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Dangerous Curves Ahead: 13 Things All Girls with Wide Hips Know

wide hips

There may be truth in the phrase “hips don’t lie.” And it may be time to find out if what your wide hips are telling you is accurate.

If you spend most of your life dealing with an excessively curvy body and wide hips, you know they feel like they have a life of their own sometimes. When you learn to embrace your body, wide hips add a certain flair to your silhouette and are often super flattering. But on the other hand, they can be an annoyance too.

Curviness has been getting a moment in the sun lately, with celebrities and beauty bloggers championing wider hips. But many people argue that it has always been a desirable trait. If you look back at old paintings of goddesses and royalty, they always had voluptuous bodies and wide hips. This was seen as a shining symbol of pure fertility and attraction.

13 things you know to be true if you have wide hips

Despite wide hips coming back into the limelight, for many people born with them, it’s a way of life and not a fashion trend. At times, they affect your life in obvious ways, or in ways you never even knew they could.

It’s not always easy, but don’t be fooled into thinking the grass is greener. Always try to accept and enjoy the way you were built. But what does having a wide set of hips actually mean for the people that have them?

#1 You have more sexual partners. Statistically speaking, women with curvier hips have more one night stands. This may just be down to men subconsciously being attracted to women with fuller bodies, as curves are normally a sign of fertility, and men are hard-wired to seek that out. [Read: How to pull off that one-night stand like a pro]

#2 You never worry about keeping up with celebrity standards. Whenever you hear people complain about wanting wide hips, or a huge behind like Kim Kardashian, you can’t help but smile. You know genetics already gave you that leg up in life.

#3 High-waisted clothing looks amazing on you. High-waisted skirts, bikinis, shorts, and jeans look killer on you. They really work to accentuate your shape, and you don’t have to be self conscious about your curves. No wardrobe is complete without a pair of cute high-waisted trousers. [Read: Well endowed women: The biggest ups and downs of jiggling jugs]

#4 You’re genetically more fertile. It turns out that the wider your hips, the higher the potential for you to have children. Scientific research suggests this is based on hormone levels, and it often sets the standard of what is considered more desirable in western society.

#5 Big hips, means big thighs. Everyone who has big thighs knows what the number one problem is—chaffing that causes holes on the inside of your jeans. I’ve lost count of how many jeans I’ve thrown away thanks to wearing down the material from just walking. Big hips/thighs also means squeezing yourself into your trousers every morning!

#6 The muffin top struggle is real. Anyone with wide hips knows how difficult it can be to shift a couple of inches off your midsection in order to avoid the dreaded muffin top effect when wearing trousers. It’s like your body refuses to play ball when it comes to losing a little bit of weight, no matter how hard you try!

#7 You get on really well with your partner’s parents. The parents of your significant other absolutely love you. Deep down you know it’s partly because of your ‘child-bearing hips.’ Whether or not you actually want children is a different matter. When they look at you they can’t help but see is the potential for lots of grandkids. [Read: Fur baby: Why millennials are choosing puppies over babies]

#8 Sometimes chairs are not your friend. There are certain chairs that you can’t sit in because you know that once you sit down you won’t be getting back up again without taking the chair with you. For example, when you sit on small plastic seats you either get stuck, or break them trying to get up again.

#9 You’ve lost all sense of spacial awareness. You often find yourself with unexplained bruises on your hips. These mysterious markings typically come from bumping into things after forgetting how much your hips get in the way. You’re forever walking into desks, bashing into doorknobs, and accidently bumping into anything hip-level.

#10 There are certain things you can’t/won’t wear. It’s often super hard to find a belt that fits you properly, so you mostly go without one. Other things like low-waisted jeans, tight tank tops, and miniskirts can be a bit annoying as they either slip down or rise up whenever you walk, no matter what you do to keep them in place.

#11 Your silhouette is always in fashion. From the Victorian times, through the 50s, to the modern age—a wider set of hips has always been fashionable and the inspiration for many garments. You see this in the tailoring of pouffy, corsetted dresses for monarchs; doo wop fashion; and 1930s pencil skirts. Massive fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe embraced their curviness, and so should you. You’ll never go out of style.

#12 You never manage to find jeans that properly fit you. Once you’ve found a pair that fit over your hips, they don’t fit your legs. Or if you’ve found some that fit your legs, they won’t fit enough for you to do up the top button. It can be a nightmare finding the perfect pair, so leggings have become your new best friend. [Read: Tips to flaunt your body confidence this summer]

#13 They’re the Swiss army knife of body parts. You find that your hips double as some kind of shelf or tool, and you use them for much more than they’re designed for. You forever try to balance bags on them, open doors with them, and push people out the way with them. They’re actually pretty handy.

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Regardless of how your body was made, embrace it. Your curves and wide hips can be a struggle at times, but they are what make you who you are.

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