months but now things are shaky now because he lost his dad and he left school so he is finding it hard to cope. I still love him and i hope we last forever. I cant imagine mylife without him

  7. Barbie says:

    …indeed Sabrina, reading you comment I absolutely recognised myself in every word, I had an absolutely similar experience as you..recently, in my early thirties..
    It was the first time feeling such emotions and I was shocked by my helpless efforts of minimum self-control. I didn’t know it exists. I have to say I did not have much experience with guys, as I had a very long relationship and I was not opened…but when this happened, although I was single, it paralysed my completely…in a beautiful amazing way..I was not on this earth for months..and my brain stopped to function at the usual parameters..The nickname teased with truly defined my inability of even speaking right:)… It ended unfortunately with broken heart feeling ..also an unknown one:(..but even..looking back, has been the best experience of my life..

  8. diamond says:

    To Sabrina, and Barbie,

    I had this exact experience! Amazing how similar yours is to mine! I still know and love this guy. It was all of these things at first sight, and dawning on me, becoming more and more intense over our first conversation. How awkward bc it was during a job interview. Well I botched it a bit, but ended up getting hired and now how can I deal with this at work? And he has a gf! I’m sure he is my soulmate, it can’t just be chemistry…. he’s my ideal in every way. I didn’t even think he was handsome for months and months, now I do. Such a crazy experience!!!!!

  9. stephanie whalen says:

    Well I was living in lompoc ca I was with my boyfriend s grandma and mom I was driving in my apartment complex and this guy in this black charger was driving right next to me passing me my world just stopped when we saw eachother it was like I felt at peace our souls connected he was the love of my life and the ironic thing is he looked just like the boyfriend I was with but better I wanted to say something but I couldn’t speak then I just turned the corner even my boyfriend s mom and grandma felt it too I saw this guy a few times after pulling out or walking in his apartment I wanted to say something but I felt bad for the guy I was with and im loyal but I realized this doesent happen by counsidence I learned when that nudge from within is there act on it because if I would have actedd on it I probably would be happy and inlove instead im single and left that boyfriend I was with because he cheated on me multiple times and abused me so I left him but next time around im going with my gut and taking a chance I still wonder if he lives in windscape village in lompoc ca I might go visit if so if I see his car or him im saying soemthing its a year later but hey I guess we will see ๐Ÿ™

  10. Jerrell says:

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  11. Maria Lopez says:

    I used to work at sweetbay a grocery store in tampa fl back when i was in college and i used to work weekends and there was this guy which i thout he was extremely beautiful and he would shop for small stuff and like buy odd things at our deli some thing you would not spend 5 cents more where you can get it at publix for a cheaper price. Anyways well i met/cashout a customer buying menudo which is a mexican food and he came to my registar and this beautiful guy looked like the typical white boy that knew nothing about hispanic to be specific Mexican cultural and i pick up his canned food and said “you eat this?” And he said “all the time i love it” and i was shocked thinking to myself what is this guy talking about so then i said “you eat this with tortillas he said yes of course ever since then i fell in love even more. The next time i saw him was on a rainy evening and when he walked in he had me hypnotized he has those piercing black eyes that can puncture a hole in my chest, and i worked customer service so i was the first associate you saw once you entered the store and he cought my attention beacuse it seemed as though he was coming to talk to me but then he cut the corner and walked away still staring at me more like a creep looking through your window and he went towards the deli and i never lost eye contact with him he came back and i kept stating at him he came to my register and even then i didnt stop staring at him and he said hi i said hi and thats it like wtf and then he came again the last and final time i would see him he was buying things for a cook out and he was buying beer and he comes to my register which is 10 or less he had 25 items lol anyways and im looking staring at him while he is looking for his payment card and i noticed how perfect he is his fair skin his face that had some beautiful imperfections his lips soft and pink his eyes dark like the shadows and his head medium sized with a military sun hate with a pair of sun glasses laying ontop of the hat and for a breif moment which felt like forever i was close to him i could smell his colon his breath and he looks up he sees me watching him and i quickly turn my eyes away and he stares at me i turn red like an idiot and he gave me the most romantic stare and sweet smile like when a newlywed couple give each other that just melt my heart and i feel like he is the guy i have been looking for all my life and he blushes after i smile back and i said absolutely nothing he said something but then i got interrupted by a needy customer and i didnt want to walk away and he took forever to leave and i enjoyed every second of his presence i love you ecen though i dont know your name or much lesS when will i see you again you are the guy the one i want forever love maria

  12. response to Maria says:

    First, punctuation PLEASE. That has got to be the longest sentence in history ๐Ÿ™‚
    Second: I hope to God, you could smell his cologne, not his “colon” hahahah!!!!

