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How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time and Turn Him On

How To Kiss A Guy For The First Time And Turn Him On

Kissing a guy is instinctive. But it takes these 10 sexy tips on how to kiss a guy for the first time to make it memorable and turn him on at the same time!

Remember the first time you kissed a guy?

You obviously had a hard time trying to work the right way to do it in your head.

But as soon as you approached that inevitable moment, you realized that it’s as natural, easy and simple as breathing.

All you need to do is take things slow and easy, and wait for both your lips to start moving against each other’s until they reach the perfect synchrony.

As complicated as it may seem at first, it’s just as easy once you lock your lips.

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How to kiss a guy for the first time

When you have to kiss a guy for the first time, the first few seconds is always tricky.

You may have kissed a lot of guys.

But you’ve never really kissed this guy before.

Both of you have your own kissing styles and approaches, and it’s easy to turn a perfect opportunity into a confusion of sorts.

Tips to kiss a guy and turn him on

If you want to kiss a guy, turn him on and part your lips from his with a memorable impression after the kiss, just use these ten tips on how to kiss a guy to do just that. [Read: How to talk to a guy and make him like you more]

#1 Come close to him. Yes, this is easy. All you need to do is come close. Don’t crane your neck out to kiss him from some distance. It’s not comfortable and you really can’t enjoy a perfect first kiss. The closer you are to him, the more both of you will enjoy the kiss and the more the chances are of you getting to arouse him discreetly.

#2 Let him take the lead. Kiss him, but let the guy take the lead. Unless you’re dating a first time kisser, touch your lips to his softly and wait while he applies some pressure on your lips with his.

Don’t purse your lips or pucker up, it’ll stiffen your lips which will make him feel like he’s kissing a wall. Keep your lips soft and slightly parted. It’ll feel softer, delicate and easily accessible. [Read: 25 tips to look cute and sweet when you’re with your boyfriend]

#3 Keep it short, silly. The first kiss is the ice breaker, but it’s never more than that unless both of you are horny or extremely turned on. If it’s a romantic moment where there’s a lot of love or infatuation in the air, take it slow. If you want to create a memorable kiss, the first kiss should preferably be a small soft graze of both your lips that lasts for a second or two. Part your lips after this first kiss, look into his eyes and follow this first little kiss with a few more soft kisses.

#4 Each kissing style is unique. Don’t force the kiss or jump right into it even if you’re worried that the kiss won’t last long. It might turn out to be a bad experience. Take it slow and learn from each other. As both of you softly kiss each other a few times, both of you can slowly see how either of you move while kissing and follow each other’s cues to create a perfect new kissing style.

#5 Part your lips. After a few soft grazes of your lips with his, linger your lips on his for a few more seconds each time. And along the way, part your upper and lower lips just a bit so you let him know it’s alright to use a bit of tongue when he’s ready.

#6 Placing your hands. When you start kissing him, slowly move your hand and place it on the sides of his shoulder, or just under his arm. It’s an intimate move that’ll bring both of you closer. And by doing this, you’re getting closer and letting him know that it’s alright for him to touch you back. By placing your hand on his shoulder or under his arm, you’ll give him enough space to comfortably move his hands against your face while kissing you. [Read: 10 tips to seduce a man easily]

#7 Gentle body contact. Body contact between both of you can be really sexy and intimate at the same time. And the best part is that you’d be able to turn him on without ever making it seem like you’re easy to get.

As you kiss him, move closer and slide your hand to his back. Come close to him, and he’ll instinctively come closer to you. If you’ve planned this move right, his chest would be perfectly positioned to graze your chest every time both of you move while kissing each other. And this will be something he’ll always remember as part of his first kiss experience with you.

#8 Move your face. As you kiss him, lift your chin up and turn sideways slightly, so he can instinctively kiss your chin and neck. This move is always more intimate than a plain kiss on the lips with no other moves. It’ll turn him on a lot more too, just like it’ll turn you on and have you gasping in seconds.

