36 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew: Pressures, Expectations, and Body Secrets

Reading a girl’s mind can’t get any easier. Understand these 36 things girls wish guys knew, and you’ll be a charmer and a better lover, all at once.

things girls wish guys knew

When it comes to things girls wish guys knew, the list is longer and more fascinating than you might think. Sure, we share the same human blueprint, but when it comes to understanding each other, there’s often a comedic gap.

Take, for instance, the charming yet wildly off-base notion some guys have that we wake up with our hair perfectly styled and makeup just so. As if! [Read: How to be a perfect woman: 25 things she does every day]

Societal Pressures and Expectations on Girls

It’s important to discuss where these misconceptions stem from, and a lot of it boils down to societal pressures and expectations. Let’s face it: the media has had a field day shaping women’s body image.

From billboards to social media, women are constantly fed a diet of ‘ideal’ body types that are more fiction than fact.

Research backs this up, showing a direct link between media exposure and women’s dissatisfaction with their bodies. It’s like a constant echo of ‘you’re not enough,’ which is enough to mess with anyone’s head.

Then there’s the whole career vs. family saga. The expectation? Be a rockstar at work and a superhero at home. Women are often stuck in this tug-of-war, trying to live up to an impossible standard that screams, ‘You can have it all, but only if you do it all.’ [Read: 33 toxic signs of double standards in a relationship & ways to deal with it]

Psychology tells us that this pressure cooker scenario leads to stress, guilt, and a sense of never measuring up. It’s a balancing act that’s more precarious than any high-wire act you’ve seen.

These societal scripts are a big part of why misconceptions about women persist. Understanding these pressures and unrealistic expectations can lead to some serious ‘aha’ moments about the everyday realities of women. And maybe, just maybe, it can start to chip away at those age-old myths and misunderstandings.

Things Girls Wish Guys Knew About Girls

A girl isn’t mysterious. The way you think and the way girls think are just a wee bit different. But just because men and women are different in the head doesn’t make women complicated confusions. It is pretty frustrating though, when a guy just doesn’t make the effort to understand a girl better.

To help you understand a girl and her mind, here are things girls wish guys knew about girls. It’ll definitely help you understand the girls in your life better, and they’ll appreciate you for the nicer guy you’d become once you know these things too.

1. The Staring Game

Girls don’t like being stared at, unless we’re reciprocating to your stare by staring back. So the next time you’re sitting at a coffee shop trying to catch a girl’s eye, look at her a couple of times.

If she seems disinterested and doesn’t lock eyes with you, let her be. She’s not interested in you, and you boring through her brain with your x-ray vision won’t change her mind. [Read: Subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

2. Staring at Other Girls

If you’re on a date with a girl or spending time with your girlfriend, try to avoid staring at other girls. And if you can’t help yourself, take a quick, casual peek at the girl at the next table and avoid looking at that girl again. Trying to exchange eye contact with another girl is disrespectful and insulting to your date.

When you’re with your new girlfriend, don’t flirt or compliment another girl about something you haven’t complimented your own girlfriend at some point in time before. It’ll upset her because she’ll assume you’re more fascinated by the other girl.

If a cold shoulder comes your way after that, don’t assume that your girlfriend is too complicated to understand. It’s just your big foot that’s stuck in your mouth that messed up this time. [Read: Biggest dating turn offs for women]

3. The Special Days

Yes, we may have more special days in our lives. But that’s only because we try to make every other day feel like a special occasion that’s worth celebrating.

If you can make the effort to remember our special days and plan for it in advance, we’d only fall more in love with you with every new special occasion. And don’t forget anniversaries and birthdays, that just hurts a lot more than you think.

4. Shave Encounters

We take a lot of effort to look our best for the special guys in our life, even if it takes an hour a day to look perfect.

But sometimes, when we’re feeling really comfortable in love or on a lazy weekend, we could let go now and then and overlook shaving our legs or grooming the little bits of hair here and there. [Read: Trim, shave, or natural: The real score on the bush]

Yes, hair does grow on girls too, as surprising as that may seem. So don’t make a big deal about it. Be nice to your lady, and wipe that mortified expression off your face when you see your girlfriend’s unshaven legs. And really, pulling your own pants up and comparing the length of your leg hair with her leg is so not funny!

5. We Love Talking About Feelings

Almost all the time, as humans, what we say isn’t always what we mean. So instead of just using our imagination to decipher harsh words, accusations and sweet words, girls like talking about it.

Have a warm conversation with a girl, and it’ll definitely bring her closer to you. After all, all girls think a great conversationalist is an excellent catch. [Read: Why women talk so much: 21 reasons & how to make her feel heard]

6. Chivalry is Not Dead

Many girls may not like to wait for a guy to hold the door open for them or pull a chair back for them all the time. But it’s definitely a nice feeling when a guy treats a girl chivalrously when he’s on a date with her.

We find it very uncomfortable to be with a guy who doesn’t understand basic courtesy, especially when all the other guys around know how to behave and treat a woman with respect. [Read: Chivalry is dead because men are lazy]

7. Cuddling and Spooning

This is just as important as sex. For a guy, penetration is sex. But for a girl, penetration is just penetration. Sex is foreplay, penetration and a bit of afterplay.

