How to Woo a Girl and Make Her Fall for You

how to woo a girl

Getting a girl interested in you isn’t hard if you know the right way to approach her. Find out how to woo a girl and make her fall for you in 10 steps.

Wooing a girl is an art.

Too many guys rush right in, express their undying infatuation to a girl they like and expect everything to work out just fine.

To make it simpler to understand, wooing a girl is like a first kiss.

As much as you’d like the thought, you know you just can’t walk up to any girl on the street and kiss her, can you?

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It’s all about warming her up, letting her know your intentions, and waiting for her to reciprocate your intentions.

How to woo a girl effortlessly

Never ever surprise a girl with your intention.

It may work, but almost always, you’re setting yourself up for failure unless you’re in a club trying to hook up with a girl who’s looking for a one night stand.

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If you truly like her, get to know her better, and make her fall in love with you.

A well planned wooing effort goes a long way in making a great impression, and getting her to like you even before you ask her out.

How to make a girl fall for you

Every guy has the potential to make a great girl fall for him. If you know the girl you like already, that’s a perfect start. But if you don’t know her yet, catch her attention and make her interested in you first. [Read: How to approach a girl and impress her]

And once you get to know her, the whole dating game can become much more easier and effortless.

10 steps to woo a girl you like

Here are 10 easy steps to woo a girl and make her like you in no time. But always remember that a great girl likes a great guy. So if you do want to turn her on and make her want you, emotionally and sexually, you need to connect with her and make her desire you. [Read: 25 things about a great guy that turns a girl on]

Just follow these steps, and you’ll definitely be well on your way to wooing a girl the right way and getting her attention.

#1 Spend time with her. Contrary to what most men think, avoiding a girl or playing hard to get before you get her attention will not make her like you more. That works only if she’s already made up her mind to like you or is already infatuated by you.

So instead of behaving like a brat, try to win her heart by becoming an intrinsic part of her life. Be there for her all the time, so somewhere inside, she feels incomplete when you aren’t around her! [Read: How to make a girl want you sexually]

#2 Compliments and charm. Be chivalrous, and you’ll definitely leave her thinking of you fondly. Chivalry is dead only because guys think it’s such a big effort. Chivalry should be a part of your nature, not something you use only when you’re trying to woo a girl.

Be very charming and have long conversations with her. Compliment her every now and then, sometimes even sexually. Remember, each time you make a girl blush with delight, that’s one step closer to wooing her and making her fall for you. [Read: How to charm a girl and flatter her]

#3 Remind her of you. Always look for ways to constantly remind her of you. Text her late at night before she falls asleep, have a good-night conversation over the phone, or buy something silly or inexpensive that reminds her of you.

Speaking over the phone or texting a girl late at night is the perfect way to build the romance. It almost always gets a girl interested in you within a few weeks. If she’s apprehensive to chat with you late at night, start by calling her in the evenings, and delay the calls one step at a time every now and then until you’re able to get her over the phone or text her just before she sleeps.

And once she’s comfortable with that, all you need to do is flirt in a friendly manner until it’s time to take it to something more sexual. [Read: 15 tips to text flirt with a girl and make her want you]

#4 Be the dependable guy. In a girl’s mind, a great guy is a guy who can protect her and be there for her when she needs him. Be the dependable guy who’s always there in times of her need. If she feels grateful to have you around, she’s bound to think highly of you. But at all times, make her feel special around you so she can start to look at you as a potential catch.

Offer to help her or accompany her when she goes to a new place, or needs a friend to talk about something. You need to make her feel like you’re an indispensible part of her life.

#5 Open up to her. Here’s something you need to know about the art of communication. If you want to connect emotionally with anyone in the whole world, all you need to do is confess about an incident from your own life. When you confess about something, it reveals your vulnerable side, and it makes the other person open up to you without even realizing it.

So if you want to get a girl to open up to you emotionally and connect with you, talk to her about a few secrets. It’ll make her feel closer to you, and she may start talking about her own life and her secrets too. The more you open up to a girl and talk to her about your problems, the more she’ll open up to you and get emotionally attached to you.

#6 Avoid becoming a friend. This is very important. There’s a very thin line between a best friend and a guy who’s soon going to be a girl’s boyfriend. It’s very easy to end up becoming a good friend when you’re trying to win a girl’s heart if you don’t build the sexual chemistry with her. Always let her know that you like her and find her attractive for starters. [Read: Easy ways to avoid the friend zone with a girl]

#7 Flirt with her. Tease the girl, and challenge her now and then when she says something. When you pull a girl’s leg, it makes her try harder to prove herself to you. And with a perfect sense of humor, she’ll end up having a great time with you all the time.