#9 Spend a while kissing. A first kiss isn’t really a first kiss. It’s a series of several kisses that help both of you understand each other’s kissing styles and increase the intimacy. If you want to have a perfect kiss with the guy you like, spend several minutes kissing each other the first time. And somewhere along the way, both of you would feel more connected and in tune with each other’s moves. A kiss that doesn’t feel right will always leave you in doubt about whether the chemistry’s missing. Instead of worrying about it, just take it slow and easy and learn along the way. [Read: An embarrassing first kiss story]

#10 Move your hands. Enjoy the kisses, but don’t stop there. If you want to know how to kiss a guy for the first time and leave him wanting more, you need to do more than just kiss him. Move your hands away from his back and gently move them along the contours of his shoulders and chest. It’ll bring both of you closer and give him the confidence to do the same to you. Enjoy the kiss and enjoy each other’s sensual touches as both your hands move along each other’s bodies for the first time.

But if you’re not ready for where his hands are leading him, especially if he’s inching closer to your breasts or your zipper, clasp his hand gently and move them to a place on your body where you’re comfortable with him touching. He’ll get the point and wait for your approval the next time. [Read: 25 tips to make your boyfriend happy in little ways]

Things to remember while kissing a guy for the first time

# Seated kisses are best if you plan to spend a while kissing and making out, especially if you’re in the car. It’s more comfortable, relaxed and you don’t need to worry about weak knees after a while.

# Kissing a guy while standing face to face is perfect for romantic soft kisses, especially the first goodnight kisses after a date.

# Kissing while standing can be uncomfortable at times, especially if you want his hands to get under your shirt. He’ll have to lift your shirt all the way up which is definitely inappropriate for a sweet first date.

# You don’t need to talk at all through the entire kissing experience. Your expressions will do all the talking.

# If you know you’re going to end the date with a kiss, chew gum or have a mint so you can avoid bad breath. If there’s no gum around, have a few sips of water and lick your lips. It’ll moisten it and feel more supple during the kiss.

# Go with the flow. Once you have a vague idea of how to perfect a first kiss with a new guy, you’ll never go wrong. So start slowly with a few lip grazes and work your way with each other. [Read: Tips to make your boyfriend want you more than ever!]

# End the series of first kisses with a warm soft hug, or even a gentle smile and a last soft kiss on his lips. It’ll be the perfect way to end the date and leave a lasting impression on him.

# Make a move one last time. Making a move to kiss him one final time before saying goodbye after both of you back away lets him know that you enjoyed his kiss and would love to initiate it some other time. [Read: How guys really fall in love with a girl in seven stages]

And that’s all there is to know when it comes to kissing a guy and leaving a memorable impression. Just use these tips on how to kiss a guy for the first time, and you’ll enjoy it more and definitely leave him wanting more!

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45 thoughts on “How to Kiss a Guy for the First Time and Turn Him On”

  1. Hannah Smith says:

    I’m 14 and my bf and I haven’t been able to see eachother lately and we’ve been only dating for about three weeks. I’ve never had my first real kiss yet. (and surprisingly neither has he) What do I do? I always get so nervous.

  2. SweetKiller143 says:

    I’m 15 years old and my boyfriend and I haven’t seeing for 2 weeks… I’m a first timer but he’s not. What will I do if he’s making a move I’m always nervous and change my mind, but I want to experience my first kiss.. but I can’t do it… How do I overcome my nervousness so that i can try it..?

  3. Kamal says:

    Just leave it to him ,he will eventualy get there.just blush when u r with him.make him comfortable with u.he might be bursting to kiss u but it takes a lot of courage for a boy to take the lead.if he is shy prefer a lonely location with less people and stay in close proximity to him

  4. Learningtokiss says:

    The article was sexy, well written and informative ! I thoroughly enjoyed it . I’m dating again smarter a hurried but very steamy relationship with a woman who practically ruined me for life! It was that intense! Mostly from a sexual and emotional standpoint… We loved to kiss but I enjoyed the tips and the article

  5. tanu says:

    i m 14 nd ….gonna have my frst kiss today in a park..totly nervous as to what i ll do..wen he ll strt coming closer…..m a frst kissr bt he is not……….wsh me best of lck

  6. hope says:

    have a new girl but for such along time we havent kissed and she is dissappointed . But next time is her i will make the first move..

