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5 Ways to handle too many Questions on a Date

5 Ways to handle too many Questions on a Date

Have you ever been out on a date with someone, and before you know it, your night out starts to feel like a job interview? Find out how you can deal with these overzealous QnA moments with flair.

You’re out on the first date with a great new cutie, but you feel like you’re sitting on the hot seat as this inquisitive and attentive person bombards you with different questions to know you better. It’s understandable, but you might find a question or two that you wish you’d rather not discuss. So how do you answer those questions and impress your date at the same time? Read on to learn the ways.

Change the Topic

Now this is too obvious, but who cares! If you don’t want to answer something and don’t want to snap back at your date, just say “Hmmm…”, smile and call out for the waiter or ask another question back at your date, something random like “so… what were we talking about just before you asked that?” And smile again!

Be Direct

Sometimes, it’s best to say it out directly. If you don’t want to answer the question, then just say that you’re not very comfortable talking about that particular topic. But make sure you use this line just once in the entire night out, or it could end up making you look too uptight, or worse, there may be no second date!

Stay Quiet for a Moment

The silence will make your date uneasy and they will immediately rephrase the question without you having to answer it. This will also give you enough time to give the question a deeper thought.

Use an Evasive Answer

This is another great way to turn the question away from you. If you don’t want to answer a question, then just redirect the question back to your date and tell them something like “That’s interesting, what would you say about that?” or something along those lines. This would prevent you from saying the wrong comment and at the same time, get your date to tell you more about their past dates!

Overstepping the Line

There are times when your date might get carried away and ask you something that would make you uncomfortable. But you can hide your discomfort by smacking them gently on the shoulder and saying something like “Do you always ask such intimate questions on a first date?” You could also smile to reassure your date that you’re not really upset with the question, but you just don’t want to answer it.

Try these sure-fire ways to feel more comfortable and sweat less, while you impress more on your first date.

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  1. Opeyemi says:

    Hmmmmm,,i love dat.

  2. Michael says:

    Love the tips

  3. Ella says:

    I dated a guy for 3 months. He was great in many ways however I noticed 1. Once he came to pick me up and I wasn’t ready he became agitated wanting to know how long it would take and why wasn’t I ready . 2. He was always asking too many questions .3. Although I discussed the issue with him, he continued this behavior, recently I was at a relatives house and I decided to call him during our conversation he continued to ask me about voices in the back ground such as who? why? what for? Althou I made several attempts to avoid or change the subject he became persistent after I Refused to answer he has not taken any of my calls for 3 weeks. Help!!!! What is his problem?

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