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Pull Out Game: 41 Myths, Signs a Guy Didn’t Pull Out In Time & What To Do

If he tells you that his pull out game is strong, don’t fall for it. Educate yourself! This isn’t a game – it’s a lucky *or unlucky* draw.

pull out game

You’ve probably heard a guy bragging about his pull out game. In the heat of the moment, the sudden realization that you need to try to find a condom can really derail the passion. At this point, he might tell you that his pull out game is the best, but accepting his words as truth is playing with fire.

The thing is, condoms are necessary to avoid pregnancy and STIs.

Birth control has been around since people realized what makes a woman pregnant. Pulling out is not considered to be a valid birth control method, and it’s certainly not going to protect against any STIs either. [Read: “Pulling out is completely safe,” and other bad sex advice]

What is pulling out?

When a guy says that he has a strong pull out game, he means that he can quickly pull himself out of you right before he finishes to avoid cumming inside of you. Therefore, he prevents pregnancy.

So he thinks.

It’s also super messy. If you think that trying to find a condom dampens the passion, cleaning up that mess afterward won’t leave you feeling very sexy, either. [Read: Pull out method – everything you need to know to make up your mind]

Why guys brag about their pull out game

You don’t see girls walking around bragging about how they diligently take their birth control pills at the same time every single day. We don’t find it necessary to brag about our birth control methods!

On the other hand, guys really dote on their ability to pull out because they like to boast about their ability to control themselves.

They think that by practicing timing and control that they know the exact moment in which they need to pull out to prevent anything disastrous from happening. [Read: Withdrawal method – How reliable is this birth control method?]

Bodies, however, are unpredictable, and there’s a reason that the pull out method has been coined as a “game.” Regardless, there are reasons why people think this is a good option ayway:

1. It’s easy

It’s true. You don’t have to remember anything or prepare for the act, and you can just get right to it whenever you want.

If you’re familiar with the struggles of a condom when you’re ready to dive in, you understand how much easier it is to forgo the condom and just do it. [Read: Sex tutorial 101 – 15 things they don’t teach you in sex ed]

2. It’s free

You don’t have to pay for a thing. You just take off your clothes and get to it. On the flip side, if it fails and you end up pregnant, you’ll definitely be spending more than the cost of a condom. Otherwise, it’s cheaper than any other form of birth control aside from abstinence.

3. It feels better

The main you might want to test your guy’s pull out game when you want to get it on is that condoms make sex feel slightly less good. When it’s bare, it’s there. [Read: The different condom types and how they can improve your sex life]

4. It’s more intimate

Some people say that having sex without a condom feels like they connect more with their partner and feel more intimate.

So many couples who want to feel closer ditch the condom and go bareback. [Read: Beautiful sex – 17 blissful ways to connect sexually in no time]

5. It’s easier to be spontaneous when you trust his pull out game

You can’t just randomly have sex anytime and anywhere if you use condoms, because you don’t always have a condom on you. If you decide to use pulling out, you can be much more spontaneous with your sexcapades.

Why you should never trust his pull out game

You should definitely trust the person you sleep with, but if your man claims to have a strong pull out game, perhaps you should think twice about accepting that statement as the absolute truth.

You may think that pulling out is an excellent method of birth control, but there are definitely reasons to avoid it. You’re both playing Russian roulette with your sexual health in so many ways, because (despite his bragging) he can’t be trusted to time it correctly every time. If you want to know why you can never trust a guy’s pull out game, here’s why. [Read: Get down and off – how to pull off that one-night stand]

1. It’s not very effective

Maybe this method does keep a lot of couples from having babies, but it also causes a lot of unplanned pregnancies because it’s really not all that effective. Couples that are using only his pull out game for birth control are at a huge risk of becoming pregnant when it’s not expected.

2. It doesn’t protect against STIs

This is probably the biggest reason you should definitely NOT trust a guy’s pull out game. It won’t protect you if he has STDs or STIs, and it won’t protect him if you have any.

Some people show no symptoms of even carrying STIs, so unless you have documented proof that neither of you is afflicted, don’t trust it. [Read: Surviving an STD scare in a relationship]

3. He can’t control himself as much as he thinks he can

Guys like to think that they have all the control in the world when it comes to their manly bits. The truth is that sometimes they won’t be able to stop the flow and get out in time, even if they think they can.

4. Pre-cum

It’s a well-traveled rumor that pre-cum carries no sperm. In fact, some studies show that pre-cum can carry more than enough sperm to result in a pregnancy. Whenever you use pulling out, you can most definitely get some sperm up in there anyway. [Read: Can you get pregnant from pre-cum? Answers you must know]

5. It’s irresponsible

If a guy automatically suggests pulling out because he thinks his pull out game is strong, avoid having sex with him.

It’s a truly irresponsible method. If it’s his instinct to jump right in and use it with you, he probably has done the same with others and may have contracted STDs.

