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How to Feel Beautiful Even on Your Darkest, Most Insecure Days

We all have times when we don’t feel great about ourselves. If you’re struggling to feel confident about yourself daily, here’s how to feel beautiful.

how to feel beautiful

Nobody feels good about themselves all the time. Even the most beautiful, talented people in the world have days when they feel like crap. It’s just how we are as humans. That being said, there are certainly ways you can learn to feel beautiful despite your insecurities.

Because we all have insecurities. No human is flawless and even if they were, they’d still be insecure about the fact that they’re the only flawless person in existence. See the problem? There’s always something. You’ll always feel bad about something and sometimes those little insecurities become magnetized in our minds and we don’t feel beautiful.

The importance of having confidence

Everybody needs to have confidence in themselves if they want to live a happy life. It’s okay if you don’t like certain parts of yourself, so long as you’re confident in yourself as a whole.

Confidence can be really, really important for maintaining relationships, getting ahead in your career, and feeling great on a daily basis. Without confidence, people find dealing with everyday life difficult and unrewarding. So if you don’t have confidence, learn how to gain it. [Read: How to build confidence and realize you’re worth it]

How to feel beautiful even on your worst days

You deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve happiness and in order to get that, you need to feel like you’re beautiful. Because you are. No matter what’s going on in your life, here’s how to feel beautiful.

#1 Don’t look in the mirror. Because being beautiful has nothing to do with how you look. That’s right, I said it. It has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and that excludes your appearance. Nitpicking at all your flaws in front of a mirror only puts you in a negative mindset that’ll do you no good. [Read: 15 feel-good secrets to feel better about yourself]

#2 Make a list of your positive qualities. And don’t stop until you have at least 20 things. You may think that sounds like a lot, especially if you’re not feeling too good about yourself, but if you want to know how to feel beautiful, it’s necessary. You’ll notice that there’s a lot more that’s beautiful about you than you initially thought.

#3 Make a list of what you don’t like about yourself. This is so you can compare it to your great qualities. Chances are, you’re fixating on a very small list of negative things and you’re not even paying attention to your big list of great things. Seeing how many more positive there are will help you feel beautiful in no time.

#4 Wear something you feel great it. Notice I said feel good in and not look good in. Being comfortable and in something that makes you feel beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean dressing in something you look the best in. Feeling great about yourself and feeling confident will make you feel beautiful. [Read: How to look sexy without even trying]

#5 Do something that you love. When you’re happy and in your element, you’ll always feel better about yourself. Doing something that gets you excited and can distract you from your negative feelings will certainly help you feel beautiful.

#6 Listen to happy, upbeat music. Sometimes it’s just your mood that’s putting you down. Being happy helps you feel way better about yourself. When you’re in a negative mindset, your thoughts will automatically take a turn for the worst against yourself. [Read: 40 fun and upbeat songs to make you feel happy]

#7 Talk to people you love. Speaking to people you really care about will help you feel better in general. Opening up to those people will also help you see that you have way more to feel beautiful about than you realize. Tell them your concerns and they’ll show you how much you have to love about yourself.

#8 Smile more. You can easily trick your mind into being happy and loving yourself just by smiling more. When your brain thinks you’re happy, you will actually start being happier and that’ll help you feel better about yourself. [Read: How to smile more often and change your life]

#9 Fix your posture. Yes, posture has a lot to do with how we feel about ourselves. Standing with poor posture can make you feel sad, negative, and drained of energy. Sit up straight, pull your shoulders back, and hold yourself with confidence and you’ll actually gain it.

#10 Make someone else feel beautiful. The great thing about beauty is that it’s everywhere. Showing someone else why they’re beautiful can help you see the same amazing qualities in yourself when normally, you’re blind to them.

#11 Focus on your health. Instead of worrying so much about feeling like you look good, focus on feeling good. Eat well, get the sleep you really need, and maintain a healthy life and you’ll notice just how much more beautiful you feel. [Read: 6 healthy summer trends and what they can do for you]

#12 Get some exercise. If you really want to know how to feel beautiful, go hit the gym and get really, really sweaty. I know you may not think that’s typically beautiful but all the endorphins will help you feel better and when you workout, you’ll start seeing some great changes in your body and mindset.

#13 Get creative. Not enough people are creative nowadays and it’s unfortunate. If you’re feeling down about yourself, create something beautiful. When you make something by hand, it makes you feel so much better and so much more useful than you imagine.

#14 Shut down negative thoughts ASAP. Knowing how to feel beautiful also means knowing how to ignore and shut down those negative thoughts. We all have them. The difference between happy people and those racked with insecurity is what we do with them.

Ignore them. Shut them down. Don’t let those negative thoughts make their way into the depths of your mind. When you do this enough, your mind automatically starts filtering out the negative and making more room for the positive. [Read: How to stop negative thoughts that drag you down]

#15 Realize that you are 100% unique and nobody can ever be everything that you are. If you really want to learn how to feel beautiful, you need to start seeing yourself as one of a kind. Nobody else will ever be the unique combination of everything you are. That uniqueness and individuality is what makes you incredibly beautiful.

 [Read: 20 small steps to feel better about yourself]

Knowing how to feel beautiful has so much less to do with your appearance than it does with your psychological state. It’s all about being happy with who you are. If you love yourself, you’ll always feel beautiful.

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