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Quiz: Would you be Unfaithful to your Partner?

Will I be Unfaithful to my Partner-

Can you live through the temptation?

You may be happiest in love, but there will come a time when primal urges draw you towards someone else, someone dashing or bewitching. Could you survive through the trap of lust, or would you succumb in it? Take this quiz alone, and you’d know if you have a potential cheating heart beating inside your chest.

Find out if you would ever cheat on your partner, either when they’re busy with their friends and work, or when you bump into an ex or an old crush.

P.S. This quiz won’t lie.


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46 thoughts on “Quiz: Would you be Unfaithful to your Partner?”

  1. Nice guy says:

    WTF my result says I’ll Screw in a Blink. Dunno if i’am that bad. I guess i can blame my privates, am a nice guy.

  2. Seri says:

    It would depend on what counts as being unfaithful to your partner. A kiss- no, but a one night affair or an ongoing affair would definitely mean he’s unfaithful.

    BTW after this quiz I see that I am a Completely, Truly Loyal Dog. LOL!

  3. Ginger says:

    Whoops! Thank God my guy wasn’t around when I took this quiz!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. Gwen says:

    My boyfriend and I got the same answer! Loyal as a Dog! Hooray! Guess that makes us perfect, doesn’t it?

  5. Hero says:

    No @Gwen, I ges that makes one of you a Liar! LOL!

  6. Steven Berry says:

    What is funny in the weirdest sense of the word..Is I never would cheat on my spouse..and yes there were times I could have done the deed..I was in sales..many times out of town..overnight trips..lots of women maybe available..but she would have picked up on my lies before they were even hatched..Towards the end of my marriage , she revealed that she thought I had been unfaithful..I was shocked..But I learned another truth ..Some times the guilt one carry’s for their own compromises ..Have to have a reasoning point..Otherwise the guilt and shame of that hard lie will drive you crazy..o

  7. Linder says:

    THIS IS SOOOOO TRUEEEEEEE!! Every word of it is true!!! πŸ™‚

  8. JOLYN says:

    I’m a true loyal dog..sometimes if your having an affair w/ someone, it doesn’t mean that your not loyal..
    still your real partner is the one you trully loves..

  9. Ceecee says:

    I don’t think I would screw in a blink–I’m too introverted. I took this quiz because I was curious. It’s a shame, really: maybe I would’ve tested “loyal as a dog” a few years back, before my husband fooled around with the neighborhood trash and some hookers while I was pregnant. The entire neighborhood knew about it, and I guess I was the joke of the whole street. I guess now I know why he cried during our wedding. I’m sure he knows it could never be the same after he did that. If I did cheat it would be exactly what he deserves.

  10. Zack Dipper says:

    i rigged the test, but only on the first question and the one with spin the bottle, I would have kissed her, …probably… i think

  11. Alice says:

    Aha, nice. “A completely, truly loyal dog” it says. It’s true that I refuse to cheat – I could gradually break up with someone to be with someone else, and maybe regret it later. But no two timing, no.
    Thank you for entertaining me for a few minutes. πŸ™‚

  12. kinkyfantasies says:

    A completely, truly loyal Dog

    yes i’m seeking for a true soul mate and i’d rather be single if i can’t achieve that. i’m financially secure and can make my choice.

  13. Jossylicious says:

    Promiscuous is my middle name….I am careful and never wanna get caught!!!!!!!!!! Damn..thats cool

  14. Lai says:

    Woooh! I was shocked.. that the answer was soooo right. I mean, I am definitely loyal. :”> He’s not here but i’m so happy with the result. SO TRUE.

  15. Shelly says:

    So I’m promiscuous ? What’s so wrong with that? My guy and I are in a solid relationship. We care for each other deeply. Do we love each other? Yeah, I guess we do. For us, we understand the difference between love and sex. I enjoy sex! Some days we make love, other times we just like to get it on. Sometimes we will invite a third person of either sex into our bedroom. He also understands that I am out in the town during business hours and if I meet someone interesting………? I always come home. Guess I am.

