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Maid of Honor Duties: 11 Things You HAVE to Do for the Big Day

maid of honor

You’ve been given the pleasure of having the title as maid of honor. But, if you think you just show up to the wedding and look pretty, you’re mistaken.

Having the title as maid of honor is a big deal. This is one of your dearest friends. It shows you’re their right-hand woman, the one that they truly love and want by their side. But, with anything, that title comes with a lot of responsibility.

So, before you kick back and put your feet up to rest, you need to prepare yourself for what you’re getting yourself into. Get that pen and pad out cause you’re going to need to take notes. Every wedding is different, however, there are some core maid of honor duties you’re going to have to do no matter what wedding you’re at.

Maid of honor duties

Let’s take a look at the 11 maid of honor duties you’ll be doing on your best friend’s big day.

#1 Pre-wedding preparations. This may sound easy, but I’m not just talking about things you do right before the wedding. You’ll need to go with the bride for wedding dress shopping, for bridesmaids’ dresses, for fittings—the whole deal. She’s not going to be able to do it by herself.

And as a maid of honor, you need to be there to support her and help her make decisions when she’s getting stressed out or is unsure of what to do. You’re her best friend, you know how this works. [Read: 25 inspiring quotes to share with your best friend]

#2 Wedding planning support. Most men aren’t overly interested in planning the wedding and if her fiancé isn’t helping her pick the flowers or invitations, you’ll need to ask her if he’s the one she wants to marry. Then, if she says yes, go and help her with her wedding planning.

This means picking out invitations, deciding on a color scheme, seating charts, choosing the venue—are you getting tired already? The fun is just about to begin! Oh, don’t forget cake tasting, that’s not too bad. [Read: Are they just wedding jitters or real signs to back out?]

#3 Help her with her DIY projects. Some brides want to make their wedding more personalized or save money by doing DIY projects. Were you always the crafty one making scrapbooks? Yeah, she remembers, and she’ll need your talents to make 200 decorative vases. I know, but once you finish making them, you’ll never have to do it again.

#4 Bridal shower and bachelorette party. You’re in charge of the bridal shower and bachelorette party. Don’t ask me why, but it’s traditional that as the maid of honor, you’re basically in charge of making the celebration happen.

Maybe she doesn’t want one, but if she does, you’ll have to coordinate the budget, travel, activities, and invitations. That doesn’t sound like too much work, right? [Read: Make the most of your girls’ night using our 13 fun ideas]

#5 Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals. You’ll need to be at every rehearsal –if you didn’t like going to your ballet rehearsal as a child, well, this may be a trip down memory lane. But, think of it like this, after the wedding, you’ll never have to go to another rehearsal until you’re asked to be maid of honor at another wedding.

At the rehearsals, you’ll need to provide your contact information to the guests, just in case they have any questions about the wedding or what they’re supposed to do on the big day.

#6 Prepare an emergency kit. So, it’s the day of the wedding and the bridesmaid’s dog accidentally chewed on her dress. Not the end of the world, why? Because you brought your emergency kit. This kit saves you from stressing out when the bride has tears streaming down her face.

Okay, I know, I’ll get to the point now, this is what you need in your emergency kit: clear nail polish, mini sewing kit, bobby pins, double sided tape, lotion, tissues, a copy of her vows, mints, stain remover, floss, deodorant, face wipes, lipstick, oil blotters, bottle of water, tampons, and mascara.

Make sure you make a checklist and have all these items in a bag the day before the wedding or else you’ll be running around in the morning. It’ll be havoc.

#7 Pick-up the wedding supplies. If the cake isn’t being delivered to the venue, then you’ll need to go pick it up. That also includes the flowers and any last-minute missing decorations. Basically, you’ll be acting as the courier during the morning of the wedding. But if there’s no cake at the wedding, you’ll have one unhappy bride, let me tell ya.

#8 Keep the party going. This doesn’t mean you grab a bottle of vodka and let loose. When I mean keep the party going, I mean the bridal party on check. I know, I’m sorry it’s not that exciting. But, you need to make sure everyone is getting their hair and makeup done on the day of the wedding, bridesmaids have their dresses, and everyone is staying on schedule.

Also, maybe check in with the groom’s party every once in a while, if you can. You know guys, they’re relaxed… sometimes too relaxed. [Read: Barn weddings and other strange trips down the aisle]

#9 Help the bride get ready. She won’t be able to get into that princess dress by herself. You’ll need to help her get her dress on, put on her accessories, and even help her pee. The last one isn’t so fun, but you’re already best friends, I’m sure you’ve seen worse. Actually, I know you’ve seen worse.

#10 Keep it in check at the ceremony. Before the ceremony, you’ll need to hand out the bouquets, rings pillows, boutonnieres, and corsages to the entire wedding party. Also, this may be the most important task, make sure you have the groom’s ring.

Keep that ring on you until it’s requested for the ceremony. Make sure you have it in a safe place and if you don’t have a pocket, just wear it on your thumb. [Read: Partner in crime: 25 reasons why you need this friend]

#11 Keep the bride alive. That sounded dramatic but it’s somewhat true. You need to make sure that after the ceremony she’s eating and drinking. Many brides forget to eat and stay hydrated during the wedding because they’re feeling anxious, excited, and stressed. Every other point is important, but this one is key.

[Read: 25 obvious signs you’re high on wedding fever]

After reading this, being a maid of honor may look a little stressful, but trust me, once everything starts rolling, it’ll be a breeze. Unless she’s bridezilla. Then you’re on your own.

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