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Flirty Text Messages and Friends

flirty text messages

Exchanging flirty text messages with a friend can be quite an arousing rush. Learn to use flirty texts to bring in a lot of sensual chemistry between the both of you with these tips.

If you want a few sneaky and sexy tips on flirty texts, click here to read the introduction on how to text flirt.

As we’ve seen in the introductory post, it’s really easy to start exchanging flirty text messages with a friend.

Well, as long as you know how to start getting flirty at the right time, that is.

We’ll talk more about these flirty texts and friendships in this feature, and how texts can affect two friends.

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Flirty text messages between friends

Once you’ve learnt how to start flirt texting each other, it’s only a matter of time before one thing leads to another.

No matter what, exchanging flirty texts with a friend has a snowball effect.

Once you start it, there’s really not much you can do but go with the roll.

You can’t stop, and you seriously can’t predict what could happen in future.

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It’s quite hard to completely predict if the flirty text messages you share with your friend can lead to something sexual between friends, but in most cases, yep, it does.

But then again, the snowball can come to a stop if someone gets distracted along the way!

Flirty text messages and sex

When you exchange flirty texts with a friend, and mention something like “I wonder how you look naked…” or “what color is your underwear…” it’s pretty obvious to your friend that you’re visualizing a picture of your friend at that moment. [Read: Tips to start talking dirty]

And when your flirty text partner replies back with something, either naughty or flirty, it just shows reciprocation. This can happen every now and then, and may even get bolder with each passing night.

Now if you flirt outrageously at night, and meet each other the next morning, there will obviously be a lot of blushing when you catch each other’s eye. On the outside, it might seem like you’re embarrassed, but in your mind, it is actually an acknowledgement that you enjoyed the previous night’s flirty text messages!

Taking flirty text messages to the next level

This could happen more often, until one fine day, one of you work up the courage to flirt text back, saying that you want to try out that steamy fantasy in reality. Or it might just happen sometime, when it’s just the both of you out somewhere, and the scene is clear. It can also happen when both of you have had one too many shots to drink. [Read: How to have sex with a friend]

But don’t try pushing your luck to make these flirt text fantasies come true because it is meant to be fun, and it may just be fun in the end.

Is your friendship at stake?

At the start, the naughty flirting might seem like fun, and both of you look forward to text flirt with each other every night, but it can have its rough edges. It’s hard to predict whether this secret flirty texting would jeopardize your friendship, but everything depends on how much you push your luck.

You could leave all the flirting for those messages at night and behave normally during the day. [Quiz: Are you a sex buddy potential?]

But on the other hand, if you try making those moves off the phone, your flirting text partner might comply and you might hit it off as a couple or worse, as sex buddies!

But if your flirty text partner backs away when you voice your naughty sexual thoughts, you could call the whole texting game quits and forget about having another carefree conversation with your friend because things will just not be the same after that! [Read: How to be just friends]

So either ways, some things can blow if you cross the fine line between flirty text messages and reality. So think twice about voicing your mind, or even better, think a lot more than just twice before you send that text asking someone to describe what they’re wearing while sleeping in bed!

Flirty messages and saving friendships

As much as you’d love to participate in a round of frisky finger flirting, it’s easier to avoid complications if you just avoid those thoughts, especially with a good friend. Use those naughty tacky lines for the ones you meet or hook up in key parties or orgy nights.

If you do find a text that’s provocative in your inbox one night, try avoiding it. But if you want to indulge in a bit of harmless flirty text messaging, then go ahead and have fun, but avoid anything that’s overly sexual in nature, however tempting it may seem. Talking dirty and flirting could actually be more fun, and something that you could indulge in even when you meet each other in person, as long as either of you don’t cross the line of flirting and border on sexual tension.

So the next time you see a message asking you to describe what you’re wearing to bed, you have two options. One, you text the color of your underwear. Or two, you send a message that says “Y dnt u ask ur mum? lol! Gdnght”

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Flirty text messages are fun and can add just that little bit of chemistry in friendship, but should you take it beyond flirting? That’s a text you’ll have to decide on!

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