12 Signs You Have a Slutty Girlfriend: Be Proud of It!

Is your girlfriend into sex like any Cassanova? Get your slut radars as we list down the tell-tale signs you have a slutty girlfriend, and you’ll like it!

slutty girlfriend

When men have a string of women littered behind them or been with countless girlfriends like he’s building his own brothel, it is seen as some kind of uber-masculine badge. Something worth celebrating and glorifying. Other men idolize men with a colorful sex life behind them. But turn the tables and have women with a trail of male lovers and this is seen as an awful, awful thing. She’s the slutty girlfriend.

They call these types of women sluts. The girls who really just wanted to have fun. But the type who you wouldn’t want to take home to your mom *but why not?*. The type of girl labeled promiscuous.

But the thing is, what if you’re in love with one? What if you suddenly fell head over heels with this sexy, smart, and charming girl, but you think she’s too loose with her sexuality? What if you’re really dating a slutty girlfriend?

Here’s the deal

First of all, we’re almost two decades into the 21st century and you, like many others, should know better than to judge anyone based on their sexuality or even just the clothes they wear. Sex isn’t something dirty or disgusting. It’s something meant to be celebrated. So if your slutty girlfriend gets into it with a lot more gusto than you expected, then you shouldn’t worry—you should even deem yourself lucky!

Signs you have a slutty girlfriend

But before you go ahead calling your girl “slutty” and give her a spanking, take a look at these tell-tale signs that you have a slut for a girlfriend.

#1 She goes commando. A lot! She probably believes clothes restrict her, and she’s comfortable in her own skin. Her body is her own and so she can pretty much do whatever she likes. Besides, she’s got a great booty and you like it that she teases you with some naughty peeks into her privates—even in public! [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl!]

#2 She’s not afraid to make out publicly. She’s into tons of PDA, and she’s not shy about showing you her affection. She’ll tease you and make out with you, even in the middle of Sunday brunch. That’s just how much she loves you. Be thankful—that hot slutty girlfriend has the hots for you and proudly shows the world all about it.

#3 She broaches the subject of sex first. Remember when you first met? She’s probably the one who leaned into the table, her beautiful breasts against it, asking you about your sex life or your wildest sex fantasies. She won’t hesitate talking about sex with you, even if you’ve just met.

She views sex as something so natural and glorious that it shouldn’t just be whispered about and confined behind closed doors. Therefore, she’ll openly talk about sex with you, and you’ll even be surprised to learn a thing or two! [Read: 7 signs a girl gives away if she wants to sleep with you]

#4 She initiates sex. She’s the type of girl who’ll go after what she wants. Perhaps, she’s even the one who made the two of you happen as a couple. And now that you’re together, she can’t get her hands off of you. It’s like she’d just touch you and the fire of passion consumes you both that you end up just having sex every time. And when it comes to her, when she wants it, she wants it bad—and she’ll get it, anytime, anywhere.

#5 She prefers it rough. She’s not the type who’ll play coy and shy in bed. She can even be the dominating one in bed. She likes it any way and you’ll be surprised each time. She definitely likes it when you play rough on her and easily gets on cue, resulting in sizzling hot sex that is as much as a work out as it is a steaming romance.

#6 And kinky. You ask her and she’ll tell you she may have done it all. Role plays, bondage, toys, threesomes, and what-have-you. Her record may even be as long, if not longer, then yours. So when it comes to kinky, she’s the queen. In fact, she has a collection of toys in her closet as well as porn videos in her computer—all for your sexual satisfaction. [Read: 10 unexpected qualities kinky women will surprise you with]

#7 She really knows what she’s doing in bed. The first time you did it, you may have been surprised at how deftly she unbuttoned you and how great she was—and still is—at giving you head. You’re one lucky guy because you’re sleeping with a pro. She’s not the type to be all meek and pretend to be a klutz so you won’t think she’s a slut. She’s confident in bed and all her experience led to you having the best orgasms of your life.

#8 She likes to be naughty. She can’t help it. Her sexy, mischievous, playful side just shows. And you love just how unpredictable she is. She’ll sext you in the middle of a hectic workday and that’s enough to motivate you for the rest of the day. Feeling down? She might even send you a naked photo of her so you’ll be “up.”

She’ll touch you down there when no one else is looking *and even if there are people looking*. And you will both laugh at the great time you’re having, just as long as you don’t get caught with indecency. [Read: 20 very dirty dares with a naughty twist for girls and guys]

#9 She shows a lot of skin. Again, she’s so comfortable with herself and her body that she doesn’t really care what people think of her. She carries herself well and would not hesitate to flaunt what she has. Her wardrobe consists of skimpy, form-fitting clothes showing her every curve and crevice—and you thank the heavens that all that is all yours!

#10 She basks in men’s lustful stares. Because of what she wears and how she carries herself, she gets a lot of stares—envy and intrigue from women and admiration and lust from men. Either way, she likes the attention. Her presence commands a room, and everyone just stands in awe at how she moves and talks. Anyone can easily tell she’s an empowered woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind, and that in itself is sexy. [Read: How to be a happy couple envied by all]

#11 She’s been with a lot of men. Not many women admit this, but you’re lucky that your girlfriend is open and honest about her sexual history with you. She’s not ashamed or embarrassed that she’s been in love with a lot of guys and she ventured into quite a handful *or more* of one-night-stands. But here you are now with her, benefitting from her extensive experience and (hopefully) more mature frame of mind. [Read: 8 crucial moves you need to do to turn your girl on]

#12 She’s wild and crazy. You’ve seen her photos and you hear how her friends describe her. She is the life of the party and every time you’re with her, the moments are unforgettable. And all this is because she’s unafraid of experiencing life head on. [Read: 11 things girls do that get them unfairly branded as sluts]

She feels what she feels and it just shows. She can give you the best times of your life and make you do things you never thought you could. Every second with her is just that—wild and crazy—and you wouldn’t want it any other way.

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If you think you have a slutty girlfriend because she’s unafraid to speak her mind, express herself, and take comfort in her own sexuality, then being a slut isn’t really such a bad thing. You should even be proud that you are dating a girl with fire in her eyes and an insane thirst for life.

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