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Stonewalling in a Relationship: 15 Signs & Best Ways to Fix It ASAP

Communication will always be key, which is why stonewalling in a relationship can be bad. But how can you overcome or prevent doing this to your partner?

Dating Multiple People: The Stress-Free Way to Have Fun Doing It

You might wonder why you’d ever think of dating multiple people. But it happens and can even be healthy! Here’s everything you need to know about this.


Lithromantic: What It Means & 15 Signs You Might Be One

What does lithromantic mean? Well, if you find yourself crushing on people, but backing off at the first sign of reciprocation, you may already know.

Selfless Love: 18 Traits that Sets It Apart from Selfish Love

The concept of selfless love is a complicated one. To be truly selfless, you have to put others first and that sometimes means making difficult decisions.

emotional attraction

Emotional Attraction: 22 Signs You Have It and Why It’s Essential

If there’s one thing all successful relationships need, it’s emotional attraction. Learn why it’s important and how to know you have it.

How to React When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things

How to Remain Calm When Your Spouse Says Hurtful Things

When your spouse says hurtful things it is easy to overreact and take it personally. Instead, learn how to remain calm and work through the situation.

Guilt Tripping in a Relationship

Guilt Tripping in a Relationship: What It Is & How to Respond to It

Do you know how guilt tripping in a relationship works? Here’s what it is, the examples you need to understand it and the right ways to respond to it!

signs of emotional maturity

Signs of Emotional Maturity: 20 Traits To Look For in Someone

Emotional maturity isn’t a complicated therapist term. It is the key to any healthy relationship. How can you spot the signs of emotional maturity?

How to be a Good Partner in a Relationship

15 Rules to be a Good Partner in a Relationship & Wow Your Lover

Your partner may be flawed, but are you truly perfect? Learn how to be a good partner before you point out your partner’s flaws.

words of affirmation

Words of Affirmation: How to Use Them & 20 Examples to Say It Right

Using words of affirmation in the right way can help your partner to feel loved and helps you to feel connected. Of course, this needs to work both ways!

Signs of Jealousy

How to Recognize the Signs of Jealousy in Someone & Guide Them Out

Jealousy is a nasty part of any relationship. Learn how to recognize the signs of jealousy and work through them to prevent manipulation and dysfunction.

triangulation in a relationship

Triangulation in a Relationship: What It Is & How It’s Used to Hurt

Relationships are complicated things, but what happens when you add a third wheel? So, what is triangulation, and how can it damage your relationship?

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