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Intercultural Relationships
Intercultural Relationships: 15 Things that Make Them So Magical

Researchers predict most people will engage only in intercultural relationships within the next hundred years. Here are 15 reasons they’re right.

Uncertainty in a Relationship
Uncertainty in a Relationship: The Hidden and Unexpected Dangers

Relationship uncertainty is a normal and exciting part of a relationship, sometimes. But they hold many reasons why it’s dangerous for you.

how to show love

How to Show Love: 15 Sweet Gestures to Express Love without Words

The one thing that can ruin an otherwise perfect relationship isn’t what you may think. Here’s how to show love and save your relationship.

how to fall back in love

How to Fall Back in Love: 10 Little Steps to Rekindle the Flame

Acknowledging you might have fallen out of love with your partner is hard for anyone, but all is not lost. Here is how to fall back in love again.

Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

25 Relevant and Important Questions to Ask Your Significant Other

When we’re in love, we don’t even see our partner’s faults. But as the infatuation wears off, consider these questions to ask your significant other.

Rushing into Commitment

Rushing into Commitment? 10 Grim Signs You Might Just Regret It

You might be contemplating moving in with your partner, getting married, or just making things official. But are you rushing into commitment?

Tumultuous Relationship

Tumultuous Relationship: 15 Ways to Deal with a Messy Romance

Relationship ups and downs are perfectly normal. However, extreme fluctuations are a huge red flag and the warning signs of a tumultuous relationship.

Highly Sensitive Person

Dating a Highly Sensitive Person: 20 Things You Just Can’t Ignore

Being a highly sensitive person is not a weakness or a curse, and when dating one of these caring souls, it’s important to keep these pointers in mind.

Deadly Sins of Relationships

The 7 Deadly Sins of Relationships that Ruin Romance for Good

The 7 deadly sins of a healthy relationship may seem obvious at first, but are you sure you aren’t committing any of them? Let’s take a closer look.

couple time

Couple Time: 11 Signs You Spend Way Too Much Time Together

You wake up and the first face you see is your partner’s. You breakfast, run, and shower together. If you’re never apart, it might harm your relationship.

want to fall in love

Want to Fall in Love? Change these 8 Self-Sabotaging Habits

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?” If you want to fall in love but haven’t yet, you might be looking in the wrong places.

what is courting

What Is Courting? 12 Reasons Why It’s Way Better than Dating

Courting is something people did a hundred years ago. What is courting, you ask? Did they know something we didn’t? Perhaps they had it right!