  16. acr says:

    I just knew it even before I started the quiz. I’m always loyal and true enough the quiz didn’t lie. Being in a long distance relationship, it is really hard to be thousand miles away but I just have to be strong until the day we meet again.

  17. anna says:

    This is so true. I’m loyal as a dog. Despite the distance, i will always remain loyal to my one and only love.

  18. empress says:

    its a good thing my friend wasn’t around when I took this quiz!!

  19. Sakinah (South Philly) says:

    Conflict between love and lust are my results..I am a flirt..but I won’t cheat..

  20. TMCLA says:

    Loyal dog – not sure if I like the terminology, but if I go out with someone, it’s not to mess around with them.

  21. HSF says:

    I got conflict between love and lust. Seems appropriate lol. But I’m can gladly say faithful and loyal.

  22. Anon says:

    Loyal as a dog indeed, for whatever it matters. But you know what? I don’t think this quiz really gets to the bottom of it. If my partner and I were still together, I think we would both be comfortable being more flirtatious with members of the opposite sex, because we would have such a strong and implicit bond of trust, I would not feel nearly so insecure. Unfortunately, it is not easy for such pure trust to remain in such a hurtful and deceitful world… I speak truly, if I ever manage to recover enough of myself to open myself to love again, then surely, after the next time, I will be through with this life.

  23. Shonty says:

    Loyal as a dog! Nice! πŸ™‚

  24. Danny says:

    Now hear me out, I answered honestly and got truly, loyal
    dog, I have cheated, only once in my life, because I wanted
    to make girl feel nice. It’s because all my life I’ve tried to do
    best to please women(toilet seat down and all that) yet I always
    got treated kinda bad, taken advantage of n stuff, so I just listened
    To my heart n did it…WELL. I’m still with my girl, 6 years n never
    have never said a word. I devote my time as all through my life to
    Trying to make her as happy n content as possible and I’m prepared
    to live with guilt as punishment for not confessing, her feelings mean
    to much to me to hurt them, but I have feelings too…RANT OVER!
    P.s. sorry to the women who have been cheated on..

  25. Lunietun says:

    Conflict between love and lust..so damn true

  26. Mrs.Ebert :3 says:

    i am loyal. never will i ever cheat on my fiance we live 80 miles apart and see each other when ever possible.. but he has doubts that i wont always be true to him

  27. Ms. Perfect says:
  28. Jack says:

    Apparently promiscuous is my middle name ?! wtf?

  29. charles says:

    Mine said I was Promiscuous. Lol, I would say thats pretty close to how I am feeling.

  30. Atma says:

    This quiz isn’t quite ‘fair’… many things say ‘its ok’ or ‘its not cheating if..’ which is BS.

    A little kissing and fondling is CHEATING, its not as bad as dipping the dog, but its still cheating. Being ’emotionally invested’ in another is ALSO cheating. I guess today people just have so many ‘it’s ok if’ rules that honestly, just ‘justify’ being horrible people.

    I have no partner right now, but all my previous partners I was 100% faithful to except one, and that one I will always feel guilty for… like I’m always at risk of cheating, so now I try to look at ANY relationship as ‘a possible forever’ deal, and never stray. Not many like that in the world anymore, since now being promiscuous with everyone you can be, is just ‘normal’ and the real ‘faithful’ people are ‘abnormal’

  31. Abruey says:

    Loyal as a dog? So not true. I’ve actually flirted with a couple of other guys before…maybe dated one behind his back. But I promised myself I wouldn’t DATE any other guy anymore..but I didn’t say anything about flirting. πŸ˜‰

  32. sebastian varghese says:

    Yes, i am loyal to my partner. After all, beauty is in the beholders’ eye and in my eyes, my partner is the most beautiful.


