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How to Increase Intimacy in your Relationship

Do you ever feel like your relationship is losing its intimacy? Do you find making love more like a chore than a pleasurable activity with your partner? You can change all that by adding these to-do tips into your daily lives. In no time, you’ll see that both of you would be exploring each other every night.

increase intimacy

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Temptation Tricks

Describe all your feelings, omitting the Shakespearean sonnets. Work out your fantasies. Ask open-ended questions, and be supportive of whatever answer that opens up. Softly whispering what you are going to do to each other will also increase sexual tension. Show your partner that you are willing to pleasure them.

Kiss to Kindle

There is nothing more exciting than a long, sensual kiss. It is seductive and intimate. Proper kissing requires proper pressure and moves. Kissing can start from anywhere, anytime, even before you reach the bedroom. If you really want to get in the right mood, kiss your partner’s face.

Start with little pecks on the eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, and slowly outline their lips with the tip of your tongue. Once you get to the mouth don’t dive in hard. Be slow and steady as you rest your lips on their lips. Put pressure then pull back, gently suck the bottom lip. This will entice and set the mood for later extravaganza.

Foreplay Features

You should take more time in foreplay as it can certainly solidify your anticipation of a night of great intimacy. If you don’t know how to pleasure a woman orally, ask and allow her hands to guide you. Timing should be synchronized perfectly. The most important element for incredible lovemaking must be oral foreplay. The connection creates sparks of electricity. Move your hands through your partner’s hair while one is performing an oral act. Indulge in caressing and kissing before you mate. At this point, your partner should be completely relaxed and excited, and then, we’re talking long nights of passion.

Cuddling After

This is one very important to-do for the male performer as most girls are already aware of it. When you make love to a woman you love, she feels more loved and adored if you stay awake to cuddle and talk to her after the whole episode. She likes to snuggle and speak about how wonderful she feels.

You can also reveal and review how you feel and what your most favorite moves on bed were. Everybody loves being appreciated. You can also discuss about another session in the near future. This makes your partner feel more wanted and desired.

Eye Contact for Intimacy

Maintain eye contact all the time, go the extra mile for tender and slow lovemaking. The connection removes all inhibitions and hesitancy. Eye contact during oral sex makes the coupling intimate and exciting. It signifies trust and retracts all things that make it uncomfortable. It will take you to the point where there is no boundary and qualms.

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