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What Does Cum Taste Like? The True Taste of Semen from Women & Science

What does cum taste like? You may have tasted one, or none, but is all semen the same? Here’s more about the taste of sperm, the stories, and the men.

what does cum taste like

You want to hear it straight from a woman’s mouth? *pun very much intended*. What does cum taste like? Ever wondered what cum tastes like for others? We have a few thoughts from the ladies *and guys*, and everything you need to know about that little thing called sperm and its flavors!

What does cum taste like?

Let’s admit that most people don’t know what cum tastes like exactly, since some are a bit iffy on the whole swallowing conundrum. Obviously, it doesn’t have much of a smell, but its taste varies from person to person, depending on their bodies’ chemical makeup. Aside from that, it can also be determined by what a person eats.

Semen is not really designed for consumption, nor is it recommended as a beauty staple as perpetrated by urban legend. Yes, some people have tried using it as an alternative for moisturizer, but is it really that easy to acquire?

Well, anyhow, this is not about semen’s benefits as a beauty product. This feature is about what it tastes like for different people from all walks of life. And we have a collection of surprising and interesting thoughts and input about the taste of semen right here.

Let’s get to the science behind the taste of cum, and the little things that affect the taste of semen right away. And then, right at the very end, let’s read a few women’s experiences with sperm, or more appropriately, the taste of cum, and their opinions.

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Why does semen taste the way it does?

This is something we’re all curious about. Somehow, while it’s male understanding that a vagina tastes slightly fishy, most women are not okay with a simple explanation like this one – sperm tastes slightly salty.

And it makes sense, because just like every woman tastes different down there, men are no different either. Every man probably has his own trademark cum taste. But the bigger question is, why does it taste the way it does?

You need to remember that a man literally “manufactures” his sperm. A guy produces many chemical compounds to produce sperm, and many fluids to produce the semen. And together, you have the unique taste of cum. Club this with the fact that several other fluids are added from the prostrate glands and seminal vesicles which add several acids and minerals into the mix.

So generally, the taste of cum is a mix of saltiness, bitterness, and a hint of sweetness because of the sugars in his body. But they may not always balance each other to give you a good tasting squirt.

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Why is every guy’s cum different tasting?

No one really knows for sure, but there is a strong correlation between a man’s lifestyle and diet, and the taste of his spunk. The food you consume affects the taste and smell of your sweat, your saliva, and other body fluids, so there’s a possibility that sperm is no different. 

It’s widely known that the pH of sperm is between 7.2 to 8.0, which means it’s slightly basic or alkaline. Just to brush up on your chemistry, on a pH scale of 1 to 14, 7 is the flat taste of water. Anything under 7 tastes acidic, and anything over 7 tastes alkaline, which is kind of bitter. And since sperm is officially over the pH of 7, it’s slightly alkaline.

If that’s still not clear, try and recollect the smell of chlorine, or ammonia – it’s alkaline, and chances are, it’ll smell just like cum would smell, though cum would be much, much milder because the water content dilutes the smell and taste.

If the cum you come in contact with, tastes or smells sweet, it’s probably of the fructose *he’s had fruits that day* and if it’s slightly bad tasting, maybe the guy the penis is attached to has been having a lot of dairy or meat. But if it tastes extremely fishy or foul, perhaps it’s time to get yourself tested for a sexually transmitted disease – he may just have an STD or some kind of bacterial infection.

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The rules to make cum taste better

Semen differs in taste depending on how your body creates it using food and the existing hormones and substances in your body. 

If you’d like to know any specific fruits and veggies to avoid, or eat more of, here are a few rules to follow that could help you in your pursuit of the best tasting cum!

Rule 1. Eat more citrus fruits

Citrus fruits and pineapples are acidic. And since cum is alkaline, there’s a belief that eating pineapples can bring down your cum’s pH level to a more palatable level.

Rule 2. Avoid eating fruits or veggies with strong odors

The stronger the odor, the higher the odds your sperm will taste and smell worse. Think broccoli, garlic, onions.

Rule 3. Cut down on dairy, meats and alcohol

It’s been said that dairy and meat affect the taste of sperm negatively. Same with stronger alcohols. *beer and wine don’t affect the taste of cum very much*

Rule 4. Your body odor changes the taste of your cum

If you feel like your body odor is stronger on particular days, chances are, your spunk will have a funky smell and taste too. Science doesn’t know why yet, but if one bodily fluid seems off, chances are, the sexual fluids are off too.

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How to make your cum taste better

Although there’s the belief that semen tastes better when the guy eats lots of pineapple, it doesn’t necessarily equate to having the actual taste of pineapples – fructose in the fruit just makes cum taste a bit sweeter.

