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Feminazi Alert: 50 Signs You’re a Radical Feminist & Don’t Know It


Feminism freed women and gave them options they never had before. A feminazi seeks to take away women’s freedom to be women.

Okay, I am going to say something that may offend a great number of women and possibly an entire political movement in one fell swoop. Whenever you combine the word “Nazi” with any other word, it is meant to be offensive though. So, remember, don’t shoot the messenger. A feminazi is not a feminist.

The difference is a feminist is someone who believes a woman should have the same rights and privileges as a man in society. That, I agree with.

A feminazi has a view of the world that I don’t agree with. She is angry and upset about almost all things gender, believes women and men are completely and utterly equal in all ways, and gives no allowance for the fact that men and women are created differently.

50 signs you might be a feminazi

Born out of the feminist movement, feminazis take it several steps too far, are uncomfortable to be around, and, well, sometimes make you question their idea of gender roles altogether. Not allowing anyone to have their own opinion, they constantly try to tell the women around them that if they don’t subscribe to their military-like view of gender annihilation, then they simply don’t get it.

If you have a tendency to become a little too incensed about freeing the nipple, growing armpit hair, or don’t like a guy opening the door for you, that is on you. Not all of us have to feel that way, however. So, for the rest of our sakes, maybe you can just take it down a notch?

#1 You think that a bra is “the man’s” way of keeping you chained down. Bras are way too confining for your girls. [Read: The alpha female: 15 alpha qualities you need to unleash it!]

#2 You think cooking dinner is offensive since it is traditionally “woman’s work.” It isn’t that you can’t, you just don’t want to be held down.

#3 You haven’t been touched by a razor. Legs and armpits are made with hair for a reason.

#4 You think that girls have no obligation to smell good. No one is going to tell you how you can smell.

#5 Curves are something that your clothes should hide, not accentuate. Clothes aren’t for showing off your assets, they are utilitarian.

#6 You think conditioner was an invention a man made to rip you off. Let your hair be frizzy, that is your prerogative as a woman.

#7 You won’t be in a skirt anytime sooner than the guy next door. Skirts are just breezy pants to make women suffer.

#8 Pink. To a feminazi, it is like nails on a chalkboard.

#9 You think flirting is a useless tool that demeans women. Flirting is a waste of your time. A guy should like you for what’s on your mind, not in your pants.

#10 When you have a baby shower you make it unisex, even if you know the sex. Let’s not be labeling genders.

#11 You hate Barbie. She couldn’t even be real if she wanted to.

#12 You think it is totally okay for boys to play with dolls, but you don’t want to. Dolls are too frilly and cliche. [Read: Girly stuff stereotypes: 15 typical things not all girls like]

#13 Purses make you mad, especially the kind that cost a lot. What a waste of baggage.

#14 You can go on for hours about how mad you are that dry cleaners charge more for women’s shirts than men’s *although I do find that one offensive*. Okay, I will give you that one.

#15 High heels were an invention created to hurt a woman’s back and to make her look cheapened in the workplace. Until you see your male colleagues sporting stilettos, it ain’t gonna happen for you.

#16 You get all giddy when a gender protest might happen. You are always ready with a sign.

#17 Right to life issues makes smoke come out your ears. You always feel like anti-abortion men are coming to take your rights away. Relax… please.

#18 The word slut just sends you into a tizzy. Sluts are just women enjoying sex too. [Read: Slutty girls: 12 positive lessons we can all learn from them]

#19 You can swear like a sailor, or be one, and no one is going to tell you, you can’t. Lady manners are oppressive.

#20 If a guy gets promoted before you, you scream gender pay inequality. It can’t possibly be that he is more qualified or has a better personality.

#21 You get upset when a guy pulls out your chair, opens your door, or orders your meal. Those are all signs of disrespect for your gender. I can take care of myself, dammit!

#22 You think different starting times at marathons or separating winning times according to gender is angering. We are all equal, stop treating us differently.

#23 You believe that a woman can do ANYTHING that a man can do. I can even have a baby without men thanks to science.

#24 Calling someone sweetheart is tantamount to sexual assault in your book. What did you say to me?

#25 You were going to vote for Hillary or any other female candidate just because they were female… period. Politicians should all be women to make peace not war… right?

#26 Makeup, hair dye, and perfume were all created by men to keep women down and objectified.

#27 You know what the objectification of women means. You won’t let anyone make you an object of desire!

#28 The thought of a stripper makes you so mad you can’t speak.

#29 Lace is a four-letter word. If men don’t wear it, why should you?

#30 To you blow jobs are just another way that men debase women. Enough said. [Read: Top 8 reason why she refuses to give a blow job]

#31 Porno is just a symptom of the abuse that men perpetrate on women in society. The internet drives you crazy!

#32 Modification to make things easier for women is disrespectful to the female gender. You can do the same all the way around.

#33 If there is something to be moved you’ll be damned if some guy is going to do it for you. Move over, I got it!

#34 Flowers were meant for funerals, not to make women swoon. A waste of money, you’d rather go to the movies.

#35 You think that someone who wants to stay home and raise children is giving up her dreams. As a feminazi, you think that women who stay home deprive themselves of a real life. [Read: Stay at home wives and all the reasons so many women envy her]

#36 You don’t believe that a kid needs a mom and a dad because gender makes no difference. Don’t be limiting anyone’s gender!

#37 You would rather have a dirty house than clean it, that isn’t a woman’s job.

#38 You think that all men want is sex and are all on the prowl no matter what they say. Guys only want one thing! [Read: What to look for in a guy: 20 things that matter beyond looks]

#39 Letting your hair air dry is the only way to go. No one is going to tell you how to prepare for your day.

#40 You can bench as much as any man and aren’t afraid to spend hours pumping iron.

#41 You think that past generations of women have been brainwashed into feeling feminine. Your mom was just too dumb to know she missed out on so many options.

#42 You believe gender identity is taught not inherent. To a feminazi, stereotypes and society determine gender, not genetics.

#43 Manicures and pedicures are ridiculous and a waste of money to you.

#44 You try to convince young girls that they shouldn’t settle for careers that you deem too “womanly” like teaching and nursing. You seek out girls to mentor, so they don’t fall prey to womanistic ideas.

#45 Gloria Stein is your hero and the only woman who “gets it.” The feminazi of all time is your role model.

#46 Your wardrobe looks no different from your best guy friend.

#47 Most girls just don’t get it and need you to explain to them how they are being taken advantage of. It is your personal job to let every woman know how much they are being oppressed.

#48 You think that gender-specific toys are the downfall of society and keep people chained in stereotypes.

#49 You want to play football, baseball, and hockey, forget the girlie sports, they belittle women. You can compete on a “man’s” field all day long. [Read: Dating feminine men: Is it a boom or bust?]

#50 There is no way that you are ever going to use your gender to get ahead, not for all the tea in China. Not even if it will get you to the top.

[Read: The opposite of feminist: A new generation of women?]

A feminazi works very hard to omit what women can and can’t do by trying not to equalize genders, but to erase them and take away the things that make women, women.

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