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How to Recognize a Soul Connection When They Walk Into Your Life

Have you ever felt like someone was simply meant to be in your life? If so, you have experienced the wonder of a soul connection. 

Soul Connection

Whether you believe in destiny, fate, and karma *or not*, you must admit that sometimes it’s completely possible to have a sense that someone was meant to walk into your life. Everything about them seems in sync with you and what you need at that current time. You feel a soul connection and pulled towards them with no real explanation of why.

Have you ever experienced a soul connection?

Is a soul connection only romantic?

Now, many people wrongly assume that a soul connection can only be forged between two people romantically. That is false. Your soul can be connected to someone in various types of relationships. It could be a mentor, friend, teacher, family member, even a neighbor.

They don’t have to be someone you’re destined to fall in love with and learn deep lessons from. It can be a person in your life from whom you learn something about yourself, life, and how to treat others.

To the skeptics out there

Of course, many people remain skeptical about the phenomenon of a soul connection. That’s fine, you can be skeptical, or you can believe in it. It’s your own truth. However, there are many who believe that certain people are destined to cross your path.

If you want to enhance your life’s experiences, be more mindful of meeting people who may have a soul connection with you. Of course, if they’re meant to be in your life, they will find a way to get into it anyway. By seeking out these connections more actively, you may help things along.

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How to find and recognize a soul connection in your life

While karmic relationships are often sent your way to help you learn something, e.g. often a very hard lessons which may cause you to feel some element of pain, a soul connection is something altogether gentler and more meaningful. Karmic relationships often end in the butting of heads, before that enlightened lesson is learned. [Read: All the signs you’re stuck in a messy karmic relationship]

A soul connection helps you to grow and realize life lessons in a more supported way. You could even call them your kindred spirit.

#1 Someone with a soul connection will help you change and grow. The more time you spend around someone who you share this connection, the more you’ll come to realize that you’re forever changed in some way, either big or small. You will view something differently, or you’ll feel differently about something important in your life. This happens because of the energy which moves between you and the person you have the connection with, helping you both to learn and grow.

It could be as simple as meeting someone on the bus and they give you a piece of advice that really changes your overall view of life. Maybe you meet someone during a conference at work. They share tidbits of knowledge which changes your career outlook. It can be anything, not just romantic.

But whatever they do for you, it changes you in some way forever. [Read: How to be a better person and evolve everyday]

#2 You will become more self-aware. When you have a soul connection with another person, it helps you to look within. As a result, you notice the things about yourself that you either love or you want to change. They often mirror back your own personality traits and qualities, which forces you to notice them more.

This doesn’t mean they’re a carbon copy of you, but it means they have certain traits which you also have. By noticing them, you can either continue to develop them in a positive way, or you will become more aware and work to change negative aspects of yourself. [Read: How to stop ruminating on the past and start living your future]

#3 There is a sense of connection that you really can’t explain. Perhaps the biggest sign that you’ve met someone with whom you share a soul connection is that you just feel drawn to them. You’re connected in a way which you really can’t put into words. When they’re around you, you feel energized. When they’re away from you, they’re on your mind.

This feeling is because of the energetic connection you have. Many people believe soul connections are predetermined on the cosmic plane. You may share a link that is telepathic.

So, when they’re not physically near them, you’re still aware of them on a higher plane. Of course, this helps you to continue learning and growing from them. They’re never really that far away from you. [Read: 15 intense signs of chemistry that reveal an instant connection]

#4 They may leave your life eventually, but they will leave a mark. A soul connection isn’t always meant to stick around forever. You might meet someone whom you feel this way, and they’ll be in your life for a few months or years. Then, they go on their own way. However, they will leave a mark on you. You’ll never forget them completely.

The soul connection you both share will still exist despite the separation, even if you never speak to one another again. In addition, the lessons learned and the growth you achieved will remain. [Read: Letting go of someone you love without all the bitterness]

#5 There are no rules to soul connections. The person with whom you have a soul connection may be older than you, from another country, another race, another religion, another type of job completely. There are no rules. This person is someone you are drawn to on a higher level. Someone who you can learn from.

If there are differences between you, it is because you’re supposed to learn from them and be aware of more than you are now. Be open to change and learning to benefit from it.

Many people remain on the fence about soul connections and anything connected to karma. While many agree it’s possible, some prefer solid proof. But, something like a soul connection cannot be proven by science. It can’t be seen with the eyes. It’s only something you can feel. When you feel something, you can’t record it or measure it.

For that reason, if you feel this way about someone, be it in a romantic situation, a friendship, work colleague, or anyone else you come across in your life, be open to the possibility that they may just be someone you’re meant to learn from and grow with. Of course, it might also be that you’re supposed to help them learn something in return.

That doesn’t mean you should go around assuming that every person you feel a slight pull towards is someone who was meant to cross your path. It does mean being open to anything you can learn from another person.

By being open, various experiences that you may never have had otherwise will come. Many doors are unlocked in your life. You simply need to know which doors to open and leave. A soul connection may help you do that.

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A soul connection is difficult to explain. Simply because the only way to really experience the strength of that pull is to experience it for yourself. But if they’re in your life, they’re meant to be!

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