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How to Make a Relationship Work for the Better

Knowing how to make a relationship work is really simple, but yet most lovers overlook the simplest of things in a relationship. Find out how to keep a relationship exciting and happy, even as the months turn into decades.

make a relationship work

Click here to read the first few facts on how to better a relationship.

Perfect relationships are the simplest things on earth to hold on to.

But most of us give it so little attention and care that it vanishes into thin air before we even start to care.

How to make a relationship work

A happy love life can give you a positive outlook towards life.

It can also make you feel happier and free of stress. But if there’s one thing we’ve noticed, more people have difficulties knowing how to make a relationship work than anything else.

To make a relationship work, there’s just one simple rule. You should understand your partner.

That’s it. It’s quite simple, but not very easy to follow. If you’ve read the first few facts on what matters in love and how to better a relationship, go right ahead and we’ll tell you how to make a relationship work for the better in a few steps.

Point out the flaws

Does your partner have any flaws that could hold them back from reaching their true potential?

Don’t be picky about little things like slurping soup or eating too fast. Think real issues.

Can your partner confront issues in life, can your partner make a stand in front of someone else, or does your partner feel awkward to speak in front of an audience? If you feel there’s something holding your partner from becoming a better individual, then point out their flaw.

Your partner may frown or sulk for an hour, but help them through their issue by talking about it and advising them. By helping your partner become a better person, they’d be grateful to you once the transformation is complete and they’ve also become a better person. Improvement as an individual and gratitude in love is something that can make a big difference in knowing how to make a relationship work. Help each other become better individuals and your love will blossom and become stronger as the years go by. [Read: Is he the one for you?]

Most people just put up with partners or give up on them. When this happens, you become two individuals living together, not a couple in a relationship. And that can ruin a relationship in the years to come.

Learn to apologize

Most of us are very strong headed when it comes to apologizing. We just don’t like it, because we’ve been told that saying sorry makes one appear weak. In love, it couldn’t be further away from the truth. All of us have an ego, and we can portray that to the world. But in love, you should have no ego or pride. You should have enough humility to cry like a baby in your partner’s arms or perform a victory dance like an arrogant monkey after a bowling strike.

Many relationships fail because of arrogance. Lovers just don’t want to give up a fight, and that’s really stupid. What are you trying to prove, that you’re right? What difference does it make? In love, we should avoid trying to prove points. Instead, you should learn together as a couple. [Read: Fighting in a relationship]

At times, you have to give up a point even if you know you’re right. Don’t worry, your partner will realize it and come around at some point of time. Apologizing may make you appear weak, but it also shows that you have humility and that you’re willing to concede to your partner. If you’re wondering how to make a relationship work, use this tip the next time there’s a little fight.

If there’s ever an argument, both partners should apologize even if it’s not their fault. By apologizing from both sides, the egos shatter and the truth comes out. And true love prevails! To make a relationship work, both of you have to be willing to give in, for each other’s sake. And don’t ever hold onto grudges for more than a couple of hours, unless it’s a major issue.

Remember, apologizing in love doesn’t make you appear weak, it shows that the relationship matters more to you than your ego and pride.

Learn to compromise

If you want to know how to make a relationship work, you need to understand this pointer. A relationship comprises of two individuals with unique likes and dislikes. And you can’t really expect your partner to like everything you like, or vice versa. But if you want a make a relationship work, you need to try and understand your partner’s likes and dislikes.

If your man likes spending time playing games, don’t ignore him when he’s playing and walk away. Try to play a game or two, and see if you could like it too. Or if your sweetheart likes gardening, don’t walk past her when you get home. Instead, put on a pair of gloves and help around even if you’ve had an exhausting day. Try to connect with your partner beyond sex. Connect with your partner for the person that they are. Try to understand their likes, and be there with them when they’re doing something they love.

Indulging in little acts like these can make your partner appreciate you more, and can help both of you bond better. Learn to compromise in love, and share each other’s likes and dislikes. It wouldn’t hurt you to spend half an hour doing something your partner enjoys, would it? If your partner’s happiness and joy matters to you, go on and share their passion. It’s how you make a relationship work.

Create memories

The first few years of love are exciting and fresh. But what happens later? Do you still celebrate your anniversaries and special moments like you used to? As the relationship gets more seasoned, lovers stop paying attention to little happy moments. By overlooking your happy moments, you’ll stop creating new memories of love. Remember your first anniversary? Or your first kiss? It’s special, isn’t it? What are the new memories you’ve created recently? [Love story: How we met]

Memories create our life. If someone asks you to define your life, you do it through your memories and special moments. Likewise, if you need to keep the love alive, you need to create special memories often. Surprise your lover now and then. Do something that you know your partner would enjoy.

As you try and create memories even now and then, you’ll begin to understand the real truth behind how to make a relationship work. Never let love take a back seat. Just like you need to put in the effort to get a promotion at the work place, you need to constantly try and create happy moments in love.

Feel your best

This is a rather shallow fact, but it does make a difference. If you want your partner to appreciate you, you need to appreciate your partner too. When you meet your friends or coworkers, do you try to look presentable? Of course, you do. You want to make a good impression.

Are you doing the same with your own partner? Do you look your best when you meet your sweetheart after work? If you really want to make a relationship work, give love the same attention you give to the other aspects of your life, be it your work or your friends. [Read: Dating facts]

Use these pointers on how to make a relationship work, and we assure you, you’ll have a successful and extremely happy relationship that can last a lifetime!

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