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Female Blue Balls: Blue Bean and the Search for Answers

We know about blue balls for guys, but what about female blue balls? Do they exist? Does the old ‘blue bean’ adage have weight to it? Let’s explore!


Fellow females! Have you ever been on a date with someone really hot and after you go home, make out, start to undress, get it on, suddenly, someone or something interrupts you? It could be a family emergency, a cat jumping on the bed, an important call from your boss, but it’s extremely inconvenient. This forces you to stop whatever you were doing and then you’re left with this uncomfortable, throbbing feeling all over your body – particularly down there? Yep, you’ve got female blue balls, or blue bean.

Most of you probably have had this experience, but it wasn’t as bothersome as you thought it would be since it was likely to go away in a few minutes. It’s not anything serious, but it does have a name. And boy, does it have a lot of names. For the time being, let us call it female blue bean. [Read: The biggest blue ball facts every girl’s got to know]

Female blue balls? Really?

We thoroughly enjoyed researching this topic. Not for the immensely detailed information we collected, but because of the many, many, many funny names that people invented to describe what is essentially having female blue balls.

You’ve got pink balls (we’d say most of the ones owned by men are a tad pinkish, according to pictures) *, blue bean *HAHAHA*, blue ovaries *not scientifically reliable*, blue walls *hmm, acceptable*, blue lips *strange, but still reasonable*, and probably many other names popping out of the creative and amazing world that is the Internet.

To give you a better understanding of how the phenomenon came to be, let’s take a look at its etymological predecessor, the “blue balls.” [Read: A full guide to blue balls and real experiences]

Let’s look at the guys for a second

Scientifically, blue balls can be described as the vasocongestion or fluid congestion in the testicles accompanied by testicular pain. Blue balls is usually caused by prolonged sexual arousal or interruption of ejaculation. This can be relieved by sexual release. In layman’s terms, your boy didn’t get any tonight. [Read: 11 health reasons why sex can be really painful for men]

For women, it’s quite different. Women don’t usually complain of pain; however, a heavy feeling in the pelvic area when sexual stimulation is interrupted before reaching a climax is often experienced. For others, there is also resentment, insecurity, and disappointment in their partner’s lack of effort to flick the bean the right way. We’re kidding. Maybe.

So, what happens when girls get blue balls, beans, lips, or whatever?

Again, before tackling what happens during female blue balls, let’s take a peek at male blue balls, if only for a bit. Blue balls occurs when ejaculation is prevented or interrupted. Before this can happen, semen needs to be produced in the seminal vesicles during stimulation. Those are located inside the pelvis, a little behind the urethra and the prostate.

Contrary to idiotic belief, the testicles do not carry the semen. It actually contains the seminiferous tubules, which produce the sperm, and the epididymis, where the sperm matures. So, it is not true that men are waking around carrying two bags of jizz – they are technically carrying two bags of sperm. [Read: 12 amazing facts about semen you probably didn’t know]

Also, blue balls does not happen because the testes are backed up with semen. The reason why they look enlarged and sometimes have a bluish tinge is because of the blood that accumulated in the vessels during stimulation. The pain that they feel in their scrotum is present because of the increase in pressure. It’s the same feeling they get when their penis is overstimulated and filled with blood.

Experts believe that the only way to relieve this pressure immediately is through sexual release. Otherwise, guys just have to bear the pain until their boys start to relax. We recommend deep breathing exercises.

As for women, the physiology of blue bean happens in a different type of body part – the clitoris. Female blue balls can’t happen in the ovaries because those organs are not mechanically involved in sexual arousal. Their purpose is purely hormonal.

With women, the discomfort that comes from interrupted sexual release is due to the same mechanisms that caused it for men – backed up blood in their lady bits. The clitoris is the counterpart of the man’s penile head and shaft. Just like with penises, the clitoris enlarges and fills up with blood when a woman is aroused. [Read: Female masturbation – 17 facts about the naughty secret]

When a woman does not climax, even while they’re already aroused, the blood will take a while to dissipate and leave your girly bits feeling heavy, lonely, awkward, and uncomfortable – the way women usually feel when they’re PMS-ing.

Is it harmful? Dangerous? Will your bean fall off the sprout?

There are no verified accounts of harmful effects of either blue bean or blue balls. It is not a medical emergency, unless the blood refuses to dissipate even after an inordinate amount of time. If the clitoris or the penis and balls do not relax or continue to feel painful after an hour, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

That type of emergency is commonly seen in men who overdose on Viagra. With the normal occurrence of blue balls and blue bean, a trip to the emergency room is highly unlikely. The best thing you can do when you experience blue bean is to just wait it out. Or masturbate. We recommend the latter, because why not? [Read: How to masturbate right – 14 quick and sexy self pleasure tips for women]

There is not much evidence to support that sexual release is the only possible solution to this problem. That means that it is okay to have blue bean or blue balls. It sucks, but at least it’s not going to fall off because that is a different medical condition altogether. Seriously, go to the hospital if that happens.

Never let someone guilt you using blue balls as an excuse

This is also why a guy or girl uses blue bean or blue balls as an excuse to convince you to have sex when you don’t want to. If they do think that’s a valid reason, send them to a doctor – a head doctor – because you are not a toy to use as they please for their sexual desires. [Read: Sex buzzkill – 23 remarks that will kill the mood for sex instantly]

Don’t be afraid to get blue bean because that is just a part of your adult sexual experience. Take it as a lesson. A lesson that tells you to prepare for any eventuality in the bedroom, be it a premature ejaculation, an amateur sex partner, a neighbor banging on your door during sex, or even an unexpected visit from your parents.

Blue bean is a part of life. It’s an annoying part of life, but you’ll get over it. On the bright side, getting blue bean just means that you’re going to get another chance to get that problem off your clit – er, balls – we mean, chest!

[Read: 33 absolutely fascinating facts about sex you never knew!]

Have you ever experienced female blue balls or blue bean yourself? Do you think it’s really possible? Tell us in the comments below!

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