  13. Fausto Noriega says:

    I agree that love at first sight is beautiful I just experienced it 2 days ago xD! I don’t know her name or how old she is! We only talked to each other for what she was selling,it was at a swap meet. She was selling fruit and it was delicious! Anyway when I saw her I stayed in shock I just wanted to keep staring at her but I didn’t want to look like a creep. But she was just gorgeous! To me she is the perfect girl and to be honest I find myself thinking of her 1 year from now! But I have one question to whoever reads this…will I ever see her again? I live like 200 miles away from the city I met her in (yes different cities, same state) but I just really hope I see her again I’ve never had a feeling like this…EVER! I wanted to say she was beautiful but I was jut too caught up in the moment :/

  14. Mary says:

    The point about body chemistry and odor is interesting. I have read about this before, that opposite types of body odor attract but that it can be altered so that you may end up being attracted to the same body type because your body hormones can be changed through medications or taking the pill. Once off the medication or stop taking the pill, people can suddenly find themselves unattracted or unattractive to their partner and they don’t know why. The human body is a crazy thing.

    I never believed in love at first sight. Not a cynic but I believed that you could be attracted at first sight, but I more believed that “Love at first conversation” was true. I had seen guys that I was like “phew gorgeous” but didn’t take it seriously or once having talked to them found that there was nothing else attractive about them other than their looks.

    … until 2 weeks ago. I was on a holiday in Ireland, and I went to church. Out of the corner of my eye, the guy sitting next to my mother was tall and lean but I decided not to have a good look at him until Mass was over because I knew that if he was cute then I wouldn’t be able to concentrate for the rest of the liturgy. I caught a better glimpse of him coming back from communion and he wasn’t the most goodlooking of men, but certainly better looking than the many of the men I had seen recently. Again, it was only a glimpse as I was trying to behave and concentrate on the real reason I was supposed to be there for. Then after the liturgy, my mother spoke to me and I turned around to reply when I found that he was looking at me… our eyes met. I had to turn away or I would have embarrassed myself by gaping or staring. Over the rest of the week, I realized… I was in love with a man I never even got a chance to ask the name of. I will probably never see him again. But I will never forget his eyes. I saw a soul, not anything personally about him, just his inward existence. If I had looked longer, I think I would have known more about him than words could have ever conveyed about his intrinsic being.

    My heart initially was breaking at the knowledge I would never see him again. I cried hot tears. But now I just believe in him. If it is ever meant to be, and I go back to Ireland, then we will meet. If not, I will always have the memory of his eyes and how they affected me. Nothing can take that away.

  15. Grace says:

    I’ve got a crush on a grocery store clerk and I’ve got it bad.. The first time I saw him the way he smiled at me just felt so different. Flirty almost, so of course I was getting really sweaty and turned red and hot because I was so darn nervous. Now he recognizes me and every time he looks at me or we have a little conversation, I feel like I’m gonna explode. Something about him the first time I saw him just felt so weird. I was wearing a sweatshirt and yoga pants and looked awful but he was so nice to me anyway. I haven’t seen him at the store in over a week so I’ve of course gotten really nervous that he quit/was transferred/something else. Funny part though is he looks just like my celebrity crush and is actually even cuter in my opinion. This crush feels so different from any other though. Like it’s more intense because I’m taking my feelings home with me and I think of him constantly, almost all the time. I’ve dealt with horrible things in my life but somehow this time I feel like I can’t deal with the thought of not seeing him again or not getting to be with him. It’s like I have to have him and I don’t know how to get over it. I don’t want anyone or anything else.

