Born in Singapore and raised in Canada to multi-racial parents, Gemma is a self-proclaimed travel and food junkie. Having traveled extensively around the world, Gemma has called Singapore, Bangkok, Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Lyon home. For the time being, she is located in Lyon, France, and is trying to figure out her next home base. She speaks fluent Mandarin, Thai, English, and French and is currently improving her conversational Italian skills. Although she prefers a life of free spirited travel than one spent cooped up in an office (who wouldn't?), she is currently bound to a desk. Even so, it involves writing, which makes the long hours under fluorescent lighting bearable. During her free time, you will probably find her off on an adventure seeking great books, good movies, and even better food.

Latest Features by Gemma Hsieh

get your life back on track

22 No-Nonsense Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track After a Big Change

Do you want to get back on track? Many people have been there, and sometimes it might feel impossible, but it’s not. Here’s how you can do it.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
13 Inspiring Ways to Bring Out the Best In Yourself

29 Inspiring Ways & Reasons to Bring Out the Best In Yourself

Do you want to know how to bring out the best in yourself? Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you might think. We have all the tips you need to thrive.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
mean person

23 Signs of a Mean Person, Why They’re Bitter & How to Deal with Them

Everyone knows one, but no one wants to deal with them – a mean person. So, why are people mean, how do you recognize them, and what can you do?

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
how to be less critical of others and yourself

How to Be Less Critical: 15 Reasons Why You Judge & How to Stop It

Judging other people is easier than judging ourselves, right? However, you should really learn how to be less critical of others for your own happiness.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
couple swap

Couple Swap: First Timer’s Guide to Having Sex with Another Couple

You and your partner are thinking of spicing up your sex life with a couple swap. So, here are the pros and cons and guidelines for how to do it right.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
how to not be annoying

How to Not Be Annoying And Be Everyone’s Best Friend

You might think that you’re the life and soul of the party, but how can you be sure? Learn how to not be annoying and become a social whizz!

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
couple in love

31 Corny Things Couples Do in the Name of Love

Whether it’s daily or once, there are thousands of corny things couples do for love. Don’t be a wet blanket and be sure to have fun with it.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
things couples start doing alike

8 Uncanny Little Things Couples in Love Start Doing Alike

Since you became a couple, have you noticed any changes in yourself? Did you unwittingly absorb your partner’s personality or vice versa?

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh

10 Easy Steps to Develop Poise and Feel like a Princess

Not everyone was born with poise, but anyone can learn it. With the right mentor and enough dedication, even the most awkward of us can change.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh
sex fantasy

Arousing Sex Fantasies to Try in Real Life

Fantasized about having an orgy? Curious about BDSM? Life is meant to be lived, so don’t be too embarrassed to turn your sexual fantasies into reality.

Lianne_Choo by Gemma Hsieh