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15 Telltale Signs a Female Co-Worker Likes You & Wants to Date You

signs a female co-worker likes you

Being successful with office romance takes a good deal of skill in recognizing the hints of flirting and the behavioral signs a female co-worker likes you.

The workplace is a great environment to meet new people. From those co-workers, you’ll get the chance of new friends, and if you’re a single guy, the possibility of an office romance. But it is important to really understand the signs a female co-worker likes you before making a fatal mistake.

The workplace is a hugely controlled environment where classic flirting moves that you may be able to pull off in a bar or at your college campus may not work. One misunderstood gesture towards a female co-worker may end up in either a disciplinary hearing, termination, or worse, a sexual harassment case. [Read: How to know if your boss is actually flirting with you]

Signs a female co-worker likes you

It is important to be certain when interpreting flirtatious hints from female co-workers. In a professional environment, the ladies flirt accordingly. A guy needs to distinguish between friendly and flirty gestures.

Knowing these signs a female co-worker likes you helps you avoid being the center of negative attention. At the same time, you get lucky with a good dose of office romance.

#1 She greets you frequently *more than anyone else in the office*. Greeting co-workers they bump into every morning is a typical way most people start their day. However, if someone greets you more frequently and enthusiastically, it is a clear sign they have a special interest in you. [Read: 16 signs a woman is attracted to you and wants you to make a move]

#2 She goes out of her way in order to “bump” into you. What’s one way to spend a little time with you before work? She doesn’t take the shorter corner to quickly get her to her desk. Instead, she goes the long way so that she passes by your cubicle to catch a glimpse of you and say good morning. [Read: 15 body language cues a girl gives away if she’s into you]

#3 She adjusts her break time to match yours. You suddenly notice that she keeps turning up at the employee lounge the same time as you. If you want further confirmation, adjust your break schedule again. If she turns up again then there’s a good chance she likes you.

#4 She sits next to you during meetings. In emptier meeting rooms people normally get a spot a little further from an occupied seat. But not this girl. She’s comfortable sitting next to you even if the whole conference room were empty.

#5 More than frequent invitations for lunch. You get daily lunch invitations from her and reminds you of your high school days with your best buddies. At first she invites you with a group but sooner or later she invites you out to lunch with just the two of you.

#6 She keeps asking you work-related questions, even if it’s not her job. A female co-worker surely likes you if she starts popping up with work-related questions that’s not her usual responsibilities. In addition, you get asked simple questions the person near her could easily answer. Instead, she chooses to ask you which is a good excuse to get to talk to you. [Read: How girls flirt – 15 subtle things they do differently]

#7 She surprisingly knows your office activities. Like a classic stalker, she knows the meetings you’ve had, the places where you had your lunch, whether you’ll join the company sponsored marathon, and the conversations you had with your other co-workers.

#8 You receive a lot of emails or personal messages from her. Sometimes it’s annoying and sometimes endearing. She sends you a lot of email correspondence and emoticon-laden instant messages enough to breach company internal communications policy. She’s attracted to you, so she’s willing to break these rules.

#9 She tells you a lot about her work. She tells you how her meetings went, her frustrations about her boss or some co-workers, or how the photocopy machine keeps breaking down. One of the biggest signs a female co-worker likes you is when she lets you into her world sometimes more than necessary.

#10 She’s keenly interested in your life outside work. By now she must know pretty much everything about you as a co-worker. Then, she starts asking questions about your life outside work. It might start with a question regarding your hobbies and interests, then your family, where you spend your weekends, and slowly creep into facts about your love life. [Read: How to tell if a girl is flirting with you: 18 telltale signs]

#11 You keep getting extra treats from her. Another sign that your female co-worker likes you is when she showers you with small treats of food or drinks. She “accidentally” keeps making extra cookies or brownies, or leave you those imported snacks she got as a souvenir from her trip overseas, or message you that she packed you some casserole on the pantry fridge left over from her culinary experiments last night. It’s almost a showcase of her being a good future wife.

#12 She’s quick to notice and compliment any changes in your person. A new shirt, haircut, cologne, or sneakers never go unnoticed and uncomplimented to a crushing female co-worker. Even if the whole company doesn’t care about any changes in your person. [Read: 16 hush-hush signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

#13 She always present in company functions that you’re joining. Believe me when I say she’s probably stalking every bulletin board to check if you’re joining the next company function.

Be it a blood drive, an inter-departmental party, a company sports event, she’s motivated to join as long as she knows she’ll see you there.

#14 She invites you to activities after work. Basically, you’re being asked out on a date under the pretext of two co-workers blowing off some steam after work. Just like the lunch scenario, it starts as a group but diminishes to just the pair of you. If this is not a clear sign that your female co-worker likes you, we don’t know what else is. [Read: How to make your move when you know a girl likes you]

#15 You catch the occasional gossip or meaningful looks from other co-workers that she indeed likes you. Even if you’re the densest and most oblivious guy in the rank and file roster, other people will notice. After all, an office is like a small town! Nothing escapes the eyes of your neighbors.

Sooner or later you’ll notice the other girls teasing your crushing female co-worker while you’re around. And, you get prying questions from your male office buddies on why you haven’t made a move on the poor girl yet.

[Read: 13 ways to tease a girl and get her to ask you out]

The workplace is a common place to find romance. However, the approach must be handled with care as everyone is expected to act professionally at all times. So, memorize these signs a female co-worker likes you and act accordingly.

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