How to Treat a Woman Right: 15 Ways to Make Her Want to Stay

Some of you may sit and wonder why your ladies keep leaving you. This is how to treat a woman right and make her want to stay.

how to treat a woman right

Girls don’t really put up with being treated like crap. We may give you a few chances to right your wrongs, and that can be mistaken for tolerating unfair behavior. But we really won’t stay with a man if he doesn’t know how to treat a woman right.
While treating your significant other in a way that reflects that you love and care about them should be common knowledge, some people just don’t know how to do it.
Some people – particularly guys – *although I won’t deny that some girls are also bad at this* just can’t treat someone that matches how much they care about them.
Why do people treat their partner like crap?
Most of the time, this isn’t something that’s done on purpose. The general population isn’t out to be mean to someone they supposedly care about. However, some do so because they just aren’t sure HOW to do it right.
Some guys don’t realize how different girls are. This means they treat their woman how they may want to be treated, but girls don’t like the same things guys do. For the most part, treating their partner like crap isn’t done on purpose. [Read: 12 signs you’re being really selfish in the relationship]
How to treat a woman right and make her want to stay
If you want your girl to stick around for the long haul, then you have to treat her in a way that makes her want to stay. It’s not going to be something that comes naturally to most guys, and it’ll take some getting used to, but you can learn how to treat her right.
This is how to treat a woman right and make her want to stay with you for as long as she lives. Just remember that each girl is different and may want different things, but for the majority, this is how they want to be treated.
#1 Be honest with her. Honesty is one of the first things that should be put in place if you want to treat your girl right. Lying will only make her realize that she’s being treated like crap – and no girl wants to be with a liar. So be honest with her about your feelings, likes/dislikes, and really everything. [Read: How to stop lying to yourself and your partner]
#2 Listen to her. And I mean REALLY listen to her. Don’t just sit there and nod along to whatever it is she’s saying. If you really want to know how to treat your woman right, you have to listen to the things she wants.
Pay attention to what she’s saying because it will reveal everything you need to know about how to treat her. [Read: Ways to be a better listener in your relationship]
#3 Trust her. Girls can tell when their boyfriends don’t trust them. We can just sense it, and we HATE if we’re not trusted. If there’s not a reason for you to not trust her, then you have to show that you trust her if you want to make her stay.
#4 Don’t hide anything from her. Obviously, you’re going to have certain things that you want to be private, and that’s perfectly fine and normal. However, you shouldn’t purposely hide anything important from her.
If you have an ugly past that you’re not happy about, then tell her now because she will find out about it eventually. If you’re hiding something, she’ll know it, and she will feel as though she can’t trust you – which will make her want to leave. [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]
#5 Show your appreciation daily. Guys have a habit of not thinking they need to show their women how much they appreciate them. They think that once is enough, but it’s not.
We need reminding of why you chose us over all other girls. Don’t forget to show this if you want to treat your girl right. When learning how to treat a woman, this simple step can work wonders.
#6 Openly communicate with her. Girls like to communicate, and guys just don’t feel the need to because they’re not that type of person. But your girl is, and if you want her to stay, you have to communicate with her and keep that line of communication open and clear. [Read: A guide to effective communication in a relationship]
#7 Take care of your own responsibilities. I know this doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with treating your girl right, but hear me out. When you aren’t responsible, leave your place a mess, and can’t even handle your own life, she’s going to feel like she has to do it for you. And that’s not fair, so she’ll begin to resent you.
#8 Pay attention to her attitude. Many girls’ attitudes directly relate to how you’re treating her or how she’s feeling. If she’s short with you all day and not very conversational, it means she’s having a rough day.
Use these little clues in order to adjust how you’re treating her that day to make her happier. [Read: 12 telltale signs she’s just not that into you]
#9 Be respectful of everything that has to do with her. Respect her life, her family, her friends, and even her exes. Being a respectful boyfriend is something that’s VERY admirable, and she’ll feel as though you respect her through having respect for all those aspects in her life.
#10 Support her! I’m not saying that you have to buy her everything and support her in that sense at all. In fact, she should never rely 100% on you to support her. Instead, you should support her goals, dreams, and aspirations. [Read: Ways you and your partner can bring out the best in each other]
#11 Be a romantic… occasionally. Girls love romance. There’s just no way around this. If you want to know how to treat a woman right and make her stay, you have to be romantic from time to time. Planning a really nice surprise dinner for her once a month and taking her out somewhere she loves is all it really takes.
#12 Be intimate with her. No, I’m not just talking about sex here, although making sure she’s satisfied in that department will only help. But I’m talking about being intimate in an emotional way with her. Open up to her and show her that you have a real emotional side.
Being sensitive and open about your feelings will make her feel special, like she’s unlocked that special thing within you – which will make her want to stay. [Read: Emotions you shouldn’t feel in a healthy relationship]
#13 Tell her how you feel sometimes. I know this isn’t always easy for guys, and girls find it a lot easier to talk about feelings. But you do have to talk about them if you want to treat your girl right and make her stay. This is one of the most important things when learning how to treat a woman.
#14 Let her spend time with you and your friends. That’s not to say that she should be the only girl around when it’s just a guys’ night, but she should be included in your friend group.
By making sure she’s accepted and involved with your friends, she’ll really feel like a bigger part of your life and that’s a great way to treat your girl.
#15 Be friends with her friends. This is not to say that you should be texting them and planning hang outs with them because that can be seen as something COMPLETELY different, but you should make an effort to make sure her friends like you.
If she sees that you’re making an effort to fit into her life, she’ll never want to leave.
[Read: 15 traits that’ll make you a perfect boyfriend material]
As you can see, this isn’t rocket science, but it can take some getting used to. Hopefully, now you know how to treat a woman. And following these tips can help get you started on keeping the girl of your dreams.

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