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Sexy Exhibitionism – How to Get Naked in Public

Exhibitionism can be enticing and fun, as long as you keep it clean and don’t overstep your boundaries. Find out how to get naked in public and enjoy a better sex life.

Sexy Exhibitionism

Have you ever indulged in exhibitionism?

Or have you ever felt the urge to get naked in public or wander around your place in the buff?

Or perhaps you’ve wanted to linger around naked and take a small peek out through the drapes?

How to get naked in public

Most of us have liked a bit of flashing, and we’ve also felt an exciting chill run up our ‘sexual-spine’ each time we were almost seen by a hot passer-by on the street.

This feeling of wanting to get naked in public or at an inappropriate place is usually heightened while having sex or in the middle of heavy petting.

The exhibitionist in us all

We see couples making out and groping each other all the time on the dance floors.

We see girls who don’t need a better tan lie down topless on the beaches. And yet, the word ‘exhibitionist’ seems far more dangerous and taboo. Every one of us have an exhibitionist’s streak in us and can’t wait to show ourselves off at an opportune moment, perhaps when we’re far away on a vacation, or when we’re at a party where we just don’t care. [Read: Sexy tips to flash on a vacation]

Exhibitionism and getting naked in public

Now as a matter of fact, as cute as we’re trying to portray exhibitionism to be, the term ‘exhibitionism’ does have its dangerous sexual overtones.

Literally speaking, exhibitionism is a paraphilia or a sexual fetish in which sexual arousal and orgasm is obtained on evoking surprise, shock, dismay, or panic from a stranger by illicitly exhibiting an erotic part of the body.

But when we’re conversing non-literally, we call these men and women who show off body parts as flashers. Flashers are annoying people, usually men, who love walking up to a girl and striking a pose.

We don’t care about them here, nor do we encourage that sort of exhibitionism. Go visit a shrink if you get your jollies up while scaring girls by flashing your privates at them. At Lovepanky, it’s all about mutual back rubbing. Follow the public display of affection laws and flash only if you know it’s going to make someone else happy!

Flashing, getting naked, and dogging!

Now going back to our talk on getting naked in public, seriously, a wee bit of indecent exposure has never hurt anyone, has it? And that’s what everyone does anyways. For years and years, couples and lovers have searched for lonely creeks and quiet corners. It’s their place to share a few moments of love and lovemaking. Eventually, these lonely places were given a name. They were called “Lovers creek”, “Lovers Lane”, “Lovers Park”, or something similar to that.

But as the years rolled by, these places got a lot more crowded and people who were single too, started dogging around this place.

Thus, the word ‘dogging’ was coined. People who hide behind bushes or trees and try watching a couple canoodling are known as “Doggers”. Dogging is thought to have got its name from the men who would stumble across the lovers while out walking their dog. However, dogging nowadays has become less accidental, and it’s become a pleasurable activity for many people. [Read: Seven sexiest places to have sex in public]

Getting naked in public and giving a peek

You’d be quite surprised by the amount of exhibitionism that happens around us every single day. Of course, not the disturbing flashers who jump out of bushes, but the soft hot flashing that can be so hot.

Remember Janet Jackson, Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan caught flashing out of the blue? Exhibitionists and people who get naked in public give us something to think about and talk about. The last time you wore a short top with a low neckline or a low tight pant that highlighted your cleavage or your bulge, you felt good didn’t you? Why? Because you looked hot. [Read: Girls wearing revealing clothes in the office]

And how would you know that? Because you saw the way the hotties of the opposite sex were staring at you and your assets. Getting the attention of good looking members of the opposite sex will always get your heart racing. So as long as you’re enjoying yourself, what have you got to lose?

You’re never alone in the world of soft exhibitionism and flashing skin in public, celebrities do it all the time. And so do several party hoppers and beach lovers.

Getting naked and enjoying a better sex life

You really don’t have to show off or bare your assets completely. That would just be indecent and inappropriate behavior. As long as it makes you feel sexy, that’s the perfect level of skin-show that you need to feel better about yourself.

Let’s face it, you’d enjoy a better sex life when you’re feeling sexy and desirable. And there’s nothing that can make you feel more desirable than getting an appreciative glance from the opposite sex.

[Read: How to convince a friend to skinny dip with you]

Exhibitionism or getting naked in public can be fun if you know how to go about it. But always remember that it has to be a fun experience for the people involved. Click here to continue reading the sexy guide to flashing in public for the shy.

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