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how to make a guy cum fast
How to Make a Guy Cum Fast: Sexy, Sneaky Moves for Quick Results

Maybe all you have time for is a quickie, or he’s taking a long time to cum. Here are some helpful tips to know how to make a guy cum fast.

how to have a wet dream
How to Have a Wet Dream: A Real Guide to Experience Sleep Orgasms

While some men try to stop having wet dreams, other men want to know how to have a wet dream. Can you force yourself to have wet dreams?

too much sex

Too Much Sex? 15 Signs to Know if Your Sex Life is Well Balanced

Some couples have sex a few times a week, others multiple times a day. Would that be considered too much sex? Here’s the answer to that question.

how to use a penis pump

How to Use a Penis Pump: The Guide for the Curious Beginner

Never heard of a penis pump? It’s for when you feel inadequate below the belt. But before you try it out, learn how to use a penis pump the right way.

having sex too soon

Having Sex Too Soon: 12 Consequences You Have to Be Prepared For

There are a lot of reasons you’d want to get in bed with someone you really like, but consider the consequences of having sex too soon first.

Saggy Balls

The Complete Guide to Saggy Balls and What Women Think of Them

Are saggy balls normal? Everyone wonders from time to time whether they are “normal” or not, and saggy balls are no exception. So keep reading.


Queef & More: 19 Embarrassing Things that Can Go Wrong During Sex

With the occasional queef, weird angles, and all the other stuff that goes hand in hand with it, let’s face it, sex can be embarrassing!

Chronic Masturbation

Chronic Masturbation: Stop Your Hands from Lingering in Your Pants

It’s normal for people to masturbate. However, what happens when chronic masturbation takes control of your life? It’s not as fun as it sounds.

why do orgasms feel so good

Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good? 12 Ways They Affect Your Brain

When it comes to sex, we’re all a little curious about why it’s so great. Why do orgasms feel so good? Science weighs in and answers your questions.

uncontrollable orgasm

Uncontrollable Orgasm: 10 Secrets to Unleash the Power of the O

If there’s one thing all women should strive for in bed, it’s an uncontrollable orgasm. This is how you can unleash your true orgasmic potential.

do women like to swallow

Do Women Like to Swallow? And 20 Other Sex Questions Answered

We know how many questions there are about what women like when it comes to sex. Do women like to swallow? Here’s the answer and more.

how to increase semen volume

How to Increase Semen Volume: The Best Kept Secrets that Work

Want to increase your load? Believe it or not, you can. Learn how to increase semen volume and keep your swimmers strong with these 8 tips and tricks.

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