    Here is the way it is. If you have a lady you must right from the start tell her what you feel an the things you enjoy doing an if she like to join in also. Never be A LIER OR HIDE THINGS . YOU MUST BE HONEST TO HER AN ALSO TO YOUR SELF. . No it is not vain, or ego or how many you can get. It is just doing an telling g the truth to your love one an if she an you have the same feeling azbout going out an fucking with some new friend an no one gets hurt an it is all up front. An most of all in any thing, with two people, man & woman Communication, is the key nto a happy life an good understanding. Did you know that a hooker or lady of the night or female that makes her living in the oldest profession in the world,, She will fuck any man or person BUT SHE WILL ONLY LOVE ONE MAN. YES THIS IS TRUE. iF YOU DON’T BE LEAVE ME YOU SHOULD TALK TO A LADY THAT DOES THAT TYPE OF WORK AN IF YOUR REAL LUCKY TALK TO HER LOVING MAN! YOU WILL SEE A HAPPY AN FULFILLED PERSON AN COUPLE! iT IS REALLY SOMETHING WHEN YOU MEET PERSON THAT DO PORN WITH EACH OTHER AN THERE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER.. Making Great money an doing what feels good tol them also. Oh an the market is still growing an get this , the life size love dolls. You will be seeing places where you can go in an rent time with the doll an do your what ever. An the person that has the house of love dolls is making great money an there is no spread of things, an every one is happy! Yes they have them in Japan! Men an lady’s go to make there Sex wants come true .

  34. poky says:

    A completely, truly loyal Dog

    Are there still people like you on planet earth? Whew

  35. megan says:

    conflict between love and lust- yea maybe, so ill gonna cheat. i need to be careful, try to avoid.

  36. Andrez Aritra says:

    Oh Thank Gid , am a true loyal dog….i luv u sweetie….i loved u for eight years and m going to love u always in future. Promise !!te amo dulce.

  37. Doug says:

    Got conflict between love and lust.
    Been married (to the same woman) for going on 19 years, there’s just no passion anymore.
    Her hormones are screwed up to the point that all I ever get anymore is a kiss goodnight and maybe get to touch breasts – BUT THAT’S IT, NO MORE!! not sure I’d want to touch more what with the almost constant yeast infections.
    I’m dedicated and devoted to her and would never cheat in a physical sense, but am currently emailing back and forth with a woman online that I’ve never met

  38. Maria says:

    I got loyal as a dog and I am currently involved in an extramarital affair. I do feel like I am cheating on my lover when I have sex with my husband though. πŸ˜‰ I really wasn’t looking to get into this situation but met a guy at work and one thing led to another.. My marriage was horrible at the time and it was pretty much over in my mind.

  39. angeline says:

    A completely, truly loyal Dog

    Are there still people like you on planet earth? Whew

  40. monkeyman360 says:

    I answered for my ex based on the actions that I saw. Sure enough she is as promiscuous as they get. Her skills are so good that she can bend and twist everyone’s perception such that she has never been seen as guilty and that she was the one that was hurt by every man.

  41. Mr. Bation says:

    I got “Conflict between Love and Lust”.

    I’m ashamed to admit that this is accurate. I was always very faithful in my relationships, but like for all men, having a girlfriend *always* makes other women desire you more. I often took dance classes and my girlfriend didn’t. She was fine with me dancing with other women, since dance classes have strict boundaries. Not that those women came on to me sexually, but they were so warm, bubbly, and affectionate, that it took me a lot of mental effort to block out the naughty thoughts. My last girlfriend, by contrast, as great a person as she was, was usually kind of emotionally flat.

    Two things always stopped me: (1) I’d have a guilty conscience, which my girlfriend would figure out and confront me, and (2) My car will get vandalized if I cheat on my girlfriend. I have a car alarm and comprehensive insurance, but replacing a car is still a big hassle. So I always stuck it out faithfully until the breakup.

  42. Eric says:

    I’m always doing these silly little quiz’s butt some of them are based on sound psychological methods.
    OMG, people always tell me I’m an out’n’out Gemini, always looking for something else when my interest wanes. Just done the “would you be unfaithful to your partner” quiz and it says I’d screw in a blink … after being married for 10 years I’d have though that I’d be past that, if that’s what honesty in a quiz does to you I’d better get down to the chemist for that gross of condoms πŸ™‚

  43. Faithful says:

    I got a completely, truly loyal Dog. I am in love the man that I have been with over 6 years & have not been with anyone else since I realized that I was in love with him. He’s the only man that I want or need.

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