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Morning Wood: What It Is, Why Men Get Morning Erections & 24 Hard Secrets

Why do guys wake up to morning wood? Here are some interesting facts about why morning boners happen and how women feel about them!

morning wood erection

Have you ever wondered why a man sports a stiffy every morning? Maybe he had a particularly naughty dream, or maybe his morning wood is his body’s natural reaction to his girl snuggling up against him…

The truth of the matter is this: guys get morning wood for no reason at all. That’s right. Just because a guy has a hard dick in the morning doesn’t mean he’s even aroused! 

For girls, the thought of their men sporting a sexy morning boner without actually being turned on is quite puzzling. Most girls don’t spontaneously get wet for no reason at all, so what gives?

Who gets morning wood? 

Men of all ages get morning wood. It’s healthy at any age, and it’s a sign that a man’s blood and nervous system are functioning properly in and around the penis. [Read: 37 potent secrets to get and stay hard and keep an erection up for longer]

Even infants can get morning wood. And it happens in older men, too. However, if someone has an erectile dysfunction issue, it will become less frequent. And as a man gets older, this is more likely.

Many men experience erections throughout the night, every night. Yet, it’s not necessarily related to their dreams. They can last longer than 30 minutes, and some might even be erect for two hours while they are sleeping. 

What causes morning wood? 

We have just come to expect that a man has morning wood, but what causes it exactly? Here are the main reasons why a man may wake up with a stiffy. [Read: Random boners – why men get these erections and 20 ways to get rid of it]

1. Physical stimulation

It’s not surprising that physical stimulation of the penis causes an erection. Stimulation sends sensory signals directly to the spinal cord’s lower part, which functions as the body’s “erection center.”

Even if a man is half awake, these nerves can be altered by subtle changes in the environment. So, the tactile sensation of a sheet, underwear, or pajamas against the penis might cause an erection even when asleep. [Read: Weird penis – freaky behaviors that are actually totally normal]

2. Hormone shifts

Testosterone plays a central role in the sexual functions of men. It helps facilitate almost every facet of an erection.

Testosterone levels fluctuate and tend to be higher early in the morning than in the afternoon or evening. This is a contributing factor to morning wood. [Read: Signs of high testosterone – 32 signs, causes, and ways to increase it]

3. Blood flow

According to scientists, the nerves in the penis release nitrous oxide, which dilates the nearby blood vessels in the region, causing increased blood flow that then causes erections. 

This is also the body’s natural way to properly oxygenate the penile tissue. This phenomenon occurs in most other male mammals, as well.

4. Brain relaxation

When a man is awake, his body releases hormones to suppress erections. That’s probably a good thing, or else he would go around with a boner 24/7. But when he’s asleep, his body releases less of these hormones, and thus, gets wood – especially in the morning.

5. Needing to urinate

If a person doesn’t get up to urinate during the middle of the night, they will wake up with a full bladder. And a full bladder can press on the sacral nerve, which is a group of five nerves in the lower back. [Read: Unwanted erection – how to get rid of a boner ASAP before it’s noticed]

A man’s nervous system helps keep his body running while he sleeps. Because the sacral nerve is responsible for erections, morning wood can be a good sign that his nerves, blood supply, and circulation are healthy.

What does it mean if you stop getting morning wood? 

When a man wakes up having morning wood, it is an indicator of healthy blood and nerve supply to the penis. It also indicates that he’s physically capable of getting and maintaining an erection while he’s awake.

On the other hand, if a man notices that he’s not waking up with an erect penis anymore and can’t sport morning wood, it could be an early sign of an underlying medical problem, such as physical erectile dysfunction. [Read: Circumcised vs. uncircumcised penis – the honest truth about which is better]

There is something happening in his body that is preventing an adequate amount of blood or nerve supply for proper erectile function.

A man is more likely to have erectile dysfunction if he is depressed, has diabetes, has high cholesterol, or is overweight. Also, people with certain disabilities can also have ED.

