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Orgasmic Insuck: Powerful Orgasms & Easier Fertilization?

Trouble getting pregnant—or just figuring it out? Enter: orgasmic insuck. While it sounds like a life-sucking vortex, it may benefit your sex life.

orgasmic insuck

We all know what male orgasms are for: the introduction of sperm into the uterus in order to fertilize an egg. But what, exactly, is the purpose of a female orgasm?

The fact is that women can get pregnant without orgasms—and even when they’re on their period. It would be understandable to think that orgasms aid in the conception process, but that’s hardly the case, knowing that you can get pregnant without them.

So, what exactly is it for, aside from giving women an explosive burst of nerve stimulation that makes their eyes roll back and their toes curl? The answer? Orgasmic insuck.

What is orgasmic insuck?

To put it simply, orgasmic insuck is a change in pressure between the uterus and the vagina that involves a peristaltic action, which *theoretically* allows women to choose whether or not the sperm will go into their uterus.

Bear in mind that it’s not about choosing which sperm looks best. I mean, how the hell can you even find out if it’s a good batch? Instead, it is a biological reflex that signals whether or not a woman wants to be impregnated by a man. It’s pretty obvious, when you think about how orgasms work.

When you like a person and they manage to elicit a primal reaction from your body, you will have an orgasm. When you don’t like a person, it is difficult to arouse any stimulation no matter what they do, thereby failing to achieve any sort of orgasm.

This happens not just in humans, but also in animals like rats, cows, dogs, rabbits, horses, and macaques. This gives us more insight into how mammals adapt to the reproduction cycle. If you want a baby with someone you like, an orgasm will help. If not, you might not get pregnant at all.

The process of orgasmic insuck

To give you a clearer understanding of the mechanism of orgasmic insuck, here is the step-by-step process:

#1 Stimulation. This is the period where the sexual response cycle starts. In this stage, a woman’s body is preparing for orgasm, and building arousal. Although there are times when women mistake this for an orgasm, this is only the beginning stage of the orgasmic process.

#2 Plateau. This is when you start to feel the build-up of an orgasm. Unless you actually achieve one, it will only serve as an unresolved wave of pleasure.

#3 The First Wave. This is when the orgasm finally occurs. If you’re not familiar with how it works, you can end up with one huge contraction and proceed directly to resolution. Fortunately, one wave has enough force to instigate an orgasmic insuck. [Read: 10 tips women need to follow for a mind blowing orgasm]

#4 The Succeeding Waves. If you know how to prolong your orgasm, you will experience several consecutive contractions that may aid in increasing the negative pressure in your vagina and cervix. Once this happens, your vagina will pull a larger amount of sperm towards the cervical opening and the cervix will also suck in more sperm than it would have, had you not experienced an orgasm.

#5 Resolution. This is when the orgasm subsides. There is less pressure, but it is still occurring. It ends once the muscles inside your vagina relax completely.

How can orgasmic insuck help women?

According to the study, which used Hysterosalpingoscintigraphy (HSS) to record intrauterine pressure, those who experienced orgasmic insuck tended to draw more semen into their vagina. This, in turn, allowed more sperm to enter the cervix.

The results showed that those who showed increased pressure in their vagina produced higher pregnancy rates than those who did not. Judging by the findings, it seems that orgasmic insuck increases your chances of getting pregnant. [Read: Kegel exercises and why both men and women need to do it]

Since women can get pregnant without an orgasm, what’s the point of eliciting an orgasmic insuck? If you think about it, you’re dealing with a numbers game.

Getting pregnant is not a done deal. Many people, healthy or not, find it hard to get pregnant in this day and age. Due to the deterioration of the environment’s capacity for healthy living, many men and women have been experiencing fertility problems.

Orgasmic insuck may not be the best solution, but it can be a starting point for some of the people who have had problems getting pregnant. If a woman can confirm that she’s not really achieving an orgasm, then maybe a little bit of insuck can help her get pregnant. [Read: Egg freezing – FAQs and how it can help you]

What does this mean for men?

This can also be relevant for men whose sperm has low motility, or sperm that is not moving fast enough. The negative pressure created by insuck can reel them in, so to speak, and allow women to become pregnant.

The researchers concluded that the occurrence of orgasmic insuck may also help women who are undergoing In-Vitro Fertilization treatments. How they can elicit that in a fertility clinic is another story.

Still, there’s no guarantee that orgasmic insuck will work; it’s difficult to measure the pressure inside the fallopian tubes, where fertilization occurs. But judging by the amount of sperm that goes in the cervix, it can still make a huge difference.

How can you elicit orgasmic insuck?

To simplify it all, just go have awesome sex. Orgasmic insuck is directly proportional to the strength of your orgasm, which means that having one lays the groundwork for experiencing insuck. [Read: The awesome journey to having multiple powerful orgasms]

If you’re not sure whether or not your orgasm is strong enough, experiment and see how each of your orgasms differ. A strong orgasm can be felt by any woman who is sensitive down under. It’s basically a consecutive contraction inside the vagina that produces waves of pleasure.

In order to know if you’ve ever had an orgasm, the best method you can use is masturbation. Yes, your partner can help, but it’s better to see how it feels without a penis inside your vagina. That way, you can determine whether or not your orgasms during sex are powerful enough. [Read: How to masturbate – 14 sexy self pleasure tips for women]

There are people who may find this difficult, such as women who aren’t comfortable with masturbating, and women who are incapable of achieving an orgasm. Some women are anorgasmic, which means that they cannot achieve an orgasm—no matter what they try.

If you struggle to achieve orgasms regularly, orgasmic insuck is likely unattainable. Women in this situation might fare better using IV fertilization methods—but even IVF is not 100% guaranteed. For now, orgasmic insuck is beneficial only for those who can achieve actual orgasms.

[Read: 13 untold sex secrets you really need to know]

Now that you know what orgasmic insuck is, you may want to reconsider your birth control method or change your approach to pregnancy planning. Ask your doctor before changing your BC method, and remember: in this situation, practice is key. Get practicing!

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