  7. Morgan says:

    i am like a begging kisser and my boyfriend has alot of experrience and i really dont know what to do

  8. jessica says:

    Hi my name is Jessica i am 12 years old and i am just waiting for my first kiss well i first kiss was year 3 but that boy i am still friends with and like he took me with him and his mate and took me to this shed at the school and yes he kissed me but i just wanted to run but he would think in his head that i am crazy so i went with the flow but i really want my first kiss to be romantic but i am also going to blue light this friday you never know this boy could come along and ask me to dance and might just kiss me but thing it will be nice be if anyone needs help with kiss it will be me.

    p.s i know what to do now when i kiss a boy and if you are a boy it is the same when kissing a girl

  9. sean says:

    LOL, you people, LOL! I’m 30 years old and I’m waiting for my 1st kiss also, LOL! You children think your so old.

    My God, just kiss the damn guy already, if he complains about your kiss in any way, then he doesn’t like you.

  10. baby says:

    I am of 15 it has been a month we haven’t meet each other n we r always in a fighting mood I wan some tips for a good relation

  11. dora says:

    this article was very informative. i found it interesting and so very true. i was looking for tips for my 15 year old neice and this was very helpful.

  12. Jessica says:

    Hi I’m Jessica and I’m 13 years old… I’m going to have my first kiss with my bf and I’m really looking forward to it… We both love each other and we have been going out for 4 months… We haven’t talked much about kissing but we agreed that we will do it and we are both having our first kiss so yeah leave a response thxs 🙂

  13. cutie babe says:

    Hi im 13 and i have been friends with this guy Since we were two. Iwant to kiss him but i dont wanna make anything akward between us.i’m planning too kiss him in his room,any confident ego boust to get too kiss him?

  14. Brooke says:

    You guys are something else. If you’re close to fifteen years old (by a couple of months I mean), then you should be concerned about tips on kissing and stuff. You’re rushing it, calm your hormones and let this type of thing happen naturally. It’s better that way anyway. If you’re just that stuck on kissing though, in between your sentences, keep talking, but every now and then glance at his lips. He’ll eventually catch on and try to kiss you, but if he doesn’t, obviously you need to grow a pair and make a move. Tilt your head and just roll with it. The first one will never be perfect enough for you unless you have strong emotions for each other. That’s just the way it is, lol.

  15. Ashley says:

    Y’all a first kiss isn’t a big deal. But make it short and sweet. Make sure not to wear lipstick cause it gives he person your kissing a messy feeling. Best of luck!

  16. Alissa says:

    I just had my first kiss. I’m 13 and he’s turning 16, luckily for me, it was his first time. He seemed to like it cause every single day we meet, he comes in for a kiss. I love him and thanks for the details.

  17. Olivia Thompson says:

    My first kiss was forced so when my current bf asked if i was a good kisser i didnt know how to answer because my ex always initiated it and i followed his lead. I dont kiss my current bf that often because since he asked me that question I’m feeling self conscious and nervous but i really want to. I guess there’s no way to test how good i am other than just going for it.

  18. Wendy says:

    I’m so scared! 16 and never kissed….but might it happen within a few days. This sweet guy asked me on a date. Loved the article anyways!

  19. ribx says:

    i have not yet had my first kiss nd’ my bf wants me to learn how to kiss. the first time he came in for a kiss i could’nt open up my lips and it got really silly. the problem is that i can’t close my eyes while he comes in to kiss me any solution????

  20. The Raccoon says:

    Olivia, your ex was a bitch for forcing you into your first kiss, and trust me, if your boyfriend likes you, he’ll like your kissing. If he doesn’t,he’ll most likely try to fix it kindly. If he just says that you’re a bad kisser, he can suck a cock. Go for it, I bet you’ll do fine.

