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10 Things to Do When They Have a Really Unattractive Sex Face

Some people just don’t have a great sex face. They make weird expressions and it can sometimes throw you off. Here’s what to do if this happens.

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I think we can all relate to a time we were hooking up with someone and everything was going great, until they made that face – their sex face. How could you have known beforehand that their O-face would look something reminiscent of being wide awake while on the operation table?

Really, there’s no way of knowing. And sometimes that face can make it really hard to continue to have sex with them. Sure, you like them and obviously found them attractive enough to get in bed with them, but a bad sex face can change that very quickly.

Why we care about what someone looks like in bed

Some people have great sex faces and others have awful ones. Then you get the occasional person who doesn’t really even make a specific face during sex. All the same, their face can turn you on a ton or leave you with a bad impression.

But why do we care? Mostly, it’s because we still want that attraction even while having sex. If they make a face that isn’t at all desirable, it can be a huge turn-off. Therefore, we want someone who actually looks like they’re enjoying the sex. [Read: 15 things guys do that are huge turn offs]

What to do if they have a really unattractive sex face

It may seem like you can’t do anything about someone’s sex face. And while you might not be able to change it, there are ways you can avoid looking at it or even ignore the fact that they have a bad sex face altogether.

If you really like someone and think they’re perfect for you but they have the worst sex face ever, here’s how to proceed.

#1 Close your eyes. If their sex face is really bothering you that much, you can just close your eyes. You don’t actually need to look at their face when you’re having sex. There’s no rule saying you have to. And guess what. It actually makes sex feel better if you close your eyes.

That’s why so many people naturally do this. If your partner starts asking why you never have your eyes open, just tell them it makes it feel better. They can’t really argue with facts. [Read: Why so many people like eyes-closed sex]

#2 Get in positions where you’re looking away from them. Let’s be real. Most of the best sex positions are when you’re not facing your partner anyways. Or even when you’re so close to them you can’t really look at their face – like if you’re straddling them while they’re sitting.

This way, you can focus on the sex and you won’t even need to worry about accidentally seeing their unattractive sex face. And if you tell them your favorite position is doggy style, they’ll always want to have sex with you that way.

#3 Talk to them about it. This isn’t something I highly suggest, but it can help. Some people are super offended when you tell them they have an ugly sex face. Obviously, it’ll make them feel a little bad about themselves.

But if it’s really that big of a deal, just tell them you’re not fond of it. Start telling them this first by saying how great the sex is, but their sex face is distracting you from how amazing it really is. This way will soften the blow a little. [Read: 14 tips for getting your partner to talk about sex]

#4 Get them talking during sex. If they’re talking dirty and whispering naughty things in your ear, their sex face won’t even matter. Having them distract you in this way will be a huge help. You won’t have to look at them and you’ll get them saying things that’ll turn you on more.

And if it works extremely well, all the talking will make it harder for them to make their usual sex face.

#5 Kiss them instead of looking at them! Who doesn’t love kissing during sex? It makes the moment more intimate, special, and sexy. Not to mention the fact that people can’t really make a sex face when their face is smashed against someone else’s.

That’s why you should just kiss them more in bed. When you start noticing their icky sex face coming into view, just kiss them a whole bunch. Your lips on theirs will stop their face from going to that unattractive place. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

#6 Sexily encourage them to make different faces. This has to be done very subtly. If you mess it up, it could insult them. But if they’re making their sex face, tell them how much you like it when they smile at you instead.

Encouraging them to make different faces is a lot easier if you do it in a naughty way. Get some dirty talk going and tell them how much you like when they do certain things. Then just casually throw in the idea of changing their sex face.

#7 Find something to like about it. Turn this around on yourself psychologically. Find something to like about their bad sex face. Maybe you can think about how much you turn them on and make them have those faces.

Thinking about it in terms of how it’s a good thing can help you realize that it’s not actually that bad. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn to like their sex face because it means you’re giving them a great time. [Read: How to look on the brighter side and get rid of negativity]

#8 Turn the lights off. It may be something pretty simple, but it’ll do the job just right. You don’t even have to turn them all the way off. Just turning them down dark enough where you can’t tell what face their making will work well enough.

#9 Figure out if they have an ugly sex face beforehand. I know how difficult this sounds. It’s not like you can walk in on them masturbating and claim it was an accident. However, going to the gym is actually a great way to figure out what they look like while having sex.

When someone is going hard on the treadmill or lifting something ridiculously heavy, their face looks much like it does when they have sex. The effort they exude is relatively the same. So you can make a comparison beforehand to better prepare yourself. [Read: How to tell if someone will be good in bed]

#10 Deal with it or move on. If you really don’t like their sex face but can’t find a way to get them to change it, you have to deal with it. Either that or you move on. Sex is a huge part of a relationship and if you can’t have great sex with someone and there’s no way to fix it, you have to find someone you’re more compatible with.

[Read: 10 subtle ways to tell someone they’re bad in bed]

It can be really disappointing to finally get in bed with someone and realize they have a bad sex face. But don’t worry! These tips can help make it more manageable.

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