How to Know if He is The One

how to know if he's the one

When you fall in love with someone who’s nice and sweet, it’s easy to overlook what really matters. But these flaws can reveal themselves years later and destroy a relationship. So how to know if he is the one right now, and avoid the pain of walking out later?

Click here to read the first six questions to find out the truth, is he the one?

Falling in love is always a wonderful experience. But too many times, we fall in love with a guy and start to dislike a few traits about him.

But we overlook it as a habit and move on.

How to know if he is the one

Those annoying habits could be overlooked but many years later, these same habits of your boyfriend can surface and shatter your relationship.

When you date a man who’s not the one for you, you may even end up ruining your own life.

Find out how to know if he is the one with these pointers.

Does your man have these qualities?

Of all the qualities that create a recipe for a successful relationship, these twelve qualities [First six qualities: Is he the one?] can be the difference between a happy relationship and a broken one.

He likes your package

Yeah, you’ve got great boobs, we know. But that’s not what we’re talking here.

When you get into a relationship, both of you bring your own burdens and packages.

In this case, the package is your family, your friends, and everything else that defines you.

Does he try to get along with your family? Does he make your friends feel comfortable when he meets them? [Read: Meeting the in-laws]

If you’re wondering how to know if he is the one, see the way he behaves around the people that matter to you.

If he’s indifferent or not particularly bothered to impress your package, then he’s not really interested in a long term relationship with you.

He’s not overly unpredictable

Does he come home late one night, or cancels a date out of the blue for no apparent reason? Does he start sulking or whining now and then and doesn’t say why?

Bad boys and unpredictable men may seem sexually exciting and interesting. A woman may look at it like a pet project to tame a wild stallion. But it doesn’t really work that way if you want him to be the one for you.

Unpredictable men can end up making you very frustrated and angry over the years, and can lead to arguments in love. If he can’t be tamed, set him free.

He sees your future

Spending a lot of time together can stifle relationships and prevent either of you from growing as individuals. But that’s where that one special guy makes the difference. Does he help you nurture your own dreams? Does he encourage you to try new things? [Read: How to be a confident woman]

You may tell him you want to quit your job and start your own venture, or you may ask him for some ideas on how to make your project better. How does he respond to that? Does he sit with you when he’s got the time and tries finding a few workable solutions, or does he just shrug his shoulders and says he has no idea?

How to know if he is the one? A man who doesn’t pay attention to his woman’s dreams and aspirations is a selfish pig who doesn’t care what you do in life as long as he’s happy.

He’s not jealous of you

Many chauvinistic men are extremely jealous of their girlfriend’s success. At times, they will intentionally stay away from helping you, or start sulking or behaving badly when you get more attention. Jealousy is a part of us and we can’t really get rid of it.

But a man who truly loves you will beam with joy and pride each time you succeed in something instead of getting annoyed. Does your boyfriend try to hog attention by acting like a child when you’re in the limelight? Perhaps, he’s jealous of you and can’t really accept the fact that you could become more successful than him. A person like this will never help you, or even let you succeed in life.

He makes you a better person

We’ve heard of women making men better men. But it has to work the other way too. Does he help you become better at what you do? Does he emotionally support you? Does he give you the motivation and determination to become a better person? All of us feel down and feel like failures when we’re lost in life [Read: Feel lost in life]. At times like these, we need a partner who can make us see the bright side of things, someone who knows us inside out and gives us the strength to stand again. Can he be that man for you?

A relationship is about give and take, yes. But if he is the one, he will protect you and make you a better person, even if you’re the only person stopping yourself from going ahead in life.

He puts up with you

Every now and then, women do get moody. Can he handle it without getting frustrated with you?

All of us suffer from sudden bouts of irritation or frustration, both men and women. But most men have a lower tolerance for mood swings and unpredictable behavior. Can your man smile with you and put up with you? Can he shower you with affection when you’re feeling lonely, and put up with your tantrums when you’re irritated? You’ll know if he is the one when he can bear with your tantrums.

He’s looking for you!

Just like how you’re looking for the one, a great guy’s looking for his one too. While these pointers may help you, he’s got his own pointers in mind too. If you really want to see yourself in a happy relationship, you should remember that it’s all about give and take in love. If you want him to be the one, you should follow these pointers and be the one for him too.

Is he the one? Does he really exist?

Many girls wonder if great guys who are defined by these traits actually exist in real life. But as a matter of fact, they do. We’ve watched the family guy for far too long and assumed he’s the typical guy!

But in reality, there are a lot of great men who are out there, waiting to meet you and be the one for you. All you have to do is give a great guy a chance to love you.

How to know if he is the one? You’d never know until you take the plunge and give him a chance to love you.  But remember to communicate, learn and give love a chance to blossom into a great one.

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