10 Immature Things Couples Fight about All the Time

immature couples

Even Cupid’s arrow can’t deter the onset of petty interrelationship annoyances. Yes, these couple fights are immature-but they’re also here to stay.

The word “couple” is quite a deceiving one. It leads us to believe that the people in question are a single, indivisible unit, joined by undeniable emotional compatibility. However, no matter how much two people are in love, they are still individuals, and they have their own ways of doing things. It’s these differences that often lead to points of contention between the two.

Mountains out of molehills

If two people have come together under happy circumstances, chances are that all the important parts of the relationship are exactly how they should be. After all, most people wouldn’t think for a second of getting together with someone whose principles were patently opposed to their own. Instead, the aforementioned points of contention arise from small, petty things.

Initially, these can be laughed off or ignored, but as time progresses, the list will build up and take on an irrepressibly intrusive character, developing into a major issue in its own right. And what are these petty issues that cause so much dissent in the ranks? Things that seem almost laughable on paper, but have the potential to drive a wedge between a formerly happy couple.

What little issues do couples fight about?

Read on for some of the most common issues, with all their glorious immaturities on full display.

#1 Chill out. The first on our list of immaturities refers to the contents of the refrigerator. It’s amazing how many people take serious issue with what their partner keeps in there. There may be an actual serious point to this if one member of the couple, for example, is a vegetarian, and the other keeps bringing their food into contact with meat.

But on the whole, showing disgust and/or displeasure at having someone else’s tastes on display is both childish and small-minded. Definitely a prime contender for the “Go take a long, hard look at yourself” award!

#2 Cap in hand. Why is it that the humble toothpaste tube cap has achieved such global notoriety in the field of interpersonal relations? The act of not replacing it after using toothpaste has become an almost universal point of contention and is one of the pettiest and silliest things imaginable to argue over.

Guys and girls, it’s a piece of plastic! It measures about an inch in length, and replacing it takes somewhere in the region of 1.5 seconds. Is that really worth fighting over? If you don’t know the answer to that rather obvious question, it may be time you booked yourself a shrink.

#3 The division of labor. Although still an immature point of contention, the issue of who does what chores and how many is a little more understandable in its divisiveness than some of the points on this list. If one person is expected to do nearly everything, for instance, it can underline deeper issues regarding respect and appreciation. However, fighting over silly bits and bobs, like taking the bin out or replacing the toilet roll, really isn’t worth a night of the obstinate silence that follows.

The easiest way of dealing with this immature object of a fallout is to draw up a list. Divide the labor evenly, also taking into account who does what work-wise throughout the day, and there should be no further problems. Creating a schedule might seem a bit of a chore in itself, but it can save a lot of head and heartache along the way. [Read: 10 cohabitation tips to live together happily]

#4 The idiot box. The humble television set with its banal and inconsequential offerings can lead to some of the fiercest domestic arguments. Chances are, although it is common for houses nowadays to have TVs dotted around each room, that the main living room contains the master set that everyone feels they have the sole right to take advantage of.

Whether it’s the man of the house inviting his buddies around for the big game, the ladies with a cheesy rom-com, the kids with the latest episode of SpongeBob, or every role variation thereof, access rights to the TV are often hotly contested. Surely there’s some kind of simple system that can salvage an interrelationship dispute on the matter of which TV program and when? Failure to set boundaries on this most simple of issues is a sure sign of a situation that needs a serious looking at.

#5 Bedtime? This is an issue that isn’t talked about half as much as some of those mentioned above and below, but is nonetheless quite common. Basically, when a couple first gets together, going to bed is always done in unison-for fairly obvious reasons.

Yet, as the honeymoon period fades, old habits tend to reoccur. Watching a late-night movie and going to bed in the wee hours of the morning may have been a favored habit in former times, but is likely to cause annoyance when your partner is patiently awaiting your presence in bed.

The bed warmer will complain that the relationship is suffering from a lack of intimacy, whilst the movie buff will defend their need for space. The answer is, as always, a simple matter of common sense-as long as the movie watching is only occasional, what harm can it do?

#6 Going out. One likes to a lot, and the other prefers a quiet night in. Again, it’s just a matter of balancing needs, but when these two differing approaches to how to spend private time are at loggerheads, strife is often the eventual outcome. [Read: The introvert’s foolproof guide to dating an extrovert]

#7 Toilet seat. All guys are guilty of leaving the seat up from time to time, and yet, this simple act of indifference can lead to the most dreadful arguments. Women will argue that they shouldn’t have to manhandle the toilet seat after a guy’s been in to get it back in the right position for themselves.