It’s all based on chemistry, and here’s what you can do to reach the perfect taste that’s meant for you. Whether you prefer snot, potatoes, or mouthwash flavor in cum, there is a way for you or your partner to blow a load that’s palatable for both your senses. [Read: How to get your girl to give you head and love it!]

The taste of semen will improve depending on your water intake and the status of your health. No matter how many fruits you eat, it won’t taste any better if your body is full of gunk and toxins that will inevitably end up on your partner’s tongue.

Studies show that vegetarians have better-tasting semen, while those who eat a lot of meat, drink alcohol, and smoke are more likely to have foul-tasting cum.

If you’re not particular about the taste of cum, yet won’t tolerate jizz that tastes like something fished out of a toilet, you better tell your partner to hydrate and reduce his intake of foods that make cum taste bad before you have sex.

For those who want a sweeter taste, make sure you gorge on fruits often. And for out-of-the-box tastes like mint and cinnamon, you might want to experiment by adding it to your recent meal or in your drink. We can’t say for sure whether the taste will pop into your mouth after you swallow, but it’s worth a try at least.

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What does sperm taste like – Real women with first hand experience share their thoughts

Here are the best testimonies we’ve found on what cum tastes like. Read on, before we get to the science-y details.

The foodie commentary

Since we’re discussing the taste of cum, it’s no surprise that it’s mostly compared to food and other, erm, food types?

– “If you eat a lot of meat and junk food, your cum will taste hideous. On the other hand, I gave head to this one guy who lived next to a Dairy Queen *and ate a lot of ice cream* and OMG, was it good!”

– “Butter vs. gasoline.”

– “Salty yogurt?”

– “I personally think it tastes like egg whites that are really salty.”

– “For some reason, I always associate the taste with oysters. I’ve only ever had oysters once though… So I might be wrong.”

– “It has kind of a tart bite, like pepper; it makes my tongue a little numb. Sort of a salty aftertaste, like tears. It’s really not bad at all; once you get used to the suddenness of it, it’s pretty easy to deal with.”

– “Kinda like fish. Kinda.”

– “It tastes exactly like Brie cheese smells.”

– “Stale coconut water.”

– “Salty cucumbers.”

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The unprecedented theories

“I’ve found that the hotter the guy, the better it tastes…”

“Smells and tastes like spa water.”

“Deep fried mushrooms covered in dish soap.”

“Sometimes it’s tangy, but in a good way. If I use flavored lube, it often tastes like the lube, which is a bonus.”

“To me, it tasted like snot.”

“For me, beer makes cum taste foul. I will retch and gag that gunk all over his pubes.”

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The apathetic tastes of cum

“Tried mine a few days ago on a whim. It’s really not that exciting.”

“When it tastes ‘good’, it… tastes like cum, what can I say? When it’s bad, it’s all bitter and makes you gag.”

“It is the strangest taste… it always makes me want root beer, though.”

The wordy critique

“Best: Rare. Sweet, slightly salty, and bitter. Like dark chocolate with sea salt. Creamy to liquid consistency.

Good: Common. Bitter, salty, slightly lemony, faint floury taste. Liquid consistency.

Bad: Uncommon. Very salty, very bitter, somewhat garlicky, slightly putrid. Thick, lumpy consistency.”

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What my friends said:

“My ex used to say mine had a minty quality to it. Anyone else experience that before?”

“My SO tastes like a very light mix of snot and walnuts.”

“I had an ex-gf describe my smell as ‘warm sourdough bread.'”

“According to my girlfriend, it tastes like a slightly overripe mango. She told me this last night when she cut up a slightly overripe mango and told me to try it.”

The scientific taste of cum according to one of them

“It might not be everyone, but it’s definitely very, very common. The taste *and smell* comes from a few amines like spermine, cadaverine, and putrescine *lovely, right?*. Besides smelling bad, these basic products of protein breakdown help buffer the acidic environment of the vagina so the sperm can survive their swim. For what it’s worth, semen can also taste sweet, thanks to the large amount of sugar that it contains.”

The referral

“Ask your mom. She knows what mine tastes like.”

The best answers to the big question

“Deliciousness. That’s what.”

“Immediate regret.”

“The tears of a mermaid. Who has just taken a load to the eye.”

So that’s what she said *or he said*! As you can see, every person has their own experience with the taste of cum. So what’s the overall take on what it tastes like. 

Probably, not that great. Well, we’re being honest here!

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Now that you know what cum tastes like or what it may not taste like, are you ready to see for yourself? Give some of these tips a try and see what works for you and your partner!

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