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43 Really Fun Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored, Broke and Alone

There are far more fun activities to do indoors when you’re bored than you think— from playing board games to doing creative things like blog writing. You don’t have to go out and spend too much money. Stay home and try these fun ideas instead! 

fun things to do at home

Life can be expensive, and as much fun as it is to go out, there will be days where an empty wallet forces us into a self-imposed house arrest. But it doesn’t have to be boring; there are plenty of fun things to do at home if you open your mind!

You might think that the four walls of your house are nothing but a restriction, but the truth is you can enjoy yourself just as much at home if you find the right activity – and perhaps the right people.

All you need is a little inspiration! [Read: I’m so bored with life – 20 ways to bring the spark back when life is boring]

Fun things to do at home that keep cash in your pocket

Coming up with fun things to do at home can be difficult in the moment. If you’re bored and you’re trying to work out how to occupy your mind, you’ll probably draw a blank.

However, when you have ideas already, you can choose from a long list and you’ll never be bored again! We’ve rounded up some activities you can try at home when you’re bored – but don’t want to step out of your house.

1. Pick up a book and read

There’s a joke somewhere that says you’ll only get to reading a book you really love if you’re in prison!

Since being stuck at home broke is the next best thing to prison, why not pick up a book and turn reading into a full-time pastime? [Read: 12 must-read books to read in your 20s]

2. Clean up the house

Being stuck at home, why not take the time to tidy up a bit? It may not sound like one of the most fun things to do at home, but hey, it’ll make you feel so much better – and you’ll have accomplished something!

You can also update your home decor as that will probably make you feel like you’re in a brand-new place. Turn on some tunes and start tidying up around your house.

3. Do some DIY repairs

If you’re looking for hours of fun activity in the comfort of your own home, then this is for you. With extra time on your hands, you can now work on those squeaky hinges, rusty pipes, and any woodwork languishing for your attention either in your indoor or outdoor space.

You can always check Youtube tutorials if you’re unsure of the materials you need to purchase for your chosen project.

4. Play some board games

Don’t you miss the good old days when people still played board games, and really interacted with other human beings? [Read: The best adult board games]

5. Check out some podcasts

If you’re a podcast virgin, then you might be in for a new addiction. Podcasts are like radio shows over the internet and saved into a portable media device.

And just like radio shows, there are numerous genres out there to choose from. There’s the typical comedy, talk show, political, and drama content along with specialty podcasts that feature true crime, horror, and science-themed content.

When you find one you like, it’ll be one of the most fun things to do at home. [Read: How to motivate yourself to do pretty much anything]

6. Explore the house

As silly as this may sound, exploring the house can still be one of those unexpectedly fun things to do at home.

Some people do this to do some sort of “maintenance check” to look for things that need repair. Some do domestic archaeology, and check out some of the old interesting stuff that may have been lying around forgotten.

7. Start writing a blog

Alone with nothing but your thoughts? What a good time to write them down! Blogging is not only therapeutic, but it’s also good practice for your wordsmithing skills.

You can let a friend or family member read it when you’re done or better yet, share it with the world and publish it online. [Read: The best ways to stop glorifying busy and start living instead]

8. Exercise

If you’re the energetic type and can’t sit all day, do some push-ups, sit-ups, or just take yourself out for a brief jog or walk.

9. Browse some old photo albums

Take a trip down memory lane and check out those old yellowing albums from the family archives. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can make an old family photo scrapbook out of them, they’re pretty fun to make! [Read: How to let go of your past and be excited by your future]

10. Play with your pets or take them out for a walk

Your dog appreciates an unscheduled walk around the neighborhood, and maybe your cat is up for some laser pointer chasing. Or just pet them.

11. Try cooking a new dish

Raid the fridge and the cupboards and test your culinary skills by coming up with a dish with those ingredients – just like Jamie Oliver!

You can even pretend like you’re on a cooking show while coming up with a new recipe that’s uniquely yours. Don’t forget to list down the ingredients and procedure in case it turns out really good! [Read: 10 ideas to make cooking with your partner fun]

12. Organize your closet

With extra time on your hands, clean out those clothes and other things you no longer wear – as well as the ill-fitting ones – as donations for families in need. Or use them for a DIY clothing project.

