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20 Freaky Sex Questions for Couples to Get Horny & Have Better Sex

Communication is important on all levels. But what about your sex life? Using these freaky sex questions for couples can take naughtiness to a new level!

sex questions for couples

We’ve all grown up in a world where no one ever really talks about sex. It’s never discussed, and then, it’s forbidden for a while. And all of a sudden, as soon as you’re an adult, all the gateways open and there you are, full of questions! Along the same lines, why is the idea of sex questions for couples so foreign to most people?

If you’re in a relationship, you’re expected to have sex. Yet, talking about sex or the little quirks *fetishes* makes you a pervert. Why is that?

Can you really expect to have an amazing sex life, or an amazing relationship, if you don’t even discuss sex casually with your partner?

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If you want to have a perfect relationship, and a very healthy and active sex life, there are a few things you must know yourself. AND there are a few things you must know about your partner, and their sexual preferences as well!

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Why is it important to talk to your partner about sex?

Communication with your partner is so vital on every single level. You can easily misunderstand one another if you don’t talk openly about how you’re feeling.

It’s also impossible to grow as a couple if you’re not able to talk about what’s going on in your relationship and how it feels.

On the subject of sex, communication is just as important. It might seem a little odd at first, but as you become closer and more confident with your partner, it will become easier. It has to!

After all, if you’re going to have sex, you have to be able to talk about it too! [Read: How to be more sexual and fall in love with the sexy side of you]

You should be able to talk about what feels good, what doesn’t feel good, what you want, what you don’t want. By talking to your partner, you can become closer and your sex life will improve beyond measure. It will really make you feel like you have a true partner in life, on all levels, both intimate and otherwise.

Is it awkward? For sure. Not all of us are so used to saying specific words related to sex, but as my mother always used to say – if you’re ready to have sex, you’re ready to talk about it!

The 20 most important sex questions for couples

If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to be on the same page as your partner and really understand who they are and their needs. So, it’s time to ask some sex questions for couples and learn about each other. By the end, you’ll have a much better understanding of who they are, who you are, and who you are as a couple. [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions for a sexy night]

Let’s talk about sex, baby.

1. What do you like doing during foreplay?

You need to know what they enjoy and vice versa. This will help you to do more of what they like, and it also opens up the conversation to what you enjoy too. [Read: What is foreplay? How to make anyone hot and horny for you]

2. Is there anything you’ve fantasized about but never tried in real life?

If yes, maybe it’s time to try it out in real life. Talking about your fantasies can give you both a dirty little secret that’s only for you. If that doesn’t bring you close, I don’t know what will! [Read: All the best bedroom sex fantasies you should be trying out]

3. Where’s your favorite place to be touched?

Neck? Ears? Butt? Where’s their favorite spot? We all have our own unique hot spots and if you don’t ask, you might never get to find out! Some might be hidden away, you never know.

4. What sex toys are you interested in but you’ve never tried?

Maybe you can give them a try together. Adding sex toys into the bedroom will really take things to another level and allow you to experiment together.

5. What was your first orgasm like?

Let them tell you the story. By the end, you might be both so turned on that you can’t wait to recreate it, and even better it. [Read: What does an orgasm feel like?]

6. What really gets you in the mood?

Know this, and then you’ll be able to help them out. Maybe it’s something they’ve never told another living soul about, but the fact they’re opening up to you shows trust.

It’s one of the sex questions for couples that could take your sex to another level.

7. What do you think about when you masturbate?

Do they think about you? A famous celebrity? Don’t be upset if they tell you they think about a celebrity – we all have our little dreams that are unlikely to ever come true! [Read: A sexual bucket list with all manner of fun to try out!]

8. If it were up to you, how many times per week would you have sex?

Are you having enough sex? Can you meet each other halfway? It’s normal to want it less or more sometimes, but life can often get in the way.

This question helps you to understand whether you’re both getting the sex you want, as often as you want. [Read: How often should you have sex and how to know if you’re having enough]

9. What clothing makes you feel the sexiest?

Do they love being naked? Wearing a thong? Perhaps you could buy them whatever it is they say, and add that into your bedroom play. It will spice things up, for sure.

For that reason, it’s one of the best sex questions for couples to ask one another.

10. What three words would you use to describe your favorite sex?

Know those three words, and you’ll be able to understand your partner much more.

If they say ‘rough’, that means they like it a little rougher. If they say ‘tender’, you need to be softer and more loving. Use their words as your guide.

11. Do sex and intimacy look different in your mind?

Do the two terms overlap? Is there something in their answer that you can use to change the sex routine you might have fallen into? For many, sex is just that – an act.

However, intimacy is something deeper. Feelings are involved and a real connection. How can you increase that bond? [Read: 12 easy ways to keep intimacy alive in a relationship]

12. What is your favorite position?

We all have at least one! Maybe it’s something you use a lot, or perhaps they’ll tell you something completely different. In that case, you need to incorporate it.

You can also use this question as a lead into talking about positions you’ve both never tried but would like to give a go. [Read: 10 sex positions for beginners that’ll make anyone think you’re a pro]

13. What body part are you most proud of?

Once you know your partner’s favorite body part, give it a little extra attention. That’s sure to make them feel good and a lot more confident beneath the sheets.

14. Did you ever talk about sex in your family?

How did they learn about sex growing up? What conversations about the subject were had at home?

This is an interesting question because how you learn about sex often shapes how you feel about it when you’re older.

15. Is there anything you regret not trying in bed?

Have they always wanted to have a threesome and regret not doing it? Is there anything in their answer that you can try together? Bedroom regrets aren’t something that should be carried into a relationship, so get to work! [Read: How to have a threesome – the rules to make it work for all of you]

16. How has your sex life changed throughout the years?

Have they become more adventurous? Have they learned new things? What do they want to continue to learn and try?

Everyone evolves sexually throughout their lives, but your relationship should be a safe place for both of you to build on that and keep developing together.

17. If you could have sex with anyone in the world, who would it be?

This one is a fun question to ask. Who would they sleep with if they had no obstacles? Do be aware that this question could bring up a difficult conversation in some cases, but hopefully your partner won’t be that insensitive!

18. Is there anything about sex that gives you anxiety?

We all have our insecurities, what are yours? What are your partner’s? Once you have this information, you can work to help reduce their anxieties and help them to feel more confident about sex. [Read: 13 ways to overcome sexual anxiety]

19. What are the three things we both enjoy during sex?

How sexually compatible are you two? You can both write three things down and then talk about them together, or just say them as they come into your mind.

Perhaps your partner enjoys different things to you, but you can weave all of them into your bedroom time.

20. What are our sexual strengths and weaknesses as a couple?

No one is perfect, so understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This can help you to grow and can also help you to both feel more comfortable exploring different positions and fantasies you may have.

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If you want to improve the connection between you and your partner and have a better sex life, then it’s time to ask each other these sex questions for couples. Try it, and see the difference it makes.

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