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Couple Workouts: The Best Ways to Get Fitter and Feel Closer

If you and your lover like to sweat together in more ways than one, you’re going to love our list of amazing couple workouts. Check them out.

Couple Workouts

Getting motivated to work out is easy when you’re watching videos on Instagram of people doing handstands on moving treadmills, but it’s not so enticing when you’re actually at the gym. This is one of the reasons why couple workouts are so effective.

The buddy system ensures you’re never at the gym alone, and that you’re always motivated and accountable for your workouts. A study in Annals of Behavioral Medicine shows women exercised longer when they had a workout partner present.

Now when this “buddy” happens to be your romantic partner, it’s even better. This way, you revolve around your lover’s schedule while doing crazy, sexy workout routines together!

And did we mention that you’ll always have someone to whine to about your sore muscles afterward?

Why you should try couple workouts

There are more reasons to exercise than just your health. Similarly, there are plenty of good reasons to work out with your romantic partner! Here are just a few reasons you should consider signing up with your loved one. [Read: 25 inspirational tips to get motivated and work out]

#1 Safer routines. Exercising with your partner allows you to work out safely since you’ll always have someone there to help you with weights, proper form, and technique.

#2 Build a bond. Doing couple workouts builds trust that your partner has the strength to catch you, carry you, and balance on you.

#3 Quality hangouts. You and your partner can spend quality time together in a way that doesn’t involve snacking, drinking, or eating out.

#4 Respect. You gain respect for one another. Taking care of your body isn’t easy, and watching your partner develop a sense of strength and determination creates a new sense of respect for your lover. [Read: Is your boyfriend getting lazy and boring?]

#5 You learn a balanced fitness routine. Instead of favoring strength training or cardio over the other, you and your partner can develop a routine that incorporates both.

Great couple workouts for lovers who want to sweat together

If you love spending time with your partner and you’re ready to hit the gym as a power couple, then these exercises are definitely for you. Here are some amazing couple workouts to get you started at the gym.

#1 Sexercise. You knew we had to go there, right? One fantastic way to get your fitness on is with a little sexercise. Sure, sexercise doesn’t burn as many calories as an hour on the treadmill, but it sure is a lot more fun! [Read: Reasons you should have great sex every single day]

Berkeley Wellness reports that the average sex session only burns around 200 calories. That being said, here are the top sex positions that actually double as a workout. They may replace your urge to go to the gym!

– Cowgirl quads. Work your quads by starting off in cowgirl and then moving into a frog position. You are essentially doing squats on your man all while building up to a steamy, sweaty orgasm. [Read: 19 ways to own the cowgirl position and make it hotter]

– Working your abs. The lotus position is great for maintaining those intimate kisses while getting frisky, and can also be a great workout for your lower abs. Channel your abs to move yourself up and down on your man and feel the burn!

– Sex standing up. This one is focused on the male and requires some intense muscle! Mount your man while he is sitting down and then have him lift you up until he is standing while still penetrating you. He will then move you up and down on his shaft. This sexercise will give his leg muscles, core, and arms a fantastic workout while building to a fantastic cum.

– Pushups, doggy-style. The next time you are in doggy style, use your arms to support yourself while your man enters you from behind. Switch it up by practicing push-ups while he moves in and out of you. Not only will this work your upper body, it also allows for differing depths of penetration. Sexy and efficient? Yes and yes. [Read: Hot sex from behind – 16 mind-blowing ways to do it right]

– Arched missionary. In this position, the female is laying with her head on a pillow and her bum and legs are arched up to meet her partner. The male should be resting on his knees and holding her by the thigh. This is a great arm workout for him and a great booty shaping, leg strengthening sexercise for her. [Read: The 30 day sex challenge – 30 sex positions for 30 days]

#2 Cardio couples. Cardio is a short form of cardiovascular exercises. An example of cardio exercise would be running on the treadmill or on a lap track. Benefits of cardio include improved sleep, increased blood flow, weight loss, tighter muscles, and stronger heart and lungs.

For couples who aren’t keen on doing bench-presses with each other’s bodies, side-by-side cardio is a great option! Grab a set of bicycles, elliptical, treadmills, rowing machines, or a stair mill that are side by side and get cracking on those legs.

Couple workouts in side-by-side machines also rock because you can talk to your mate once you inevitably get bored of your playlist or whatever drivel is on the TV in front of you. [Read: Benefits of exercise for your mind, body, and libido]

#3 Squats for the win. Who doesn’t love a good round of squats to strengthen those legs and sharpen that booty? Alright, so squats suck. But this exercise is highly effective and can show results fast. Plus, you can do this work out as a couple!

Stand across from one another and extend your arms out until you are holding hands. Then start doing squats in unison. How much better are painful squats when you get to look deep into your lover’s eyes? Aww.

FYI, this exercise can also work great with partner lunges and medicine ball passes.

#4 Take a class together. This is a great way to ensure you’re both getting an amazing workout even if you’re both at different endurance levels. Some great ideas include martial arts, belly dancing, partner yoga, climbing, swim classes, running, and CrossFit. [Read: Sweaty sex – Animalistic reasons why it’s so dripping hot]

#5 Wheelbarrow pushup with squats. This exercise *pictured here* involves one partner in the plank/pushup position while the other one holds their legs while doing a wall sit. Ouch, ouch, effective ouch. Do these for three reps and then switch!

#6 Strength training. It is recommended that gym-goers rest for 90 seconds in between sets during strength training. Work out as a couple, and have your partner switch in and do their exercises during your rest period.

Then the two of you will switch back and forth. If you don’t want to keep switching your weight preference back and forth, you can easily use dumbbells to save time. [Read: Kegel exercises – why both men and women should do it]

There are so many benefits to working out, so why not do it as a couple? These couple workouts are a great way to build a bond and get closer to your mate, all while gettin’ ripped.

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