13. Bring out the sewing machine and re-style your clothes

Alter old shirts into something you’d want to wear every day or trim those pants into shorts. You’ll have a new piece of a unique outfit once you’re ready to step outside, be it for a date night or for great outdoor activities.

14. Go out for a photo walk

If you happen to have a camera at home, go out and try out photography. Explore the neighborhood and document life as you see it.

Okay, you’re not strictly speaking at home, but you’re in the neighborhood and you’re not spending money. [Read: Self-concept – How we create and develop it to control our happiness]

15. Go urban exploring

If your neighborhood has a local historical landmark, an industrial ruin that you would like to learn more about, or some rumor-filled creepy place such as an abandoned house, try exploring these areas. Just take care not to get caught trespassing.

16. Babysit the neighborhood kids

If you’re the type who is good around kids, try doing this. You might even get paid for your help.

17. Help a neighbor with their errands

Why not help the next door neighbor with their chores if you’re bored – and done doing your own chores. [Read: 10 simple ways to be a more socially conscious person]

18. Learn to play an instrument

What’s a more creative way of spending time at home when you have a few hours a day to spare than learning to play drums, guitar, or maybe harp?

If you have an instrument lying around the house and an internet connection, there’s a wealth of instructional videos that help you learn any kind of instrument out there.

19. Start a herb or vegetable garden

If you have a small plot in your backyard, then it’s time to try your hand at something new. Get your hands dirty by growing some herbs and vegetables for your culinary needs. Next time you need to cook, you’ll find plenty of herbs just outside your house. [Read: The lazy twentysomething’s guide to saving money]

20. Play old video games

You might have an old console from your childhood days gathering dust in the attic or garage. Relive the good old days by beating those classic games you used to love!

21. Take up some arts and crafts

Knit, do origami, make personalized cards for your family members and friends; there’s a whole bunch of crafts depending on your preference. It’s good to be artistic and get your creative juices flowing, and it’s definitely one of the fun things to do at home. [Read: Dating an artsy girl – 15 passionate reasons why they’re awesome]

22. Organize your plans

Sit down, take out your planner, and jot down all the activities you plan to do in the future. This is also a good time to write your “to do” and “to buy” checklists for future reference.

23. Binge Netflix shows

Netflix and chill is the default activity if you’re stuck at home anyway… [Read: Netflix and chill: How to do it the right way]

24. Sleep

When you can’t think of anything or you’re just so lazy and you want time to pass, take a nap. After all, it’s good for your health!

25. Have a big house clear-out

A messy house means a totally messy mind. There is something extremely satisfying about decluttering your home and getting rid of anything you no longer need. Do a good deed and donate your unwanted items to a charity store.

You’ll feel good about yourself and far freer as result of less clutter. [Read: How to welcome more positive vibes and energy into your life]

26. Learn how to cook

You might think you’re a disaster in the kitchen, but it’s simply the case that you don’t have the time to really learn something new. Now you have the time! Start slowly and work your way up to more advanced recipes.

You might have a few kitchen disasters along the way, but it’s all part of the process.

27. Get away from the TV

It’s tempting to park yourself on the sofa and watch anything that appears on your TV screen, but it’s not healthy or productive! So, from time to time, make sure you get up from the sofa and do something else. [Read: Stop being lazy: How to confront and overcome your excuses]

28. Do some research on your next vacation

Do you have somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Start planning now!

Do some research and dream of far-flung destinations.

29. Be a little more active

We mentioned getting away from the TV, but you also need to get up and move around more. Jump around, dance to your favorite song, just do something which gets you a little out of breath and your heart rate up.

Your health will thank you for it, and you’ll certainly pass some time. [Read: 12 benefits of exercise on your mind, body, and libido]

30. Spend some time beautifying

File your nails, change your hair color, do a face mask, play around with make up, trim your beard. Whatever floats your beauty boat, spend some time beautifying and pampering yourself.

A little self-care from time to time is a good thing, and there’s no better time than now.

