Why Men Hate Using Condoms and Why You Need One!

why men hate condoms

Men hate using condoms, period. The thought of wearing that slimy ring can actually make a man shrivel up at first sight. But should you skip wearing a condom just for that added pleasure of unprotected lovemaking?

There isn’t one man on planet earth who doesn’t hate wearing a condom while engaging in a lustful rendezvous. Come on, admit it guys, we all hate it.

If you can honestly say to yourself that you enjoy wearing a condom while making love, then there’s something seriously weird about you.

For starters, the fact that you enjoy having latex wrapped around your trouser snake! Your make-out adventures can’t be all that fun if your condom is the only thing that turns you on.

All men hate condoms. Condoms are so darn restrictive. It’s as bad as a speed restrictor that holds you at 80mph on your Bugatti Veyron when you want to touch 250mph on an Autobahn.

It’s depressing, and not to mention a complete letdown. You’re not feeling free, you’re not feeling natural.

Actually, you’re not really there. The condom’s the lucky thing that’s doing the girl. You’re just in it doing the locomotion, aren’t you? Ever given that a thought?

When you wear a condom, you never actually are having sex. You’re kissing and licking her, but are you having sex with her? Whoa there, boy, you really are not having sex. It’s the condom that gets to tickle the girl down there.

Let’s look at a comparison here. If you’re cleaning the dirtiest, most disgusting stains off your after-party bathroom floor, you wear rubber gloves for your hand, don’t you?

You do that knowing that it’s not you doing the dirty work, it’s the glove that takes all the dirt, and you’re still all clean. Now think of the condom, it’s really the same thing, isn’t it? Only this time, it’s for pleasure. And women ask us why men hate using condoms!

Imagine this, you’re laying there on this bed, your hot partner is wearing a thong asking you to enter her where the sun doesn’t shine, you get that giddy feeling of being naughty. All your barriers are down and you remove your clothes faster than a cheetah on coke.

Slowly, slowly, you inch closer to the present in front of you. Your hands start to move up her thighs and you’re about to unwrap that present right in front of you. As soon as your hands get to third base, they start to tremble with excited anticipation. You know what awaits you.

You can’t hold it in any longer and you yank off that thong like a child opening up a birthday present. And there appears the very thing your mini-me has been waiting to penetrate for the last few minutes, or since forever. Removing that thong is like getting a gate pass to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, only this time, there’s way more than just chocolate in there.

She entices you closer, removing your boxers and revealing your rock hard pencil. You’re within a whisker of entering the tunnel of love and while you wait for the green light to flash, the most dreaded moment occurs. Your prey puts her hand in her handbag, and removes a small square packet that looks like a free sachet of sugar from a fast food joint.

Your eyes open up and you feel as though there’s something definitively coming in the way, between you and your intended target. The adrenalin rush slightly wanes as you move closer to her, but she’s more interested in this small square packet. It then hits you where it hurts.

That small item is, yes, it’s the dreaded, weird smelly latex ring that looks more like the free balloon a kid receives in a goody bag from a party. Your eyes say ‘No’ but your mind says ‘I have to’. But still, you just don’t give a damn about how you’re going to do it, you just want to do it.

Even your sausage jockey looks disgusted and shrivels back an inch at the thought of being suffocated by this dreaded latex thing that has more lubricant on it than a jar of Vaseline.

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12 thoughts on “Why Men Hate Using Condoms and Why You Need One!”

  1. Anna says:

    I prefer using this thing to protect myself from various diseases. most men think that ‘nothing bad can happen to me’. But bad things DO happen so why not be carefull.

  2. charlie irving says:

    No wonder allot of people have STDS these days careless sex is a no no. A long term relationship where both couple have been tested is ok if you don

  3. Rady says:

    What a horrible article! Are you trying to get people to not use condoms?!

  4. Dirk says:

    I have to agree with the comments. Before reading this article I never really considered it a big deal to wear a condom. After the read, I now have the image of a rubber doing my woman instead of me. Mr condom has become a competitor in the field of satisfying my & her needs. Please remove the article before any more males get the same idea.

  5. Saber says:

    This is disgusting. Condoms are a way of protecting both yourself and the woman from STDs, STIs and pregnancies. How dare you think it’s a ‘disgusting icky ring that gets all the fun.’ The woman is trying to protect herself and you paint it like you’ve been punched in the balls. You’re lucky she even let you be anywhere near her with an attitude like that. I agree with the other comments. Take this awful article down. This is spreading the worst kind of message to everyone everywhere.

  6. Eve A says:

    I came across this article because I recently had a man enter me without a condom. I asked to get one and he still kept on without one. finally i got demanding and he tore apart his room to find one. Eventually he got one on. the same men who don’t care enough about about women to make wear a condom will also be the ones who don’t know what a clitoris is and won’t give you an orgasm! they basically don’t care about you. period. we women have the most to lose and need to steer clear of men like the man who wrote this article that are oblivious to the risks they expose us to. If you can’t get off with a condom on what about a hand job with lube or even oral sex is less risky than intercourse. If a man doesn’t care enough to protect your body (and his own) you need to get the f*ck away from him.

  7. Pop King says:

    “weird smelly latex ring”
    If you don’t like the smell (I don’t), use non-latex condom, easy to find in any supermarket. You really have no excuses. Then carry them with you all the time.

  8. nicholas says:

    I’m a guy and condoms are a must. not wearing one is just ignorant. and eve is right!

  9. Stephanie says:

    I just got out of a 4 year realationship and not even 3 days later I hear he is havering sex with two other woman. Long story short him and I have been through a lot the past year maybe of him trying to find himself . I’m an awesome girlfriend hands down. No drama I trust you I love you. Whatever u want it is yours . Well 2 months ago I found out I had clymidia but we deprecated 4 weeks before that and I also messed around . Anyways I sat there and thought for a week . I used protection . He doesn’t I just know . Broke my f”‘!?/( heart. Now that we r brown. Up he has been with so many woman I’ve heard and I know damn well he isn’t using protection. I have since been checked. But my question is how could a man just run around from hoe to hoe not caring what he gets? Even though he knows why he had given to me? What about aids? Herpes? And these woman are well nasty. He’s just picking anyone
    That is my question. I want to know if he needs help? That’s not him. Not caring. These so much going on I haven’t told u either

    Oh ps. We don’t talk we have been over about a month but 4 years together I would help him get help. And also he is drinking . I just feel disgusted men can think it’s okay to have sex with woman and not care about what they r catching . .

  10. Hannah says:

    I don’t get what the problem is with these people in the comment section but I found this article humorous and informative lol everyone’s taking it so seriously, chill out people 😛

  11. Mike says:

    The 10 seconds it takes to put on a condom are well worth the 10 years of pretending to like soccer…

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