The Best Gifts for your Girl

The Perfect Gift for your woman

What do you think your girl would like to receive as a gift on her special day? Here’s a list to help you pick the perfect one.

1.  A Puppy

One of the most thoughtful and best gifts you could give her on her birthday.

2. A Dozen Roses

Bring on that romantic fragrance. An absolute necessity on any special day.

3. Engraved Pendants

Say how much you love her by gifting your sweetheart a beautiful pendant and a chain with your message of love.

4. Orchids

After roses, orchids are probably the best gifts you could give your woman. There are a lot of exotic orchids available at a good florist, so make sure you pick a pretty, exotic one.

5. Sizzling Lingerie

If you want your woman to know how much you appreciate her body, then gift her lingerie. It’s an excellent gift idea and everyone’s doing it these days. So, what are you waiting for?

6. Gift Pack of Scented Candles

Women love the warmth and the light of a candle. So pick up several of them in different fragrances and have them gift wrapped for your honey.

7. Diamonds

Bling Bling! If you’ve got the dough, don’t bother looking for any other gifts.

8. Earrings

Pick up a pair of pretty earrings. They are available in several designs and can be very elegant.

9. An Engagement Ring

This is the ultimate sign of commitment and proclamation of love. Why not choose her special day to go down on one knee?

10. Anything Handmade

If you can’t decide on any particular gift, do something yourself. Anything will do, as long as it has some connection between the both of you.

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4 thoughts on “The Best Gifts for your Girl”

  1. Hubby says:

    We’re you guys just reaching at some point?

    A puppy? Lingerie?

    I buy scented candles for my mother.

    Jewellery is the way to go, doesn’t have to be diamonds, if your budget is $30, silver Earrings will do just great, birthstone stud earrings work too.

    Don’t be afraid to walk into a jewellery store asking for a gift within $xx price range, that is what they do.

    Jewellery lasts forever.

  2. khronos says:

    The pendant idea is great everyone loves something like that (even men thoug they protent not to ) dont forget to think about where it looks best on youre beloved one.

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