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Triangulation in a Relationship: What It Is & How It’s Used to Hurt

Relationships are complicated things, but what happens when you add a third wheel? So, what is triangulation, and how can it damage your relationship?

40 Very Deep Questions To Ask Someone Before You Get Close to Them

The right kind of deep questions to ask someone can reveal their perspective on life, and who they really are. Try these questions, and see for yourself!

feeling lonely in a relationship

Why You’re Feeling Lonely in a Relationship & What to Do About It

Loneliness is difficult because it makes you feel so isolated. But, honestly, is there anything worse than feeling lonely in a relationship?

How to Commit to a Relationship & Show Your Partner You’re Serious

How to Commit to a Relationship & Show Your Partner You’re Serious

You want to show this person that you’re ready to commit, but how? Well, you’re about to find out how to commit to a relationship.

Qualities of a Healthy Relationship

The 12 Qualities of a Healthy Relationship that Keep Couples Happy

Relationships are a lot of work. But, if together you have these qualities of a healthy relationship covered, then you’re on the right path to harmony.

Addicted to a Relationship

20 Signs You’re Addicted to a Relationship & Slowly Losing Yourself

You may not know that you can be addicted to a relationship, but you can. Like any addiction, the reality of it isn’t good.

how to spot gaslighting

How to Spot Gaslighting in a Relationship & Shut It Down for Good

The manipulation you can endure in a relationship is brutal, but if you can learn how to spot gaslighting in your relationship, you can shut it down.

how to be patient in a new relationship

How to Be Patient in a New Relationship & Avoid Risking a New Love

New relationships are a minefield and rushing things never ends well. Learn how to be patient in a new relationship and actually enjoy the process!

Being Complacent in a Relationship

Being Complacent in a Relationship: Is Your Romance Wearing Off?

It’s normal to become comfortable with a partner, but what about when you become complacent in a relationship? Is it the beginning of the end? 

how to stick up for yourself in a relationship

How to Stick Up for Yourself in a Relationship and Know Your Worth

To achieve harmony, you please your partner by being agreeable to what they want. Eventually, you must learn how to stick up for yourself in a relationship.

How to Handle Pandemic Stress

How to Handle Pandemic Stress: Don’t Take It Out on Your Partner

Are you feeling the strain of lockdown and restrictions? Learn how to handle pandemic stress and avoid relationship issues.

election wars

Election Wars! Disagreeing With Your Partner on the Election

What do you do when you side with one candidate, and your partner is all about the other? Stay calm and avoid relationship-based election wars!

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