6. It causes stress

There’s always stress involved when you use a method that’s not very effective. You’re nervous about getting pregnant. You’re probably even nervous about him being able to get out in time, which makes the sex worse. [Read: How to make sex better – 15 ways to take it up a notch in bed]

7. It’s even less effective if you go for round two, or three

If you decide to take a short break and wait for him to get all excited again just to go right back into it, your chances of getting pregnant increase. Sperm gets trapped in his urethra, so even if he pulls out, some sperm escapes during the act anyway.

8. You’re not in control at all

If a guy really wanted to, he could skip pulling out at all. You’d probably be pretty angry, but it won’t undo what he already did. You relinquish a lot of control over your body by trusting his pull out game.

9. He could be lying about how strong his pull out game is

Guys all want to sound like they’re experienced and great at anything to do with sex, including pulling out. What if he has no idea what he’s doing, but just doesn’t want to use a condom? [Read: The newbie’s complete guide to using condoms]

10. It’s kind of messy

This isn’t as much of a reason to distrust his pull out game as it is a reason to avoid pulling out altogether. It’s just messy.

Where does he go when he pulls out? Not far, since they do it right before busting. Who’s the one ending up messy? You.

Pull out method (in)effectiveness

Even when used properly, the pull out method is only about seventy-eight percent effective. [Read: Birth control options and what they can do for you]

To put that into perspective, that means that there’s roughly a twenty-two percent chance that you’re going to get pregnant. It means that if you and four of your friends are relying on your guys’ pull out games as birth control, one of you is having a baby. It means that if you have sex one hundred times, you’re likely to get pregnant twenty-two of those times.

If you’re not prepared to be pregnant, it just doesn’t seem worth it. If you’re going to risk it without using another form of birth control, consider using a spermicide, which is a chemical that helps to kill sperm.

Just to dampen the mood a little more, that’s only pull out game’s effectiveness in terms of pregnancy. If we’re talking about its effectiveness in protecting you from the slew of diseases that you could contract, it’s roughly zero percent effective. [Read: Surviving an STD scare in a relationship]

Be savvy about the alternatives to trusting his pull out game

You’ll enjoy sex far more if you have a reliable method of birth control in place. No stress, no worries, and no need to question whether or not he’s going to be able to pull out right at the exact moment he needs to.

Condoms are the ONLY method that can protect against both pregnancy and STIs. Every other method of birth control only protects against pregnancy. If you’re with someone new, either stick to condoms or go get tested before ditching them.

If you’re in a more serious relationship, however, and you’ve been with them for a long time, you can find the right type of birth control for you and enjoy your sex life without stress. We still recommend getting tested before you go bare.[Read: The step-by-step guide to calmly handling a pregnancy scare]

There are countless different things that you can try, but they’re all the girl’s responsibility. Until they finally develop a male birth control pill, it’s all in your hands, but that’s not such a bad thing. You’re not handing all of your control over to someone who brags about his pull out game!

You can opt for one of the countless versions of daily birth control pills, quarterly injections, the arm implant, a healthy choice of IUDs, or the contraceptive patch. Of course, you could just abstain, but that’s not much fun! [Read: The different birth control options and how each of them affects you]

Take your time finding a method that suits you and you’re happy with. Research and talk to your doctor to figure out what’s best for you. It’s a far better idea to take control of your sexual health than to trust a guy who brags to you that his pull out game is strong.

When is it okay to use his pull out game?

It’s hard to advocate for the pull out method when there are so many other available protection options, but there are some scenarios in which it’s slightly more acceptable to use the pull out method.

1. When you’re okay with a surprise pregnancy

If you feel like you could handle a pregnancy, go for it. [Read: Early signs to keep an eye on to know if you’re pregnant]

Maybe you and your partner have entertained the idea of having a baby and aren’t one hundred percent committed, but aren’t entirely opposed to a baby either. He can just practice his pull out game, and it happens if it happens.

2. When you use his pull out game in conjunction with another form of birth control

If you’re going to use the pull out method, it’s definitely best to pair it with another type of birth control.

If you are absolutely certain that you cannot handle a pregnancy right now, leaving it up to seventy-eight percent is risking it big time. Pairing pull out game with another form of birth control, however, can come really close to guaranteeing that you won’t have a surprise pregnancy. [Read: Should you take it? 26 pros & cons of birth control pills]

3. When neither of you has any other sexual partners

If you’re in a relationship with someone and neither of you engages in sex with any other partners, you might want to utilise his pull out game. As long as you’re both tested for STIs, and you understand the risks of the pull out method: have at it!

Myths about pulling out

While we don’t love solely employing the pull out method, we understand that it’s the heart of some pretty dodgy myths. It can get a bad rap, sometimes deservedly so.

1. Pulling out doesn’t work, so don’t even bother

We’ve already gone over the statistics, so you know that this is absolutely false. Not only can it work, but it can work seventy-eight percent of the time! They’re not the best odds in the world, but it’s pretty clear that it works more often than it doesn’t. [Read: 110 interesting facts, myths & strange secrets about sex!]

2. Pre-cum is safe and doesn’t have any sperm in it

This is the most harmful misconception about the pull out method.

