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The Bond between Wingmen and Lead Players

The Bond between Wingmen and Lead Players

When you and a friend work together as a team to meet women and start conversations with them, there has to be a lot of confidence and trust between each other. While bonding is important to work as a team, here are a few rules to ensure that both of you are happy to work together.

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Wing First. Women Later.

This is something that almost every wingman forgets. Your job as a wing is to support the lead player. You need to be a living proof that your friend is the greatest guy on earth.

There are some wingmen, who decide they want to be humorous and funny, so they start making jokes directed toward the lead player. They are the same guys who sleep with goats. By doing that, you wouldn’t get the girl, and your leading friend would hate you forever.

The lead player and the wingman are a team. You wing each other when you scope for women. That’s why you always, always, put “Wing before Women”. Your wingman is more important to you than the girl you just met. And if you think otherwise, then you’re putting the girl on a pedestal, which translates into an inner game issue that could just lead to an ugly competition.

Rules for the Lead Player

…when it comes to the Wingman

1. Never disagree with your wingman when you’re playing

2. Always respect your wingman

3. Never under any circumstances make jokes directed at or ridicule your wingman

4. Never argue with your wingman

5. Never call your wingman names

Trying to brag (not too much) about your wingman is acceptable. This shows that he is a cool guy. Your wingman’s feelings are more important than the girls you just met.

Bear in mind that this mentality only applies either at the meeting location or until after a lot of comfort has been built. If you have been seeing a girl for a week and invested a lot of time into her, and if you still carry the “bros before hoes” mentality then you will find that she will lose trust in you and it will become harder to get closer.

When the Wing gets Snipped

This may occur when your wing’s game breaks down, or if he isn’t able to distract the obstacles enough for you, or he may not be distracting the obstacles at all! Most of us would more than likely stop hitting on the girl, or turn away briefly and start running strategy and criticism on your wing trying to correct him or figure out why it has occurred. Doing this never gets good results because you are destroying the flirty mood and your own mindset.

Moreover, it is also bad because you’re making your wing look and feel like a beta-male. This will cut his confidence and only force his game to breakdown further. Therefore, you should always avoid giving advice to your wingman in-field, and save it for later. Just take a breather, go have a game of pool and start again once both of you have returned to full alpha status.

Number Game

When there are only two women in the field, you may not need a wing at all. You could enjoy the challenge of taking on two girls. What you can do is brush both. Firstly, to attract the target, and secondly to befriend the obstacle, then mentally isolate the target and go for a number close, or time bridge, or both. This is favorable for advanced gamers, as initial gamers might have a hard time to please two women at once and may need a wingman to help isolate the target. When you have multiple obstacles, generally you may need more than one wing. However it varies from situation to situation.

It’s quite a cliché, but sometimes guys gamble and win, and sometimes we lose. But that’s it. You’ve got nothing to fret about if the wingman tactics don’t work or your wingman or your lead player isn’t good enough. It is just a game played on a different turf. Remind yourself that there are many more fish in the ocean. You just need the right bait on the hook, to dip for a catch. As is sung in the Liverpool anthem, “you’ll never walk alone” instead, you’ll score a goal.

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