If you want to woo a girl, you need to learn to flirt and tease her. Touch her now and then discreetly, find excuses to get closer to her, and make her tingle with excitement by building the sexual chemistry. [Read: 10 steps to build the sexual tension with a girl you like]

#8 Let her know you think of her. There’s nothing more complimentary than knowing you’re being thought of by someone all the time. So impress her and make her go ‘awww’ in little ways. Do you know her favorite song? Tell her you heard it the other day. Or tell her you thought of her while watching a show on the television. Let her know you think of her often. It’ll make her wonder why you think of her so often, and without realizing it, she’ll start thinking of you too.

#9 Slip the word out. If you want to ask the girl out at this point, you can still go ahead and do just that because in all probability, she may like you already. But if you want to play it safe and make sure that she likes you before you even let her know that you like her already, don’t tell her anything just yet. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

Instead, while talking to a good girl friend of hers, just *accidentally* slip the little detail that you like her already. Appear embarrassed about it, but don’t tell her anything else. Before you know it, the word would have spread to your friend and even her girl friends may start teasing both of you as a couple. It’s easy and safe, and you can always pretend like you never said it in the first place if things get awkward.

#10 Ask her out. If you’ve built the right sexual tension and made her realize already that there’s more-than-just-friends in the air, all you need to do is ask her out on a date. It could be something as trivial as a coffee or even a date at the movies. Play it subtle, and when the time feels right, tell her how you feel.

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Knowing how to woo a girl is simple, even if you want to play it safe and approach her as a friend. All you need to do is remember to avoid the friend zone, and constantly let her know that there’s more than friendship on your mind.

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11 thoughts on “How to Woo a Girl and Make Her Fall for You”

  1. knowing says:

    Good entertainment, but lets face it nobody is ever going to read this and become better at picking up girls. You’re good at it, or you’re not. Or you just haven’t found you stride yet.

  2. @knowning says:

    It’s not about picking up girls. It’s about getting to know them and making them fall in love.

  3. Adrian says:

    Hey guys, I’ve got a bit of a problem. I really fell in love with this amazing girl and I’ve tried to show her how I feel by spending time with her, conversations, being dependable and opening up to her, but I was just not comfortable taking it to the next level because I wasn’t sure how she felt about me and I didn’t want to mess it up. But, I fell into the friendzone and she started going out with another guy which really impacted me. So, I told her how I felt about her and that I loved her, but she didn’t take it well, because I think she just thought of me as a friend. I think she is mad at me now. Is there any way I can reverse this? I really love her and if possible, I’d actually like to maybe even marry her one day, but of course she needs to love me too, obviously. I’ve made a decision to change a lot of stuff about myself and to let all the bad stuff from my childhood not affect me anymore, I’ve decided to go to the gym and go out more, as I wasn’t the best guy to start off with, but I want to change all that. Is there any way she will give me a chance? Will the changes change her mind about me? As I said I really love her, and a life without her is going to be really crap. Will she ever love me, or is it over forever? All my inhibitions come from a rubbish childhood with many respect-related messed up elder-child relationships, but I don’t want it to affect me anymore. Please tell me it can still be saved. The only mistake I made is that I did not give her any sexual indications, because that was one of my biggest ingrained inhibitions (I was led to believe that it is tacky and always warrants a slap or rejection from a lady and should never be attempted). Please, I really need some advice from someone, as I don’t want to lose her again.

  4. Francesco says:

    She’s mad at you ? Dude,I do believe that your real problem is that you’re lacking a spine.Don’t worry,you can grow one,I’ve been in your situation.I used to believe that I would never have found another girl so beautiful,sweet and intellectual as her,yes,I’ve been depressed way too long than I’d like to admit and felt that my life was becoming meaningless. But guess what ? I stayed away from her,met new people and fell in love with another girl. I know all other girls feel boring compared to her,but you WILL get over her,and once you will,she won’t even look so special ! Don’t be afraid to try,don’t be afraid to fail and KEEP IMPROVING YOURSELF (Confidence and assertiveness are the basics of alpha maleness). Don’t be afraid to ask for help,good luck dude,you WILL make it out alive THOUGHER and STRONGER !

  5. Adrian says:

    Hi man, thanks for the advice, but I’ve decided I’m done with girls and want nothing to do with these she-devils ever again. I don’t deserve to feel this way, I was only ever kind to them. I’ve now made a decision in life, and I’ve never been happier – I’ve totally given up on love. Yes, that’s right, totally. I don’t need this in my life. All the depression, darkness, loneliness, sadness – all gone with one flip of a switch in the mind – not even my therapist could get this right with me. I’ve focused all my attention to my work, and actually can’t believe how rewarding it can be if you just care about doing a good job at everything you do. All I know is, this stuff they show on TV and what you see everywhere is not love like it was intended, it’s just something evil that has crept into the world and it’s there to hurt guys like us that try to be kind and caring to others. So, now I just care about myself and do anything I wish. I never, ever, ever, want to talk about, or think about girls and relationships ever again, so this is the last post I’ll also ever make. They can keep marriage, children, “love” and relationships for someone else who wishes to have his heart broken, but as far as I’m concerned I’m done with this crap.

