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25 Funny What If Questions That Will Make You the Life of the Party

We’ve all played 21 questions, right? Well, let’s kick it up a notch with these funny what if questions that your friends will love!

funny what if questions

I recently wrote a similar feature about questions to ask a guy you are interested in. The difference? These are hilarious. Well, I mean, at least I think so—and I hope you think the same about these funny what if questions.

When I was young, we played “would you rather,” and the questions were always outlandish, funny what if questions that you would never be able to dream up unless you were eight and hanging out with your cousin, you know? It was a better time, for sure. But listen, I can still be funny… It just comes in spurts now. You’re lucky because I saved all my funny moments all week in order to write this feature for you today. Do you feel honored? No? Oh, well okay.

These funny what if questions can be asked around a bonfire or in any social gathering. Perhaps just one on one when you and your friend wait for a bus to arrive. These questions lighten the mood and make time go by a little bit faster. [Read: How to charm and get anyone to like you]

Why you should ask these funny what if questions

Well, I mean if I hadn’t already explained it as elegantly and beautifully as I already have above, these questions are literally just fun. They can be used to get to know another person, but honestly these aren’t really those type of questions. These are the type of questions that will spark some creativity in you and your peers, and they will force you to think outside of the box. What could be more fun?

25 funny what if questions that will lighten any mood

Are you ready to rock? Let’s go.

#1 What if everything in the world was made up of types of cheese? [Read: These icebreaker questions will spark a conversation with anyone]

#2 What if we all had a talking donkey companion like in Shrek?

#3 What if every time we took a step, the ground would “squeak” beneath our feet? [Read: Weird questions to show off your goofy side]

#4 What if you were given 10 gallons of Coca-Cola, and it was the only thing you could use as currency for the rest of your life?

#5 What if we lived in helium balloon houses that floated just below the clouds and to get around, we used other helium balloons attached to a track?

#6 What if dogs walked us?

#7 What if you could only wear the same outfit you wore on your sixth birthday to your wedding?

#8 What if we lived in gardens, and sunflowers were our walls and vines covered our heads as the roof?

#9 What if your first kiss was the only kiss you could ever experience for the rest of your life? Even if it was with different people, the kiss played out the same as the first one—forever.

#10 What if our bathing suits were our formal wear, and our formal wear was our bathing suits?

#11 What if dragons existed and we lived among them—like we had coworkers who were dragons, and boyfriends/girlfriends who were dragons?

#12 What if we could look exactly how we wanted to just by envisioning it? Want blue hair? Think about it. Want a giant butt? Think about it.

#13 What if instead of fur, animals were covered in fake eyelashes—all over their bodies? [Read: 40 really gross would you rather questions that’ll make anyone squirm]

#14 What if aliens were our landlords and if we didn’t pay rent on time they would abduct us to their home planets where we lived with other people who didn’t pay their rent on time?

#15 What if skateboards were actually alive and instead of pushing off against the ground, the creature just ran until you told it to stop at your destination?

#16 What if stars were really lights on cameras that were watching your every move? Someone up in the sky is watching the videos and laughing at everything we do.

#17 What if humans were like horses and donkeys, and instead of wearing shoes we had hooves/horseshoes and instead of getting pedicures we got hoove-icures.

#18 What if tattoos were actually just dry erase style and whenever we wanted them to be hidden we could just “erase” them, and to make them come back we would rub the opposite direction?

#19 What if trees and plants really talked to each other and talked smack about the outfits we wear when we walk through the forest and take photos for Instagram? Like we mock our poses and stuff? Can you imagine a tree posing like a girl on Instagram? [Read: 20 revealing questions to get to know someone better]

#20 What if we had personal musicians who followed us around everywhere we went, and they played music according to what was happening at that given moment? Oh, and they wore matching outfits.

#21 What if lakes were full of mermaids and crazy creatures, and they protected us every time we went swimming from the big angry sea creatures that want to eat us? Like a war was happening under us in the water and we have no idea.

#22 What if when songs were stuck in our heads, they actually played out loud for everybody to hear? Imagine. How insane that would sound in a group of people? Absolute chaos, honestly. [Read: Do you think alike? 20 questions to ask your best friend]

#23 What if instead of doing laundry, we just turned to a computer screen every time we wanted to change clothing, and it would immediately change on our bodies, like a computer game?

#24 What if every time we took a photo, instead of hearing the “shutter” sound, we heard a woman’s scream. I think we would take a lot less photos, that is for sure. [Read: These would you rather question will make your think]

#25 What if instead of hair, we grew vines with flowers right out of our heads? Oh, and facial hair and body hair was the same. We would be beautiful gods and goddesses!

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These funny what if questions are sure to get you thinking about the infinite possibilities in the world. Share your funny what if questions with your friends or come up with more random questions. Feel free to tweet me some of your ideas too!

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