  21. meee says:

    this article was so helpful..thanks…just hoping to kiss my ”bf to be”….soon

  22. ntandoew says:

    I’m a 15 year old girl, 2 years ago I had a first boyfriend and we broke up after 2 day…. This year I have a boyfriend whom I love very much… He understands that I’ve never kissed someone before and am scared to do so. Well yesterday my ex called me and asked me 2 meet up with him. We chatted and he begged me to get back with him…. I said I don’t know because I love him very much more than my boyfriend. And then I asked for my way out, and I told him I was now going home. He put his forehead against mine and asked me where am I going and I replied and said home. He then kissed me for the first time but I managed to stop him and he said he still loves me and I told him I still love him too

  23. Hyde says:

    Im 14 and me and my boyfriend have been dating for a month and i saw him last week and he was giving me signs to kiss him and then he came to me and tried to kiss me but i told him i didn’t know how to kiss and he said its okay and showed me how to kiss it was funny and cutie but at the same time it was weird….LOL

  24. kenia says:

    I’m young and neither me or my boyfriend know how to kiss but I’m trying to figure it out I really don’t know how to kiss but hopefully this helps a bit we are both nervous and I just hopes this works.

  25. archie says:

    I have not finished my first kiss..I’m 14 my bf is damn dumb!!! I have to make a move…I’m gonna give a french kiss soon to him..

  26. Hailey says:

    I need to know how to kiss and not screw up. It’s going to be mine and my partners first kiss and we’re both worried about it. Any tips?

  27. AllyOtaku says:

    Omg, I’m 13 and hoping to have my first kiss tomorrow, and I just wanted to say this article was exactly what I was looking for~! Thanks~!!!

    (Wish me luck~!) ????

  28. Candida says:

    Hi i’m 15 my fist kiss was lets just say funny cuz he was teaching me and both of us kept laughing.

  29. gabriella says:

    Hey. I’m 13 years old & me and my boyfriend have been dating for more than 6 months & we’ve had our kiss in the backset of a car, where my parents were in the front & we had to do it quietley, lol. I mean, he made me gasp or whatever while he was kissing my neck & I think I’m ready for the next step … But I don’t want to rush things, when will be the right time to tell him I’m ready for the next step? Please reply !!

  30. golden girl says:

    @gabriella, # so shocked!! Ur parents r along n u just kiss?!
    U needa watch out on a proper timing when u both r alone n sharing a nice space bcz it’s gonna b ur first kiss!
    Give him the time to move towards u.. n check if u hav any signals of him coming closer. If not u maka a move n go for it!

  31. muffin4lyf says:

    LOOL wow reading the comments was hilarious until I remembered that I had my first kiss when I was 14 and haven’t kissed anyone since then..
    idk how but I forgot how to kiss ahahaha I didn’t know it was possible.
    but what from what I can remember is that, make sure he takes the lead, make it short since it is a first and just let nature take its course!
    ofc after the first kiss, don’t let it get too intimate especially if you’re like under 16 lol. You guys aren’t even legal yet.

    (I’m 17)

  32. Anna says:

    Hi I’m 16 and I have just kissed my first bf I have known him for 13years I thought it would be better to get the msg across now then later well I would like to tell everyone on this site about my first kiss with my first bf:
    My big sis wanted to go round her gf house for a sleep over and this girl has a little bro (my bf) he is 15 my big sis is 19and her friend is 21 so I went with her and late at night I needed a drink I went downstairs to get the drink and Simons (my bf) room was just next to the kitchen as I loved him and all my life wanted to have a sexy kiss I opened his door and he saw me and his jaw dropped (I don’t know why maybe coz I only had a bra and a pair of nicks on) but he quickly closed the door be hind me and said sit down on my bed (so I sat down) I could see he was flirting but he could probably see that I was flirting too so we locked eye contact and this is what he said: you look amAzing then this is what I said:you too
    Then it happened we grabbed each other and snogged it was amazing we where lying on his bed he was being nearly to sexy but it was ok he said why couldn’t we have done this earlier I said I dunno but I’m I love with u
    The kiss seemed like it went on for ages but then his door opened and we where doomed (he had stripped to his pants I just noticed when we where kissing) his Big sister came in and I fainted then I completely blacked out then I woke up three days later and we had another kiss he said he was super worried that I had left him for his whole life

  33. Carleigh says:

    My first kiss was terrifying. The guy shoved his tongue down my throat about four times. After he understood I didn’t want to he gave me a normal kiss. But the same day, my guy friend was over and when he was leaving he kissed me. It was so much better than the first. Honestly if your scared it’s better because the guy will lead and you can stand there. At least that’s what I thought. Always compare your kisses to your first.