  16. Tom says:

    Terrible advice! Love at first sight is just that: SIGHT-love. It is purely physical, and while the feelings it evokes are indeed powerful, they also swing wildly and provide the barest minimum of foundations for a long-term relationship.
    Physical chemistry is an essential component to any relationship, but it may be the least important one. Traits like honesty, trust, and openness – traits that can NOT be determined at first sight – are far more essential.

  17. Kennedy says:

    When I was in the 8th grade my dad coached a football team and I was on the sideline of one of the practices and I saw this boy and I fell head over heels. Present day, two years later, I still haven’t talked to him but we are never around each other even though we go to the same school but this year I’m trying my best to get near him. Just so he knows I exist. He’s the only person I’ve ever had feelings for and I just want to try out a relationship with him.

  18. Jorge says:

    So i was a t the water park and on the line next to me was the most prettiest and beautiful girl i had ever seen (she was blond and had the most beautiful eyes and her checks were a little red) then i was just staring at her for 30 seconds and i had all these weird gooey feelings and my chest got hot and then my line just had to go i had to go up the walkway i was so sad just knowing that i would never see her again then an hour or so later there she was sitting down and me being the chicken i am i didn’t even have the guts to say high now i know that i will never see her again and i feel bad and im pist at myself so yeah

  19. Maya says:

    Ahh, I understand! Love in general is frustrating- but unrequited love is the worst.
    I also have an obsessive love story that I’d like to share. When I was a young high school freshman, approx. 14 years old, I saw this senior guy walking down the hall. I don’t know what happened, but I fell fast and immediately. I’d had TONS of crushes in the past- but never on someone I didn’t even know! Those crushes also didn’t hit me so hard. The love bug didn’t bite me- it punched my lights out. My friends wondered what was wrong with me when I just stopped and stared. Sadly, he graduated at the end of the year, with me never having the courage to talk to him.
    It’s now been 5 years since then. I’m a sophomore in college now, and I haven’t seen him since he graduated.. Until this past Saturday. I signed up for a CPR class at my local Fire station- and this guy was the instructor! My feelings hadn’t faded in these past years, despite all the people I’ve dated, so I decided to talk to him for the first time. We had a lovely conversation- he’s better than young me ever imagined! I’ll be seeing him again this Wednesday- he’s helping me become an EMT. Problem?
    I have a boyfriend. Who I do love.. But this man drives me crazy! I’ve never stopped dreaming about him! He’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner and more. Now I’m left wondering- do I dare trying to become something with this old flame, or do I stay in the nice relationship I have now? Either way, I feel like I’ll regret it somehow! Please, help me..
    Btw, they have the same name. Isn’t that funny? ๐Ÿ˜›

  20. Fin says:

    I first saw her about three days ago, standing in the street and she looked the same age as me (I hope) and this girl from my year spoke to her but I don’t think she noticed me, but when I saw her I was unresponsive to my friends and my heart stopped, she was soooo beautiful, I haven’t seen her again since but there is a girl in my school that looks a bit like her but I can’t tell cos at the moment I recognised her by her clothes and her beautiful red long hair but the girl in my school hangs out with dickheads, and I feel she is way out of my league (I’m 15 btw)

