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Penis Pump: The Science, 26 Secrets to Use It & Must-Knows to Make It Work!

Never heard of a penis pump? Well, prepare to have your mind blown! This tool for the common man could revolutionize your life and your self-esteem. 

how to use a penis pump and does it work

You’re at your buddy’s place for a casual hangout, and you spot something peculiar on his bedside table. No, it’s not a questionable vase or a bizarre artifact from a trip abroad. It’s a penis pump. *gasp!*

Yep. The contraption sitting next to some remote control is a bona fide, silicone-clad mystery. And you can’t help but wonder—do penis pumps work? Or is it just another addition to the ever-growing list of questionable guy gadgets?

Well, you don’t have to scratch your head for much longer. We’ll explore the science behind these curious devices, dissect common myths, and even give you a run-down of potential risks.

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What is a Penis Pump?

It’s not just a prop in a quirky sitcom or something you stumble upon while rummaging through a friend’s bathroom cabinet—although let’s be real, both scenarios are entirely possible.

You’re likely here because you’re curious. Do penis pumps work? How do you even use a penis pump?

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A penis pump is a cylindrical device often accompanied by a hand or battery-operated pump. The basic principle is all about creating a vacuum. You place the cylinder over your penis and use the pump to suck out the air. This vacuum effect causes blood to flow into the penile tissues, potentially leading to an erection.

Yep, it’s sort of like vacuuming your carpet but with slightly higher stakes.

The Science Behind Penis Pumps

So, you’ve gotten past the awkward stares and chuckles that the words ‘penis pump’ can elicit and are now asking the question: What’s the science behind it?

Well, let’s delve into the science behind this notorious contraption, looking at how it affects the penis and what the experts—yes, people get paid to study this—have to say.

At its core, the penis pump is a marvel of basic physics. Once you’ve created a vacuum by pumping out the air, blood is drawn into the penile vessels. This influx of blood can help achieve an erection, or in some cases, temporarily increase the size.

Think of it like a sponge filling up with water, except this sponge is, well, your manhood.

How to Use a Penis Pump

You’re here because you’ve heard the buzz—literally and figuratively—about penis pumps. And now you’re itching to know how to use a penis pump, right?

Here’s a step-by-step guide that even a rocket scientist would appreciate. Let’s not risk turning your manhood into a balloon animal, shall we?

1. Consult a healthcare provider

Before you even think about pumping anything, consult with a healthcare provider, especially if you have underlying health issues. This isn’t just about playing it safe; it’s playing it smart.

2. Read the manual

It’s not just a bunch of pages with small print that you toss aside. The manual will provide specific guidelines on usage, cleaning, and maintenance. Seriously, read it.

3. Hygiene first

Before and after you use your penis pump, clean it as per the guidelines in—you guessed it—the manual. You’ll also want to take a shower to ensure you’re clean where it counts.

4. Preparation

Apply a water-based lubricant to the base of the pump and to your penis. This will help you create an effective seal and make the process more comfortable. If you use anything other than a water-based lube—like a silicone lube for instance—you could break the pump or worse, hurt yourself.

5. Positioning

Find a comfortable, private space where you can use the pump. Sit or stand in a way that gives you full control over the device.

6. Insertion

Slowly and carefully insert your penis into the lubricated cylinder. Ensure the base of the cylinder is flush against your pelvic area to create an effective seal.

7. Start slow

Begin by using the pump to create a mild vacuum. Many pumps have gauges; start at the lowest setting.

8. Comfort check

Pause and assess how you feel. If you experience any pain or discomfort, immediately release the vacuum and remove the pump.

7. Pumping

If all feels okay, continue to pump gradually. Never go past what feels comfortable, and keep your sessions under 15 minutes to avoid injury.

8. Monitoring

Stay conscious of the time and how you’re feeling. Over-pumping is a common mistake.

9. Release

Once your time is up or if you feel discomfort, use the release valve to gently break the vacuum. Slowly remove the cylinder.

Risks and Precautions: Don’t Pump and Dump Safety

Alright, you’re now savvy on what penis pumps are, how they work scientifically, and even how to use one.

But before you make this the main event of your Saturday night, there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of. Trust us, you don’t want to learn these the hard way.

1. Bruising

Vacuum pressure can cause tiny blood vessels to burst, leading to—you guessed it—bruising. And that’s never a sexy look.

2. Decreased sensation

Overzealous pumping can decrease penile sensitivity, turning your hot date into a game of ‘Can you feel this?’