31. Organize your devices

Most people have a phone, laptop, tablet, and some even have other devices too. It’s easy for these to get clogged up with unwanted pictures, music, apps, and all manner of other items that slow the device down and take up your memory.

It’s time to clear out and organize your devices! [Read: The pros and cons of being attached to our gadgets]

32. Start writing your book

Always wanted to be a novelist? Now is the time to start! Dedicate a couple of hours every day to creating your story. You’ll have a completed book in less time than you think.

Who knows, you could be the next bestselling author.

33. Learn how to meditate

There are some major benefits to be had from meditation. In terms of stress relief, it’s a fantastic option. The problem is that learning meditation takes time… which you now have.

Download an app and get practicing! [Read: How to live in the moment – 24 positive ways to live in the now]

34. Practice your downward dog

Never tried at-home yoga? Now is the perfect opportunity! Just like meditation, yoga is perfect for health and well-being. It’s low impact too, so you’re not going to feel like you’re sweating too much.

Head to YouTube and check out the countless yoga instruction videos on offer. [Read: Why you should try some sexy yoga!]

35. Socialize via Zoom

So what if you’re staying at home and all alone? That doesn’t mean you can’t make use of technology and catch up on all the gossip!

Schedule a suitable time for everyone and have a Zoom party from the comfort of your home. You can also play games like charades or online party games like Jackbox or Kahoot. Just connect and let the games begin!

36. Finally master how to make the perfect cappuccino

Have you always wanted to get the froth just right on a cappuccino, but never had the time? This is the perfect opportunity to do that.

If coffee isn’t your bag, how about learning how to make your favorite cocktail instead?

37. Learn how to make fresh bread

The smell of fresh bread in your home is delicious, so get to baking! It’s not hard to learn how to bake bread, and now you have the time. [Read: Cooking as a couple – 10 romantic tips and date ideas to have fun together]

38. Do a spot of meal prep

If you have a busy week ahead, you might find it useful to do some meal prep now, while you have the time, and plan out what you’re going to eat.

Not only does this stop you from turning to junk food when you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat, but it saves cash too. [Read: The best dishes to get your sex drive to skyrocket]

39. Sort out your kitchen cupboards

A pack of flour that’s sat there since 2017? A tin of beans that’s been collecting dust? Clear out those kitchen cupboards and get rid of anything that’s past its sell-by date! Or consider donating it to a shelter or food bank, if it’s still good.

40. Sit down and rewrite your resume

When was the last time your resume had an overhaul? Probably a while ago. With a little time on your hands, this is the ideal time to rewrite the whole thing.

Spend some time looking at templates online, look at your old resume and identify the things that you want to keep, what can go, or needs an update. [Read: Follow these simple steps and take care of yourself emotionally]

41. Reshape your eyebrows

No, we’re not running out of ideas, because reshaping your eyebrows is actually one of the best things to do when you’re stuck at home. It requires time, attention, concentration, and zero distractions – perfect timing!

Never underestimate just what an eyebrow reshape can do for your face. It’ll be like a new you!

42. Start writing your own journal 

This isn’t something that only teenagers do. Writing a journal can actually be very good for your mental health.

Work through your emotions and don’t allow them to fester and grow within you. A journal is a great way to do that, while also giving you something to look back on in a few years’ time. [Read: How to feel happy – 13 proven strategies for instant happiness]

43. Solo Karaoke night

Movie night while munching on popcorn sure is fun but if you feel like you’ve binge-watched all the films on Netflix and want a different activity to do at home, why not sing your heart out and feel like a superstar? It’s a fun way to help pass the time – and maybe discover a new talent.

Home can be where the fun is!

These fun things to do at home show you just how much there is to do within the four walls of your house and immediate neighborhood. You don’t have to go out to a fancy restaurant or bar to enjoy yourself, there’s plenty right where you are!

Of course, you don’t have to do these things alone if you don’t want to – why not invite a close friend over and enjoy yourselves at home for free?

[Read: How to focus on yourself and create your own sunshine]

People who go out often don’t realize how home-based activities can be surprisingly fun and practical at the same time. Just try any of these full-of-fun ideas to do at home, and you’ll realize that boredom is nothing more than a state of mind!

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