Guys might wonder what makes women so special that they should have an exclusive right to avoid touching the porcelain. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would probably say, “WHO CARES?!” Is it really worth arguing over?

#8 Friends. One half doesn’t like the other half’s friends. Typically, one partner thinks they are a bad influence and that they should be left firmly in the past. Well, bad news, guys and gals. No matter how much you might want them to ditch their annoying buddies, they’ve probably had a much longer relationship than you have, and any “me or them” speech will likely backfire. Hold back on the “It’s me or them” speech, and focus on the things that actually matter. [Read: 13 signs your friends are ruining your relationship]

#9 Windows open. One has the blood of a polar bear, the other that of a desert snake. You just can’t agree on the temperature, and it is a constant source of contention as you both attempt to avoid the discomfort of being too hot or too cold. Such a petty argument to be having. If you’re cold, wear a sweater. If you’re hot, take off a layer, or go for a walk outside if it’s cool. This stuff really isn’t rocket science!

#10 Ornaments. Uber trad, or uber modern? Does one of you love dark woods and horse brasses and the other modern, sleek lines and Spartan minimalism? Does one fill their home full of family photos, porcelain statuettes, and cut glass, while the other thinks that even having a roof makes the place look cluttered?

Personal taste is such a hard thing to agree on, but if you can’t agree, then separate the rooms to decorate according to the whims of each. This way, each of you will have at least one space to be content within.

[Read: 8 ways to avoid the awkward tension after an argument]

Petty relationship irritations are usually insignificant affairs, but they can cause serious problems. Follow the advice above to make sure that something as silly as a forsaken toothpaste cap doesn’t end up leading to separation!

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David Cullen
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2 thoughts on “10 Immature Things Couples Fight about All the Time”

  1. Elly says:

    I don’t know if I made the right decision to move in with my bf. I mean I love him a lot and everything but since we live in the same house we argue all the time. It’s mostly the dishes and the division of chores. He just doesn’t seem to understand that I am tired too when I come from work and does nothing to help me with that. Luckily, I found this article and I can use some advice right now.

  2. Petty wap says:

    My girlfriend and I have been dating for just over 2 months now. I have known her for several years before we started dating, so i know what its like to be around her when shes drunk, and before this last month or so I had never really seen this side of her. We both enjoy drinking, and alot of the times the night goes by fine and we get along great and everything is exactly how I like it. But lately, she has started to become very mean when she drinks. She will do stuff to intentionally make me mad and I hate it. For instance, the other night we were at a bar with our friends and some guys buy her single friend and her a shot. Maybe I am too guarded but I whispered to her not to take the shot, however right after saying that, she took the shot. I was mad about it, but whatever I wasnt going to let that ruin the night. But then about 15 minutes later I get back from talking to my friend and she is over there talking to the guys who bought her a shot. Am I wrong for getting really pissed at this? We made eye contact and she clearly can see that I am mad about it, yet she continues to talk to the guys. The night went on and I was in a bad mood for the rest of the night. When we got back to our friends house is where things got really bad. She was really drunk and I was mad, but I was trying to talk and fix things because I hate when we fight. She wouldnt talk to me and locked herself in the bathroom. She says she did that because she doesnt like people watching her get sick. I check up on her about ten times in the next hour and a half and every time I do she gets mad and tells me to go away. Eventually she comes out of the bathroom asking for her car keys trying to leave. I wouldnt give them to her because she was in no shape to drive and she threw a fit and went back to the bathroom, eventually texting me saying we are done and shes breaking up with me. At this point i am fed up and tired and just go to sleep. When the morning rolls around however she comes to me upset and apologizing for the whole night. She said she hadnt got that drunk in a long time and is really sorry. I guess I just dont really know how to handle it all. I have told her before that these fights have to stop or things are not going to work out. Its very frustrating because when we do get along I could not be happier. Things feel like they are perfect, its just when these drunk fights come along. I guess do you guys have any advice on what I can say to her to get her to understand that the way shes acting isnt ok? or am I stupid for forgiving her so easily every time we get in these drunken fights? She just graduated college last may and is now starting grad school. She says that she has never been so stressed before and she thinks that is why she gets in these mean drunk modes.

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