Sex is an emotional connection for women. When you have sex with your woman, make love to her and spend time with her, not just while having sex, but at all other times too. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex more exciting]

8. Shopping Sprees

Girls love shopping. It’s like therapy and it makes most of us feel good even when we’re feeling down. So instead of behaving like a stereotypical male who pretends to hate shopping, join us now and then. It’ll be fun, and we’d really appreciate it if you could help us pick the stuff that looks great on us.

9. Our Girl Friends Matter

The opinions of our friends matter, and we take them into serious consideration. So if you’re trying to impress a girl or win her over, pay attention to winning over her friends too.

If you can win over her friends, you’re already half past making her fall in love with you because her friends will turn into your evangelists. [Read: 37 signs & reasons your girlfriend’s friends don’t like you & ways to fix it]

10. Trust a Girl With Her Hands

Girls are more dexterous and have better hand skills than men, so trust her when you need to pull a splinter out or jiggle a key.

We could go as far as saying girls better drivers too *based on statistics* but hey, we won’t go there now!

11. Don’t Beef Up

Girls don’t always like brawny men who can’t reach around and wipe their own ass. A bulked up hulk may awe other men but they almost always never impress women. To a girl, machismo doesn’t always mean bulky muscles.

12. We Fake It

Now and then, we fake it to make you feel better even if we’re not having the orgasmic scream of our lives. But that doesn’t mean you should take it easy in bed, and avoid trying new things in bed.

Even if we don’t always say we want something better in bed, we do drop a few signs later to let you know you could have done better.

We’re not trying to puncture your ego, we’re just trying to help you get better in bed. [Read: Ways to turn a girl on and excite her mind]

13. Fair and Square

In a relationship, we want the same rules to be applied to both partners. If you don’t like us talking to a particular guy or don’t want us to go out on a ladies night, the same rules should apply to you too.

Don’t try to control us and on the other hand, do whatever you like. It’s unfair and we’d never be happy in a biased relationship. [Read: Subtle signs you could be a controlling boyfriend and not know it!]

14. Funny Guys

We love humor, in any way you can bring it, just as long as it doesn’t hurt us emotionally or physically. Girls are always drawn to guys who have a sense of humor.

If you’re not a funny guy, memorize a few jokes. We’ll love you anyway! [Read: How to be a funny guy that girls love]

15. Revenge

This is more of a warning than a thing girls wish guys knew, but it’s important for you to know this nevertheless. A guy may use brute force or throw a punch to get his revenge.

But a woman’s mind doesn’t work that way. A girl always gets her revenge psychologically. So if you’ve pissed a girl off and she’s smiling at you, you have every reason to be afraid… very afraid!

16. We Love Talking

Girls love socializing and talking to their friends for hours. And at times, a girl would also want to talk to her guy and spend a while talking about nothing in particular.

So even if you aren’t into gossip or giggles, humor your girl. She’ll love the fact that you’re so understanding and cooperative.

17. Reading Your Mind

A girl likes talking about the future and asking her boyfriend questions that can help her decipher her guy’s mind better.

After all, it is the best way to spend a lazy weekend and get to hear each other’s opinions on compatibility and future plans. It can also help you understand your girlfriend a lot better too. [Read: 50 questions to test your relationship compatibility]

18. Awe Us With Your Machismo

If it’s something we can’t do, we’ll fall in love just watching you do it! A guy’s physical strength is a big turn on for girls, because evolution has hardwired a girl’s brain to awe a man’s brute strength.

Win your date a big prize after pounding a high striker at a carnival game and you’ll definitely impress her and leave her blushing with delight! [Read: How to charm any girl and flatter her into liking you]

19. The Dependable You

A girl always wants her man to be dependable and reliable. Your girlfriend may not always ask you for a favor or your help, but when she does, let her know that you’re always around for her when she needs you. It makes her feel more secure and protected, and that’ll make you feel great about yourself too.

20. We Love Compliments

Girls aren’t insecure in a perfect relationship, but that doesn’t mean girls don’t like hearing compliments often. If you like something about your girl, tell her what’s on your mind.

Girls absolutely love compliments, especially when it comes to appearances and romance. [Read: 50 really cute things to say to your girlfriend]

21. Raking Old Issues

Girls bring up old issues during a fight, not to hit you with a low blow, but because we remember it. Women have a better memory than men, and we just can’t help it.

When we’re angry with our man, we can’t help but pour out all our frustrations at once. But we’ll also give you the cutest smile while making it up after a fight!

22. Public Display of Affection

A girl may behave coyly when her boyfriend puts his arms around her in public or kisses her cheek. But it definitely does bring a tingle of excitement for girls too.

Public display of affection makes us feel good, just as long as you don’t make a horny face or indulge in PDA just to show off in front of another guy. [Read: 20 dirty questions to ask a girl and make her wet]

Things Girls Wish Guys Knew About Their Bodies

Moving into the core of things girls wish guys knew, let’s talk about women’s bodies. There’s a whole world of facts and nuances that often go unspoken.

