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The Lingerie Guide for Men – Types of Lingerie

buying lingerie for your girl

Before you walk into a store to pick up lingerie to surprise your wife or girlfriend, you need to know a few key facts about the different types of lingerie you could come across at the store. Not only will these tips help you understand them, it will also help you pick the right one.

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To start off, there’s so much to choose from, and most of them have strange names that would make no sense to someone who knows just a boxer or a brief! Here are some of the different types of lingerie you would bump into at a store.


This is a short, loose fitting top that has a length that goes to the waist. It can be worn like a slip underneath a wool sweater, beneath an open jacket, or just as it is with a pair of matching panties.


These are short nightgowns that are usually made out of a fairly light material, something frilly and fun.

Baby Doll

This is one of the hot lingerie that is actually a really short nightgown that flirts at the top of the hip. It begins with a clasp or a knot at the bust, and the rest of it floats away from the body. Usually, a baby doll is sold with a panty type bottom.


A teddy is similar to a one-piece bathing suit. It is a combination of underwear and a short top.


These are well fitting tops that are fastened at the back and accentuate the bust.


This is similar to a bustier but is tighter and stronger. It has a boning that goes over the bodice and is laced or hooked in the back. Corsets usually give the wearer an hourglass figure, but they can also be laced loosely and worn as a regular top.


These are robes that are usually worn over revealing types of lingerie. A kimono is used to make the girl feel more comfortable, when she’s walking around with hardly anything on and would want something to cover herself up.


Anyone who has watched a teen singer in her music video knows what a thong is. A thong is similar to a G-String but it has a little more fabric going up the back, unlike a G-String, which has just that, a string.

Boy Shorts

These are tiny shorts that women wear as underwear. They are usually lacy and very cute. If you want to get turned on when your girlfriend wears her lingerie, this would definitely top the list, in a sweet and racy kinda way!

Jot these pointers down before you walk into a lingerie store. Not only will it help you recognize the items, it’ll help you lose all that cold sweat.

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  1. charfungus says:

    It’s better to just bring the girl and let her pick out what she wants lol. I hate the hassle of surprises in case it goes bad.

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