Studies have shown that there’s more than enough sperm in pre-cum to fertilize an egg and result in a pregnancy. This does, of course, depend on your guy and his fertility, but it’s true for the average fella.

3. Only irresponsible people use the pull out method

This one is the most unfair misconceptions about the pull out method. To say that only irresponsible couples use this method is a bit absurd and judgmental. It’s an unfair blanket statement that just isn’t true. Read: How to have safe sex in every way]

For some people, using the pull out method is a roundabout alternative to using birth control if your religion has restrictions on it. These couples use this method as carefully as they can. Some use it in conjunction with another form of birth control.

4. There’s nothing good about pulling out

On the contrary, some might argue that there’s everything good about pulling out.

We can bombard you with reasons why you shouldn’t trust your guy’s pull out game, but there’s something special about going bare and having nothing between the two of you! It’s an entirely different feeling that promotes both pleasure and intimacy.

5. Playing the pull out game is easy

As much as we give guys flak for bragging about their pull out game, it does require some element of self-control.

He has to know precisely when it’s going to happen and when he needs to pull out. If he pulls out too early, he misses out on his satisfaction. [Read: Blue balls – why it happens] If he pulls out too late, you guys might have a wildly stressful few weeks waiting to be certain that you’re not pregnant.

Signs that he didn’t pull out in time

It can be scary to get to the end of the ride and realize that he might have missed his cue. If you’re unsure whether or not he made it out in time, there are a few things you can look for to be sure that the worst has happened:

1. You know he didn’t pull out before he reached orgasm

2. He reached orgasm very quickly [Read: How to not cum too fast – 24 must-know tips]

3. His penis was still inside as he started to cum

4. He was way into it and may have missed his mark

5. You think you felt him get harder quickly, followed by a shot of warmth

6. There’s a questionable slimy substance making its way out of your privates

7. You could see a tiny bit of cum on the tip of his penis right after withdrawal

What to do if his pull out game wasn’t all that strong

If you feel like he might have overstayed his welcome, you might be panicking. Relying on the pull out method as birth control can sour the mood extremely quickly if you even kind of doubt that he didn’t make it out on time. What in the world do you do now?

Luckily, you have options. Emergency contraception is extremely effective when trying to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Weigh your options, and maybe consult your doctor about these options beforehand so that you’re less panicked and more prepared.

1. Emergency contraception pills

Emergency contraception pills are usually referred to as “the morning after pill.”

There are several different emergency contraception pills, and each one comes with its own side effects and effective time-frame. Generally, you can take one of these medications within three to five days after the incident and have a pretty fair chance of avoiding pregnancy.

Availability differs from pill to pill. Some are available over the counter, while others require a prescription. The best thing to do is research or get in touch with your doctor. Each of these medications has claims of being less effective for women over certain weights.

While it’s great that these medicines exist in the event of an accident, you should absolutely not use emergency contraception pills as a regular form of birth control.

2. IUD

Certain IUDs have been known to be more effective than emergency contraception pills if inserted within five days of the failed pull out game. Sounds great, right?

The biggest issue with relying on this as your emergency contraception is that it does require a scheduled visit with your doctor for insertion, and it can be fairly difficult to squeeze in an appointment that quickly. Aside from that, an IUD is long-term birth control. These devices stay in your body for years at a time until you’re ready to have them removed. [Read: Ways to know if both of you are ready to have a baby!]

An IUD might also be less cost-effective, depending on your insurance and how you do your math. If you think of it in terms of NOW, you might spend $50 on a pill but $1,000 on an IUD.

However, if you’re ready for long-term birth control and you think about the statistics and the bigger picture: let’s say that you pay $1,000 for an IUD that prevents pregnancy for you for five years. That’s $200 a year.

Let’s say that you continue to rely on your guy’s pull out game and emergency contraception pills. Using the seventy-eight percent effectiveness rate, if you have sex one hundred times in a year, you could potentially get pregnant twenty-two of those times. If you have to use a pill at $50 each for each of those twenty-two times, you’re looking at $1,100 in a year.

How to know if his pull out game failed

If you know that the pull out method just didn’t work for you guys this time, you’re facing a potential pregnancy. Whether emergency contraception isn’t available for you, or you’re just prepared to welcome a pregnancy if it happens, there are plenty of signs to watch out for. [Read: Early signs of pregnancy when it’s too soon to pee on a stick]

1. Your body will almost certainly not keep that secret from you! Notice if:

2. You miss your next period

3. You experience sudden bouts of nausea or vomiting, especially in the mornings

4. You start to notice slight to severe tenderness or soreness in your breasts

5. You could really use a good nap. Like, all the time. You’re just tired more than usual

6. You have strong cravings for foods (often weird ones) or dramatic aversions to certain foods, often because of the way they smell

7. Your sexual appetite has diminished significantly

8. You find yourself rushing to the bathroom more frequently

9. You’re experiencing unexplained back pain, particularly in the lower back

There’s a host of information about the pull out game and why you shouldn’t trust it to keep you safe. Now that you’re more aware of the pros, cons, and risks, you can decide for yourself! Just try not to roll your eyes too hard when your guy brags about his game…

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