  34. Kaylie says:

    Wow! Just read all of the comments! I just realized there are a lot of girls like me. All of my friends laugh at me for have not being kissed yet. My best friends brags about it all the time. I am tired of not being the only one that has had their first kiss yet. I get comments on how pretty I am all time, but I haven’t been kissed yet. In fact, I have a boyfriend since last November. I really feellike a third wheel. I am 14 btw. Any helpful info would be nice.

  35. Paige says:

    I am a 12 year old girl with a boyfriend of 2 months. One day two of our friends got together with us to hang out. We played truth or dare and things kind of got messed up. One of our friends dared me to kiss Dustin (my bf) on the cheek. I said yes. Afterwards Dustin got dared to kiss me on the cheek. He did it too. Then I got dared to kiss him on the mouth. I wanted to but Dustin got mad and walked away. We love each other and he’s kissed his ex before so I don’t see his problem. I haven’t had my first kiss though but want it to be soon. What should I do? Please reply.

  36. Natasha says:

    So I’m 13 and my bf wants to kiss but I never did before you guys make it seem so easy but I’m really scared if I do something wrong (idk if I should tell him I’m scared or not). he wants it to be long but idk what to do at all but I do t want to disappoint him’ but I really want to kiss him.

  37. Sarah says:

    I had my first kiss four days ago. My bfs name is Josh… He was leaving school early during lunch and he pulled me into the Spanish room. The lights were out and he just stared at me for a bit… Like he was admiring me, then he gave me a kiss on the cheek then on the mouth. I didn’t expect it at all. I was completely taken off guard but I’m happy I was, I probably would have been really nervous if I had known he was going to kiss me. After the first one we kissed again and somehow he got turned on. It was honestly really funny. Since it was a Friday we didn’t see each other again until Monday (today). During lunch again we went to another room and made out for like 10 mins. He gave me a French kiss, which btw can easily take you off guard again but after the first one you usually crave for more, then he started biting my neck. It was the sexiest thing ever. I seriously love this boy.

  38. eric sanders says:

    i am a very good kisser i don,t bite i am single no girlfriend because i have feeling for any girls that i love im straight my feeling to kiss a woman in the mouth is the waitress i love woman i just want a birthday kiss from all the single ladies im available

  39. manisha says:

    omg this is hilarious i am 18 and had my first kiss just 10 days before my 18th birthday….after i being together for 6 and a half months i think u should wait for the right person and right time rather than just jumping in relationships because for is not just having fun its all about responsibilities too <3
    and yes he is my first boyfriend and we are going to complete a year this may <3

  40. Aoki says:

    I was that one person who had multiple bad luck. I was I think 13and I was was in the 6month point in our relationship and he asked to French kiss and so he came close to me with his lips parted and I did the same. The moment our lips touched I started blushing and I took off running. when I was 14 I dated a guy and I wanted to actually kiss and make out… well after almost all our little kisses I would just hug him. Tip-dont get socially awkward. 🙁

  41. Storm says:

    Just talk to him and ask what happened when you guys were playing

  42. edwin jewel addo says:

    i’m in love with this girl since we entered college. I want to kiss her badly n i think she wants to kiss me the same. but i want to keep my distance 4rm her. pls wat do we do and she is not ny girlfriend. I am a 22 year old virgin.

  43. Ritziii says:

    Cn anyone tell me how to give a kiss while talking on phone with ur boyfriend ?

  44. Anomolous says:

    2 things,
    1 am i the obly guy here?
    And 2 im 15 in a couple weeks and never had a gf or nything but this article was still nice!
    Although, when i was in kindergarten, i kissed my best freind (a guy) cos i was a silly 6 year old, but i swear, there was magic in the a

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