3. Pain and discomfort

You might think ‘No pain, no gain,’ but let us tell you, pain down there is not a good sign.

4. Tissue damage

Excessive use can lead to tissue damage, and this isn’t like a paper cut; we’re talking irreversible harm here. [Read: Broken penis – how it feels, 41 signs, causes, fixes, and sex positions to avoid]

5. Vascular damage

Prolonged and intense vacuum pressure can lead to vascular damage, putting a damper on your vascular virility.

6. Dependence

Over-reliance on the device for erections can become a mental game, making natural erections challenging. A cycle you want to avoid.

7. Safety first, always

We get it, guidelines can seem boring. But when you’re tinkering with the family jewels, caution is your best friend. Harm reduction psychology tells us that knowing the risks and how to mitigate them is vital for any behavior involving potential harm.

In this case, that means reading up, following guidelines, and most importantly, consulting a healthcare provider. Knowledge isn’t just power; it’s also safety.

Do Penis Pumps Work: The Ultimate Verdict

You’ve scrolled, you’ve read, you’ve maybe even chuckled a bit. We’ve sifted through the science, the how-tos, and the cautionary tales.

Now let’s drop the mic on this: Do penis pumps work? Is it a revolution or just smoke and mirrors?

1. Erectile dysfunction

For men struggling with erectile dysfunction, penis pumps can serve as a viable temporary fix. Studies published in peer-reviewed Urology journals have shown that these devices can improve erectile quality and duration.

However, keep in mind that this is more like a patch than a full OS upgrade. They can help you in the moment, but they won’t address the underlying health issues causing the ED.

2. Temporary size increase

If you’re looking for a Hulk-like transformation, temper your expectations.

Science says that while you may see a temporary size increase, it’s not going to be a life-changing magnitude. Essentially, you’ll be a temporarily inflated version of yourself, not a new man.

3. Psychological boost

Some men report a sense of euphoria seeing their size temporarily inflated. This is closely related to the placebo effect, where belief in the efficacy of a treatment enhances its actual effectiveness.

While this is psychological and not physiological, don’t underestimate the power of the mind when it comes to sexual performance.

4. Performance anxiety

If performance anxiety is your nemesis, penis pumps can serve as your trusty sidekick. Research shows that some men feel empowered and less anxious when they have a mechanical “assist” on standby.

However, this psychological crutch doesn’t replace the need to explore why the anxiety exists in the first place. You might be putting a bandage on a wound that requires stitches.

5. Long-term efficacy

This is the gray area of penis pump science. Some studies indicate potential for long-term benefits, especially when combined with other treatments for ED.

However, the consensus is far from unanimous. No research conclusively supports the claim that penis pumps offer long-term size or performance improvement.

The Common Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

You know that friend who swears by some “magic” remedy for everything, citing anecdotal evidence?

Penis pumps have their fair share of folklore too. But before you gulp down the Kool-Aid, let’s scrutinize these myths with a science-backed lens.

1. Permanent size increase

One of the biggest myths is that penis pumps can permanently increase your size. Sure, you’ll see a temporary bump, but it won’t make you the next Ron Jeremy. [Read: Jelqing – what it is, how to try it, and 35 must-knows before you stretch yourself]

2. Safe for everyone

“What could go wrong?” you might think. Well, if you have certain preexisting conditions like blood disorders, using a pump could be risky. Always consult a healthcare professional.

3. A cure for erectile dysfunction

While it’s true that penis pumps can help with ED temporarily, they are not a cure-all. Treating ED is often a multidimensional approach involving medication, lifestyle changes, and psychological therapy. [Read: The benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

4. No risks involved

The notion that penis pumps are risk-free is like saying jumping off a cliff is safe because you’re wearing sneakers. As we discussed earlier, there are risks like bruising and vascular damage.

5. Only for older men

There’s a stereotype that penis pumps are an “old man’s game.” Truth is, men of different ages use them for various reasons, including dealing with performance anxiety or ED after surgeries.

What’s the Next Move?

So, your next move? A consult with a healthcare professional. No article, video, or well-intentioned advice from your gym buddy can replace tailored medical guidance.

Whether you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction, looking for a temporary size boost, or just plain curious, a healthcare provider can help you navigate your options.

So yes, reach out to a healthcare provider. Engage in that awkward but essential conversation because we’re talking about your well-being here, both physical and psychological.

Trust us, medical professionals have seen and heard it all; your queries will be par for the course.

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When it comes to answering that burning question—do penis pumps work?—the most nuanced and personalized answers will come from a qualified healthcare provider.

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