Medications can also affect a man’s ability to get morning wood, such as painkillers or antidepressants. [Read: Limp dick – 31 causes, cures, and ways to go from flaccid to firm ASAP]

Can you still get morning wood if you have erectile dysfunction *ED*? 

Yes, you can. One reason is that testosterone levels are higher in men in the early morning. So, depending on what time he wakes up, he might be experiencing a huge surge of this male hormone.

Also, some causes of erectile dysfunction can be psychological. So, a man can get a stronger erection when his consciousness is suppressed and his body and imagination can work unimpeded by his fears.

When to contact a doctor

Morning wood may become less common as a man ages. Nonetheless, here are some instances when you want to contact your doctor. [Read: Curved penis – how, why, and tips and sex positions to flaunt a bent boner]

1. Sudden stop in having morning wood

If you used to wake up with erections but not aren’t experiencing them at all – or suddenly have fewer erections, that might be a problem.

As we said, it is natural for it to occur less frequently as a man gets older, but if it’s a sudden drop in frequency, then it could be an underlying medical condition.

2. Erections are painful

Most morning wood goes away within 30 minutes of waking up. However, if a man’s erections last more than an hour after he wakes up or if they become painful, then he should see a doctor. [Read: Painful sex – health reasons why sex is painful for men]

Talk about your symptoms and hopefully, the doctor can diagnose a reason.

More hard facts on the morning wood

Now that we’ve discussed the causes of morning wood, here are a handful of interesting facts about a man’s member!

1. A rose by any other name

While we might like to call it “morning wood,” “pitching a tent,” or a “good-morning boner,” there is actually a medical term for sporting a morning erection.

This term is called Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT). [Read: Does penis size matter – big vs. small dick and 24 good and bad qualities of both]

2. How morning boners get their steam

Sleepy boners happen most during REM sleep, or the period during your snooze when you’re most likely to dream. Does this automatically mean you’re having a naughty dream that’s provoking your little friend? Not at all. 

Because you usually come out of REM sleep in the early morning, your raging stiffy is just residue from your blissful sleep. [Read: Untold sex secrets you really need to know]

3. It can happen to women, too

All right, so women don’t get hard dicks in the morning, but there is a vaginal equivalent. That’s right, women get clitoral erections during sleep. 

It has been suggested that this may be the body’s way of providing adequate oxygen flow throughout the body, including the genitals.

Similar to the penis, this oxygen and increased blood flow would stimulate the clitoris and cause it to engorge. Sexy, right?

4. Nighttime hardness means you’re fit and healthy

Not only are sleeping/morning boners totally normal, but they may also actually mean you’re in good shape. Since your testosterone levels reach their prime in the early hours, pitching a morning tent means your health and testosterone are right on the money.

5. It can happen… A lot

NPT happens on average 3-5 times in one sleep! That’s a lot of nighttime boners!

6. Morning wood isn’t always sexual

While some men who find themselves awake next to a frisky partner may put their hardness to good use, one study found that most of the men surveyed weren’t aroused when sporting morning wood, even though their penis was imploring them otherwise.

These men also gave varied descriptions as to how different a morning boner feels compared to a genuine “turned-on” penis, citing a morning boner was more “in the way” than anything else.

7. You can test your penis

Not sure if you’re sporting nighttime action in your boxers? There’s actually a test you can do, albeit a little juvenile, that will help you figure out what’s going on in your pants while you’re off in dreamland.

To test your penis for boneriffic triumphs, start by wearing a loose pair of briefs. Slip your little mister through the fly of your underwear, and tape/lick to moisten and secure a row of stamps around the girth of your shaft. [Read: Healthy testicles – easy tests to keep your balls in check]

If you end up with a stiffy in the night, the stamps should be ripped. If not, it’s in your best interest to find out why, so call your doctor.

8. Your morning wood craves release… But not that kind! 

Since we’ve already established that morning wood is rarely the result of scandalous thoughts, here’s something that may be responsible: a full bladder

When the urethra gets filled, it can cause the penis to engorge, causing a very different kind of boner.

So, if you’ve had a pint of Guinness before bed or decided to chug a bottle of water for good measure, this liquid may be swishing around and causing your penis to crave a release… Of pee!

