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Unprotected Sex: The Dangers Most People Don’t Even Think About

We’ve all heard time and time again how dangerous unprotected sex can be, but we never really listen. These dangers are why you should start.

Unprotected Sex

I think most of us have had “the talk” before. Whether it was with our parents or someone else older and wiser, we’ve been told not to have unprotected sex. They even cover that topic in school. While most of us ignored it due to not wanting to feel ridiculously awkward, I didn’t.

I paid full attention. Sure, that was years ago, but I remember clearly how frightening it was. The pictures alone scared me away from having sex at all for a while! Therefore, everyone should really be aware of all the risks involved with having unprotected sex.

Why people want to have unprotected sex

If it’s so dangerous, why do SO many people do it? The answer isn’t just one thing. It can be a few different things or multiple working at the same time. One of the most common reasons is that it just feels better.

Without the annoyance of a condom, people have more fun in the bedroom. But that’s not the only reason people want to forgo protection. Some people think it makes the experience more intimate. It makes them feel more connected with their partner. [Read: Buying condoms – The newbie’s complete guide to using condoms]

Whatever the reason, unprotected sex is dangerous

Some of you roll your eyes in disagreement, but hear me out. If you ignore the dangers of unprotected sex from your teachers, parents, or even your doctor, now’s the time to pay attention.

You never know just what can happen when you don’t have protection and end up having sex anyways. These are the biggest reasons you need to wrap it up the next time you want to get frisky with someone.

#1 Pregnancy. Having sex without a condom puts you at risk for getting pregnant – especially if the girl isn’t on another form of birth control. Without a condom to prevent the sperm from impregnating her, you up your chances of pregnancy. And no, pulling out isn’t much safer. [Read: Withdrawal method: How reliable is this birth control method?]

#2 STDs. Condoms prevent against STDs and HIV/AIDS. Now, some STDs aren’t as harmful as others, but they all pose a risk to your health. Some of them are mild with some discomfort, and others affect you for life. If you’re okay with that, then by all means, go have unprotected sex.

#3 Infections. It’s not just the diseases you have to worry about. You can contract several different infections if you choose not to use protection. Infections sometimes can be more dangerous because they spread to other parts of your body. [Read: Why does sex hurt? 15 quick signs somethings not right]

#4 Illnesses. When you’re swapping fluids with another person, you open yourself up to get any viruses and sicknesses they have. Someone doesn’t need to seem sick to make you sick, too.

#5 Infertility *women*. As mentioned, STDs and STIs are serious things to consider when you’re about to have unprotected sex. Ladies should think extra carefully, because some of those STDs and STIs causes women to be infertile. We get infections so severe, we’ll never be able to have children.

Signs that something is “off”

If you’ve recently been getting busy without a condom, you may be worried about your body’s current condition. Here are signs something isn’t right in your body. Consider seeking medical attention.

#1 Any burning/itching when urinating. This is a huge sign that something is wrong. If you recently had unprotected sex and notice this happening, get it checked out ASAP. It’s usually a sign of an STD or STI and should be taken care of sooner rather than later. [Read: STDs 101: The most common types and their symptoms]

#2 Genital rashes. If you get a rash in your genital region after engaging in unprotected sex, go ahead and get it checked out. While it can be a reaction to different things, getting checked for an STD/STI is necessary.

#3 Missed period *for women*. We all know one of the first signs of pregnancy is missing a period. Since this is usually the first sign we notice when pregnant, if you missed a period after having unprotected sex, take an at-home pregnancy test. [Read: 10 baby-free reasons why you missed your period]

#4 Pain in the genital region. If there is any change in your genitals when it comes to pain, consider getting tested. When something hurts that shouldn’t be hurting, it’s time to look at what might be wrong.

#5 Your partner confesses they have something contagious. If you hear—even after a while—the partner you engaged in unprotected sex with discovered they have an STD or STI, get tested right away. Even if you don’t show symptoms, you should go. Some STDs and STIs don’t always show symptoms in some people. [Read: Surviving an STD scare in a relationship]

Is it ever okay to have unprotected sex?

Obviously, you don’t have to protect yourself during sex forever. There are times when it’s perfectly safe for you to forgo using a condom.

#1 You’re monogamous. If the two of you only see each other and don’t have sex with anyone else, it’s perfectly okay for you two to have unprotected sex. Just remember pregnancy is still a possibility when you’re not using a form of birth control. [Read: 10 awkward conversations you need to have with your partner]

#2 You’ve both been tested for STDs. If you’ve both been tested and come back clean, AND you established you’re monogamous, then it’s safe to have unprotected sex without the fear of contracting something.

#3 You’re trying to conceive. Obviously, if you’re actually trying to get pregnant, you need to have unprotected sex. You can’t really get pregnant easily if you still use a condom when you’re trying to get pregnant. [Read: Pulling out is completely safe and other bad sex advice]

#4 You accept the risks and live with the consequences. If you accept all the risks and you tell yourself you can live with the consequences, then go right ahead and have unprotected sex! Just remember some of the risks are life altering. You should be able to deal with that if you truly want to forgo protection.

[Read: How to have safe sex in every single way it is possible to]

Unprotected sex has always been a little taboo—and for a good reason. If you’re not careful, you end up with STDs, infections, and unplanned children. Do yourself a favor and protect yourself.

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