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20 Things That Are Best Done Naked at Home

Want to spice up your home life? Why not try doing any one of the following tasks in the nude—just make sure the curtains are shut first!

naked at home

From the day Adam and Eve decided to swap eternal paradise for the glory and majesty of a solitary apple, nudity is something that society has frowned upon across nearly every culture. Yet there is a certain liberty in stripping off at those times when it’s acceptable to do so: bathing, changing, etc.

So why do we rarely leave our clothes off within the privacy of our own homes?

Naked at home – The 20 best things you can do!

There are certain advantages to be had, some practical and some promoting more sensual pursuits when you’re walking around your place in the buff. The 20 best examples are as follows.

#1 Cleaning. Obviously we’re not talking hardcore cleaning, here. You wouldn’t want to risk your most intimate parts coming into contact with an industrial grinder! However, for light dusting and such, it makes perfect sense not to be dressed. After all, it saves a change of clothes. Also, when you’re attempting to clean all those hard-to-reach places, you might just give your partner a bit of a treat!

#2 Watching TV. Slouching around on the sofa, watching your favorite soaps and sports programs, why bother dressing? It would be far more comfortable to let it all hang out while you’re worshiping the goggle-box, and will keep you from being too warm, as the sofa slowly becomes a body-heat-reflecting radiator.

#3 Playing board games. We’re specifically talking about with a partner here, although if the group thing does it for you, then go ahead. Getting naked could actually be part of the game *think strip poker* or it could be that way from the start. Twister, anyone? [Read: 10 horny drinking games for naughty guys and girls]

#4 Meditating. Meditating takes a helluva lot of practice and concentration to get right. What you don’t need is an uncomfortable bunching-up of cloth pinching at your intimate areas midway through. It makes very good, practical sense being naked in this case.

#5 DIY. Many women will get a buzz from seeing their guy all naked, except for a hard-hat and tool belt. It’s like something out of a male stripper’s catalog. The same could, albeit less typically, work the other way around.

#6 Sleeping. A fairly obvious one, but a lot of people still don the full night time regalia when hitting the sack. If you’ve never dared to sleep naked before, give it a go. It’s liberating, comfortable, and more than a little bit sexy. [Read: 14 sexy benefits of sleeping you never knew!]

#7 Exercising. The perfect time to get your clothes off and be how nature intended. Why? Because you sweat like mad when you’re exercising. Being naked means you keep cooler, and you save yourself the bother of having to wash yet another set of clothes.

#8 Eating. This could be a pretty sexy pursuit to indulge in with a loved one. The Japanese even eat food off each other’s naked bodies, and while that could be a little extreme for many, they do say that variety is the spice of life!

#9 Cooking. Whilst this perfect partner to number 8 provides much the same in the way of visual and sensory stimulation, do please be careful to avoid fried food. Unless you want to end up a casualty with very intimate burns, that is. [Read: 10 awesome ways to make cooking with your partner so much more fun]

#10 Playing video games. This comes down to practical reasons again, especially if you’re a hardcore gamer who can easily spend a full day on the console. Clothes aren’t made to stay in that position on the sofa for so long, and nakedness provides a pleasant alternative to intimate chafing and rubbing.

#11 Washing the car. Only if you have a private garage or drive, of course. On a hot day, it makes a very pleasant diversion and could provide some fun time with a partner also. Time to get the hose out!

#12 Sunbathing. The reason for this is quite obvious; as well as saving your summer clothes from getting covered in sun screen, sunbathing naked means you’ll get a more even tan. Who knows? Done properly, you might even hook that neighbor you’ve always had your eye on. [Read: Real life public flashing confessions from our readers]

#13 Playing sports. As long as you have private grounds well away from prying eyes, a game of badminton or croquet could prove a very pleasant diversion. Of course, avoid the more active sports. Neither the male nor the female form can cope well with attempts to resist gravity, and the concept of snap-back can have some quite uncomfortable consequences.

#14 Painting and decorating. Painting ceilings, especially, can be very uncomfortable and any amount of lightening the load or reducing restriction is bound to help. So, try stripping your clothes before you strip the wallpaper!

#15 Web surfing. Pretty obvious, this one, for the same reasons as gaming and watching TV. There is an additional reason… but I’m sure this doesn’t need explaining. [Read: Porn and 11 other foreplay moves that work exceptionally well on men]

#16 Working. If you work from home, on the computer or otherwise, try doing it de-robed. Reduce the discomfort and increase the productivity.

#17 Practicing yoga. Stretching at full tilt, splayed limbs, and highly exposed flexing—and all done while naked. What’s not to like about that?

#18 Studying. When your brain’s operating at full capacity, and the stress of a deadline is getting to you, then it’s time to cool down—in more ways than one. Strip off, and let the air caress your “creative recesses.”

#19 Throwing dinner parties. This option is a bit risky, with just a touch of swinging, but if you’re comfortable enough with the attendees to attempt this, then what a great bit of fun that would turn out to be. Just make sure you agree on the boundaries first. There’s a big difference between nudism and an orgy! [Read: 30 dirty truth or dare questions to create a night you’ll never forget]

#20 Having sex. You might think that this goes without saying, but it’s amazing how many women still cling to their nightgowns when having sex, or men onto their vests and socks. Seriously, if you’re one of those, then try throwing caution to the wind and making love as nature intended. Not only will you avoid having to fight your way around a nylon mainsail at the crucial moment, but you’ll also increase the amount of skin contact that you have with your partner—a far more sensual option than dressing for a winter in Alaska.

[Read: 9 naughtiest sex parties you can safely have at home]

It’s amazing how easily domestic chores can be spiced up with a generous helping of nudity. Whether for practical or sensual reasons, go ahead and liberate your body with these 20 things best done—naked—at home.

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