Why women love the morning wood

Who doesn’t like to wake up to a hot guy with a hot rod all up and ready for action?

Here we list nine reasons why women just love men’s morning wood:

[Read: Easy ways to trick your mind into having sexy arousing dreams]

1. It’s exercise for his penis

First of all, his pole pops up at night and in the morning because it’s his body’s way of, say, weight training. In fact, it’s the only part of the body that can hold blood for long periods of time. 

If you tie a tourniquet around your leg or arms for thirty minutes, you are going to have a serious problem. However, it’s no problem for the penis. Those morning boners are his body’s way of telling the penis how to do its job.

2. It’s a great showcase of his “talent” 

Well, hello! There’s nothing like waking up next to a man with a stiffy. Plus, it’s a great way for him to get a compliment or two about how manly and stiff he is. [Read: Grower vs. shower – how it’s different and ways to tell which penis is better]

After all, it’s one of those moments when he is as hard as ever—to the surprise and pleasure of his lover.

3. You like to rub up against his poker

Admit it, you like first-thing-in-the-morning spooning and cuddling. It’s also an extra treat when you suddenly get poked by your man’s monkey stick when he wraps his arms around you. 

And of course, who wouldn’t want to reach down there and give the “little one” *pardon the pun* a little pat. [Read: 15 big dick problems guys with a smaller penis have no clue about]

4. He can wake you up with it

Aside from waking up to see your engorged mate, there’s nothing more pleasurable than having your guy wake you up with it. 

Poking, prodding, or the simple act of him grabbing your hand and rubbing it against him—it’s all enough to give you a wonderful, and not to mention titillating, wake-up call.

5. He can make a tent with it

There are a lot of things a man can do with his dick, especially when it’s hard. It’s like he has his very own personal toy, which he can just take out and wiggle about.

One great thing he can do with his morning boner is to make a tent with it. [Read: How to have good sex with a small penis – when smaller can be better]

6. You can hang stuff up there

Another great thing a man can do with his morning wood is to hang stuff on it and just give the two of you a great laugh before you head on to the morning rush. 

Depending on how stiff and strong his wood is, you can hang your panties, shirt, or even a towel on it. [Read: The average penis – easy answers that’ll make you a know-it-all]

7. You can just admire it while he sleeps

Do you ever wonder if dicks have minds of their own? We bet you do, especially in the wee hours of the morning when you wake up to see him sleeping yet stiff. 

You may even have talked to it at some point, stroked and petted it like it was something alive in itself—all while your man is sleeping. If you haven’t, well, start doing it now. 

The morning is a perfect time to bond with his boner and just admire it while your man soundly sleeps. [Read: 18 fascinating and unknown penis facts you need to know]

8. It strengthens attachment

On a more serious and scientific note, the morning erection is, as we mentioned earlier, a natural manifestation of his overall testosterone buildup. 

It is during this period that he also has higher levels of vasopressin, a hormone that promotes emotional attachment. 

So, if the sight of his manly mast up and ready for sailing is making your morning extra s-w-e-e-t, then express your gratitude for this phenomenon called NPT and hug your man. [Read: Sex positions that could leave you with a broken penis]

9. Of course—morning sex! 

There’s nothing like rubbing up on his already-hard dick to make you extra horny. After all, who wouldn’t want to shag a shag-ready schlong like that? 

One of the best things about the morning wood—and we bet both men and women would agree—is that it invites morning sex. [Read: Morning sex – how to wake up to great sex and 16 reasons it feels so good]

And great sex it is. This is because his morning boner can also help increase his bedroom stamina, making sex last longer and be more pleasurable at this time of day. 

Consequently, morning sex also offers a plethora of other great benefits, such as giving you both a mood booster and a stronger immune system as you go through the rest of your day.

So, there you have it, the four-one-one on men’s glorious morning boners.

[Read: Reasons why you should have morning sex much more often]

There you have it, the real truth about guys and their little morning wood. Whether you choose to take advantage of nature’s hard morning miracle is up to you!

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