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How to Keep Your Naked Photo Safe!

It’s easy to take a naked picture of yourself or your partner. But how can you keep it safe and make sure that no one sees it other than your partner or yourself? Make a note of these pointers.

how to keep a naked photo safe

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Don’t show it to your friends

So you’ve managed to cross delicate grounds and now you have a snap of your partner in your hands, or a video in your cell phone?


But as much as you’re craving to show off your lascivious X-rated romp to your pals, refrain from that.

Showing off something that private can be funny and exciting at first, but would you want your pals to know every single detail about your partner, right down to the last freckle?

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And what if one of your pals actually like what they see and try to hit on your lover later, at the same time slipping the detail that they’ve seen them nude? [Read: Do you like a friend’s girlfriend?]

When you spread smutty stuff, you’re bound to get entangled in one.

Hide your naked photos well

Read the fine lines on the pills and tonics from your last prescription. They all say the same thing. “Please store in a cool and dark place”. Voila! That’s the same story with storing prurient content.

You may be surprised, but most couples do have their own stronghold of smut somewhere in their house. Even if you have your own collection of homemade photos and videos, you need to be very careful. Most of the stolen videotapes are actually stolen by sleazy pals with no integrity or honesty.

Your friends may be the best in the world, but temptation is hard to resist. So why give it a chance to bite? Just keep it someplace where no one will ever think of touching. Ever. No kids. No friends. No babysitters.

The long hand of the law

A jolt up your derriere may not be able to prep you for this. Different laws do put its long hands in unflattering crevices. You may actually be caught and arrested if you have sleazy tapes of yourself. After all, possessing carnal nudity is an offence in some countries, right? That’s another thing that most people don’t think about.

Things can be real bad if you live in the U.S., where grannies are getting sued and arrested for possessing their five year old granddaughter’s nude picture while taking a bath! But fathers in India aren’t getting jailed for having a snap of their four year old daughter showing her backside!

You never know, the law can seem fishy unless you know all about it. For starters here, don’t let those snaps and videos leak out. You may even be arrested in a few countries if you approach the cops for help!

Don’t let your family find it

There comes a time when there’s the crossroads of luck and misery. And you may walk into someone in the family, holding your risqué picture in their hand. It might be the worst thing to imagine, but there’s a good chance that it could happen, unless you’re very careful.

What can you do if any of this happens?

Didn’t I tell you, you meathead! I told you never ever to take nude pictures of yourself or your mate! What is wrong with you? Now look what you’ve done. Gosh, how embarrassing! How many times do I have to tell you that taking risqué shots is risky business? It’s easy for me to squirm out. You’re the one who’s caught, you nitwit. You deal with that. And don’t ever mention anything about being enticed into the art of nude bedroom photography by me! Period.

But on a serious note though, take nude pictures of yourself or your partner keeping the risks in mind. It’s hot and racy, but in the wrong hands, it could be devastating.

So is a naked picture worth the risk? Who can be a better judge of that than you?

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