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What Does a Vagina Feel Like? 21 Confessions From Men

The question, what does a vagina feel like, is what you would imagine a hormone-raged pubescent boy would ask. However, the ladies are no exception.

what does a vagina feel like

Being on the “receiving” end during sex, the experience is obviously different from their perspective. And they are undoubtedly equally curious about how their lady parts feel from their partner’s end of the business.

Answers to the question, what does a vagina feel like

While the general response from the bulk of responders is the expected “AWESOME” or “It feels really great,” we *and probably most male sex toy designers* would still like to get into the specific details.

We did so by consulting the so-called front page of the internet and solicited the creative answers of its experienced male populace. Here are the answers to the question, what does a vagina feel like. [Read: Female confessions – The feeling of oral sex for women]

#1 This analogy is probably the most hilariously accurate of them all.

“Rub your tongue on the inside of your bottom lip. Its feels like that but warmer, wetter and tighter, oh and it’s on your c*ck so it feels amazing.”

-SlyFox28 (via reddit)

#2 Some straight, informative answers.

“Like the inside of your mouth.”

-love2go (via reddit)

“Depends on the vagina. No two vaginas are alike. Oh sure, they all have that slippery/warm/moist feel, but some are more “ridgey,” some are more velvet, some are tighter, some more open, and some lubricate better than others.

From behind, it’s tighter, and you can feel your cock glide over a “ridge” at the front of the vagina that feels fucking awesome for both genders.” [Read: What does sex feel like for a woman? The 7 avenues of pleasure]

-unknown redditor (via reddit)

“It can vary wildly. At first entry, the opening can sometimes be clearly found, and other times there’s a bit of shoving involved. Either way… it’s electric. The first few thrusts feel like the life you once knew is over and the troubles you had a moment before will never matter again.

I’ve been inside a woman that had mastered Kegels. That should come with a warning label. That felt like a series of wet “OK” signs you’d make with your fingers moving back and forth. Do Kegels. [Read: Real pussy power – How to strengthen your vaginal muscles]

There’s also the physical and psychological pleasure of bottoming out. I have heard that it hurts, but that it’s a good pain. The feeling of striking a cervix is intense because that jolt often surprises a woman and makes her flex. That one is more like a hand grasping it all along.”

-tedcorp (via reddit)

It is amazing, and so much more amazing without a condom *but of course never on the first few go’s and only with someone you absolutely trust that is on birth control, where both of you are either very inexperienced or have been tested recently.* I’m new to sex but my girl is amazing.

It’s tight, warm, wet, and soft, with titillating “ridgey” texture. It’s like having your dick hugged from every direction. Once you are inside it feels like this moment is the only thing that matters or ever will matter, your problems, fears, insecurities, everything just vanishes. It is better than every drug I could ever imagine.”

-unknown redditor (via reddit)

Bumpy with ridges to start out then squishy the further you go. Very warm, very wet. Nothing better in this world.”

-unknown redditor (via reddit)

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“It’s just the warmest, smoothest, feeling. Essentially feels the same as wanking, but imagine your hand being a gorgeous woman moaning on top of you, her vaginal muscles contracting and milking your dick with a lube of the perfect temperature, slickness, oh and there’s the feeling of just pleasing someone with your dick, is so addictive.”

-mrtommins (via reddit)

#3 There are also succinct but hilarious descriptions of their personal experience.

“Like a warm, wet hug.”

-TomBonner1 (via reddit)

“Like a sweaty hot taco”

-Cyloke (via reddit)

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“Like a microwaved, wet, beach towel.”

-kwjiboner (via reddit)

“A velvet bag of puppy dog ears.”

-Concretia (via reddit)

“Like opening the window and fucking the night.”

-VaginalFungus (via reddit)

“Like f*cking a Jar of Mayonnaise”

-SirBoris (via reddit)

“It’s like I’ve taken clothes out of the dryer and outfitted my penis perfectly.”

-vedderer (via reddit)

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#4 And let’s not forget the reference from a beloved movie classic.

“Warm Apple Pie.”

-Parrk (via reddit)

#5 These guys got a little poetic in their description.

“It’s your dick’s version of jumping in a hot shower after being out in the cold of winter. Like climbing into bed after a long day, like your favourite meal, eaten in your favourite place. It’s like finally having your house to yourself after having obnoxious house guests who’ve overstayed their welcome.

Physically, it feels like the softest fabric you can imagine dipped in oil and heated to 98 degrees, wrapped tight around your dick. I remember at first I found it to be almost unbearable, the heat on my dick. It actually hurt a bit. More like discomfort. Like sitting a little too close to a camp fire. But it’s something you quickly get used to.” [Read: The best lubricants for sex – 15 winners from the kitchen cupboard]

-uncle_ruckus12 (via reddit)

“A million times better than you imagine. It’s like sticking your penis in heaven.”

-unknown redditor (via reddit)

“It’s like a warm glove filled with massage oil, fit nice and snug. And once it’s in there I feel the fire of man burning deep within my chest.”

-nopooponme (via reddit)

“It would be like trying to describe color to the blind.”

-shankems2000 (via reddit)

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“Warm, moist, and wondrous.”

-Zhinenglaowai (via reddit)

“Being inside her is the closest you’ll ever get to true enlightenment and happiness.”

-chopmeatsandwich (via reddit)

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So what does a vagina feel like? Well, just like penises, not all vaginas are alike. Each come with their own quirks and little surprises. But despite that, we are pretty sure that all men would agree that being inside the warm, moist, and slimy insides of their lady is one of the most pleasurable experiences for them and their “thing.”

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