From the misunderstood to the overlooked, here’s a rundown of what women really want men to understand about their bodies. It’s straightforward, no-frills, and perhaps a little eye-opening.

23. We are Not That Flexible

Yes, some of us are open to some kink, but that doesn’t mean we’re amateur contortionists. Most men think that it’s okay to arrange our bodies during sex in really, really uncomfortable positions. It’s not. So stop putting our legs over our heads without asking. [Read: Extraordinary sex positions saved for the very bendy]

24. We Did Not Wake Up Like This

Some women are blessed with clear skin, high metabolisms and glossy hair, but most of us need to work on the awesomeness you see before you.

Women moisturize, exercise, eat healthy diets, get facials, exfoliate, etc. Being hot and healthy is a full-time job that takes money and discipline. Give props where it’s due, okay?

25. We’re Not Crazy

Promise. Women are more likely to be irrational because of hormones. Birth control and periodic hormonal imbalances menstruation, ovulation, menopause, pregnancy contribute to these mood changes. So, you better learn to live with it.

26. Our Boobs Can Hardly Feel What You’re Doing

Breasts aren’t sacs filled with nerve endings. They are just as sensitive as the skin on our arms. Men don’t realize that it’s difficult to elicit the level of sexual pleasure they’re aiming for when they focus on breasts.

If you’re not stimulating the body as a whole, the sensitivity of our breasts will remain neutral. But if you do it right, you’ll probably get a gold star – or a blowjob. [Read: Why men like boobs: The psychology & 30 reasons why guys love breasts!]

27. Neither Do Our Asses

It’s the same principle with breasts. So, stop rubbing and caressing it like a cantaloupe in hopes of making us moan. [Read: 25 things that turn a girl on about a guy]

28. You Do Not Need to Concern Yourself With Our Breast Size

Men should just admit that they have no idea what the different breast sizes look like. They just want to hear a minimum B cup, and they’d be happy as a clam.

29. Our Ovulation Period is a Very Big Deal

It’s not just about the perfect time to get pregnant. It’s also the perfect time to not have unprotected sex as much as possible.

When we say we’re ovulating, it means that you should at least have the decency to offer to use a condom. And girls, stop saying yes to unprotected sex if you’re scared shitless of getting pregnant. [Read: A girl’s ultimate survival guide to period woes]

30. You Cannot Make Me Squirt if I am Not Genetically Inclined To Do So

A lot of guys swear they can make a girl squirt. They probably didn’t. She probably just peed. Women know when they are capable of squirting, especially when they’ve experienced an orgasm.

Only those with the ideal in terms of squirting set of glands and muscles can actually accomplish this. [Read: The complete guide to making a girl squirt during an orgasm]

31. A Hymen is Not a Finish Line Ribbon

You did not win anything by devirginizing a woman. All you did was break a sheath of skin and ruin your sheets. Stop making a big deal about the hymen because it has no value, except for cultural reasons.

32. Our Vaginas Don’t Overstretch

They feel loose because the muscles inside are weak. The vagina is equipped to accommodate a tiny human being, yet it usually retains its tightness after giving birth.

The only reason why a vagina would feel very loose is if a woman’s vaginal muscles aren’t getting enough exercise. Say it with me: Kegels. [Read: Kegel exercises and why men and women should do it]

33. The Urethra is Not the Clitoris

Some men think that any bump along the vulva is the clitoris, especially the opening of the urethra. This is because the urethral opening can sometimes be elevated and can feel like a clitoris.

It would be better if a man just looked to see where the clitoris actually is, instead of making his partner susceptible to a urinary tract infection.

34. That’s Not How You Use the Clitoris

Men were ecstatic when women finally taught them how to find the clitoris. The problem was that it was easier to teach men where it was located than how it was supposed to be used. It’s different for every woman, so please, just ask! [Read: Clitoris stimulation: Secret touches to leave a girl squirming for more]

35. That’s Not How You Reach the G-spot

Just like the clitoris, knowing where it is does not guarantee that you’re making contact the right way. Again, this depends on how a woman feels when her G-spot is being stimulated. Speed, angle and overall foreplay play a big part in this.

36. There’s Poop in Our Rectums, Stop Asking for Anal

Most women do not know how to prep for anal sex. A lot of men tend to jump the gun with this at the most inopportune moment, like after dinner. If you really want to try it, you have to talk to your partner about it and do the necessary research. Or else you’ll get a really nasty surprise.

These Are Stuff That Are Not Taught in School

It’s clear that these things girls wish guys knew aren’t part of any school curriculum, but it’s definitely not too late to learn. Understanding the nuances of women’s experiences and perspectives doesn’t require exceptional intelligence. [Read: Dating an independent woman: 28 expectations & other must-knows]

It’s about being open-minded, ready to ask questions, and willing to embrace new ideas and ways of thinking. Knowing these things girls wish guys knew can lead to more meaningful and respectful interactions between men and women. Remember, knowledge is power, and in this case, it’s the power to build stronger, more empathetic connections.

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