  6. Gladiator says:

    Adrian yo u are the men and gas wat i feel u bro.This exatly wat i need to do man,im tired of putting up my mind onto this relationship thing and maybe someday she wil understand my scrifice for her.After those ten yrs of trying to put my pazeles together so she can define me and yet she does ‘nt see me f**k these relationship im also moving on with life.I guess some guys are luck in this world to be able to succed their relationships.As for me amigo, love is just a myth, or in other words i dont believe in love, now comprehende agora, f**k these love these s**t and i am even more pissed off .So I am shutting this love away and u 2 amigo good up…

  7. Eric says:

    There is this girl I really like and she just got out of an abusive relationship and like the article says I’ve been there for her I’ve let her cry on my shoulder and she knows I like her and we were speaking about relationships and the type of person she described that she wants is the type of person I am and yet she sees me as a friend way do I do I would love to date her and yet she isn’t willing to date me because I’m her friend how do I change that perspective ?

  8. Tannor says:

    Hi friends, my problem is dat iv met a beautiful lady of my heart .iv tried so many ways by following all the steps of winning a ladies affection, spending much time with her, flirting with her in campus, eating with her , studying with her etc. But all proof futile. What I even lyk her is dat she has being buying gifts for me. To my dismay, she even promise me that she will my date for a dinner,but at the dinner I saw her with another guy as her date. What they were doing when she came and stood at my place was awful. It has made me to move out from de dinner premises. Do u think she loves me ? If yes how will I be able to make her fall much for me.

  9. darkzen pobre says:

    Hey guys I fell in love also with my crush but the problem even to say hi with her ….. Its very hahard to do…..guys pls. What am supposed to do ??

  10. Harry says:

    Hi guys,
    infact this girl look so beautiful when I step in the store to buy a thing. I fall in love with her but she dont have time to talk to me though. She is busy in the shop selling so I dont want to disturb her. Since customers are present her atention will be on them. So guys give me a nice LETTER that i will write to her to win her heart. As i see her she is a teenager acting like no man has dated her before. Guys all I want is a nice letter to win her heart because she is always busy in the shop. This girl must be my future partner.

  11. Perfecto says:

    I have done this accidentally numerous times before. Only now I have realized that most of the time I did this the women would become strongly emotionally attracted to me. I am a rather romantic dude, mainly because I had very few polygamous relationships. I’m working on it. But one thing I know how to do for sure is how to make a woman fall for you.Please don’t do this unless you really want her to fall for you. The effects might decide to dry eff up your ass and you might end up falling in love as well (been there). You might end up hurting her if you don’t play it well afterwards; hell, you might even get her to go suicidal. Women feel love MUCH MORE PASSIONATELY than we do. Do not go around making everyone fall for you. That is nothing but inhumane. It really isn’t that hard to make a woman fall in love with you. Still, you can’t go around the street trying to make women fall in love with you as if it was pickup. You need to have some sort of connection, even if it is just a day of partying. Get emotional yourself. Find an opening to exploit in her personality. Find a source of sadness in her. Then exploit it. After she slowly becomes sad around you because of those sad feelings, she will be totally ready for you. Get in physical contact with her. Hold her hands. Look into her eyes.If you are sitting next to each other cuddle her. Whisper into her ear what I am going to tell you to say. Romantic music in the background helps. But I even did this with party music playing in the background once. Hold her hands all through this conversation. Do not do this over call, phone, sms, facebook, or any bullcrap letter. You must do this FACE-TO-FACE. Do these steps only when she starts feeling sad. She will show you the exploit herself if she has a tragic event in her life. Or you might have to find it yourself. I don’t know how, every time I did this the exploits would come to me themselves. When she feels emotional, you’ll know. She’ll barely move her eyes, she won’t be smiling nor frowning. She will stand there like a robot. Do not say this out loud. Whisper it right into her ear. Take breaks. Kiss her on the cheeks,ears and neck once in a while. Don’t start a makeout or sex session. You will lose your chance to make her fall in love with you. You must be unneedy yourself for this to work. If it doesn’t work, don’t start begging her. Hell, never ever beg her. She is looking for a powerful man, not a wimp. Tell her, “I’m here for you”, and that’s it!!!

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