  21. VickY says:

    Well, it just happened to me a few days back when i was on ma way to the University waiting for bus at the bus stand.., and saw that stranger coming my way with two of her friends (her friends were guys though) but that doesn’t bothered and prevent me from staring at her… it felt me like an angel in black jeans is coming to me.. she was just lookin awesome with her dark black eyes with black eyeliner, black straight hair and gorgeous face with sharp nose and it felt like i was mesmerised and hypnotized by her.. and the best part she came came and stood right next to me.. though she was on the way to her home from college and also there waiting for bus… and i dunno if she even noticed me but at the very next moment she turned back to me and we had direct eye contact only for a few seconds n i felt like i just saw a piece of heave in her eyes and i just cudnt stop paying ma attention towards her i was trying to take in everything of her as much i possibly cud i was noticing her voice the way she talks and laughs and her friends were givin me looks as m staring at their sister in front of em.. Lol..
    Then the bus arrived n we both got on the bus standing right opposite to each other heading our faces to each other .. and i just lost maself there i cudnt feel ma body.. ma mind gone blank nothing was coming in ma brains except her…. n i was very nervous n ma whole body was shivering … and every for every time i tried to stare in to her eyes found her noticing me … i wanted to say hi to her but i cudnt cuz i aint not found any courage to say a word… then she got off the bus two stops before me..i also wanted to get off the bus with her to talk with her but i cudnt cuz i was already getting late…and i felt ive lost ma world n still regretting y didnt i talk to her that day ????… but m so glad it happened to me n my eyes are still searching for her n m sure i will see her soon cuz u know i know her college and m not that unlucky.. so m gonna find her n ask for date aftaoll she is the one I’ve been waiting for ?????

  22. Carrie says:

    One week ago today, this happened to me. I would be the LAST person to believe in this crap. I wasn’t looking for love; I was content on being single forever. I would laugh at others who believed in love at first sight. But when my mom went to get her chemo treatments, I saw this gorgeous guy hobble in on crutches for his own chemo treatment. Our eyes locked on and off all day. He didn’t look at me, he looked through me. It was so intense. I can’t stop thinking of him. I feel like a teenager again. I introduced myself to him and learned his name is AJ. But I didn’t want to cross a line because he was so sick. I hope to see him again. I truly believe this is fate, even though the circumstances aren’t great.

  23. Kent says:

    Kudos to Tom for being a dissenting voice here. Of my years on the planet, I’ve leaned there is no real thing as love at first sight. As least not in my definition of love- deep attraction, compatibility and connection at multiple levels between two people.

    Passion? Yes. I do believe you get a spark, or inkling when you first meet someone. Your eyes meet, and you feel a strong attraction. Is that love? No. That’s biology- physical attraction, evolved in us over millions of years to aid in procreation.

    If you get the chance to talk, I believe that’s when the real magic can begin. You start to feel an intellectual, mental and emotional connection to someone. You develop deep respect for that person, a strong friendship and establish trust in them. If they feel a similar way, you might have the beginnings of what is called ‘love’.

    I think this metal/emotional connection with someone is also biological (more social-biological, really) as we are a very, very social species. We want to connect with others. Sharing this love with someone is the highest form of social bonding.

    So, love at first sight I believe is more ‘passion at first sight’. True love follows with time. But you definitely need that ‘spark’ at the beginning.

  24. Claudia says:

    I ‘d like to ask you somehting. I don’t dare to talk this to anyone, not even friends, I’ve never talked about to anyone. I am a young public attorney (from Europe) and people expect me to be very realistic and sensible. I can only ask online ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have anyone experienced love at first sight for someone represented in a portret ? Long ago I saw a portrait of a romantic poet and I had the feeling that I knew him for long time. His incredible beautiful face obsessed me for years. I searched for all painting of him and put them on my computer, desk , in my cabinet, house etc.
    I wonder if this type of love can be considered true love if only one feels it and the other one doesn’t even know we exist …in my case he lived and died almost 200 years ago…I kept his portret for years on my desk and everybody though I liked his poetry . I consider it was true love, not fantasy,one of the greatest of my life, but is it normal ? Has this happened to someone else ?

  25. Kristian says:

    I’am 14 boy from UK i was coming back from a holiday from Majorca and at the airport i saw the most prettiest girl in my life,i was waiting at the queue with my parents and my sister, but when i saw her back i started to think about how pretty she would be, but as soon as she turned around to the other side, she had dark eyes, and dark brown curly hair, i kept starring at her, she had a dress on and i just had to keep looking at her A*s, i was in love with her and everything was just blurry and her pretty face was just beautiful and i just wished i was with her she looked back at me with her dark eyes,i could tell that she was my type, i don’t know where she lives, all i know is that she lives somewhere in London. If i saw her in a park i would go up to her and i would ask her out. Love really is the best feeling for me, but being shy is even worse :/ can someone give me tips on how to be more confident towards the girls i fall in love with?

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