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The Gentleman’s Guide to Buying Lingerie

How to buy the perfect lingerie for your girl? Buying the perfect lingerie for your woman can seem very confusing, what with all those sizes and specs. But with this guide to help you out, you can be a lingerie-pro in no time!

buying lingerie for your girl

Teddies and Baby Dolls aren’t just for kids anymore. The Huggable Understanding Guy shows you how to pick the perfect lingerie for the woman in your life.

I still remember the first time I bought lingerie for my girl. I would rather have walked through fire than into this enclosure of negligees, but I knew how good she would feel when I buy this intimate present for her.

I convinced myself that this treacherous crusade was worth the effort and I pushed the glass door and stepped into this restricted zone. It took me a few agonizing seconds to watch the door determinedly shut behind me… all by itself.

This was when the full impact of my stupidity hit me. I felt like a cock trying to cross a road as I excused myself past several girls with funny smirks and old women with cold stares. I felt numb and I wished the ground would just open up and suck me in.

The walk to the counter must have been the longest walk in my life. I plotted on ways to get out of here as quietly as I could, but I could feel the eyes of all the ladies bore into me already. I was petrified and sweating profusely as I approached a salesgirl and muttered something that I couldn’t understand myself. She said something.

All I could hear was a painfully slow rendition of a Britney Spears song in the background. Was I blacking out? I didn’t know. My throat ran dry, I felt like I was going to die! Why did I have to try something so outrageously stupid! I thought talking to a girl for the first time was hard, but buying lingerie? It felt like madness!

It took a while for me to understand what the girl at the counter was asking me. Was she speaking in English? She asked me so many questions and soon, a mannequin with perfect boobs came to my rescue. After a painfully slow twenty minutes of cold sweat and a desire to kill myself, I left the store with a shopping bag. It felt good though. I felt more manly and I actually smiled and winked at a few giggling girls in the store.

And after the harrowing experience, I proudly presented it to my girlfriend. Well, just when I thought everything was perfect, she told me that they were too small! After all the trouble I took to pick the perfect gift for my girl, it didn’t seem to fit! And it was definitely an embarrassing experience!

She was pleased with the effort I had taken though, and she told me that it wasn’t my fault for making such an error. I realized then that none of my guy friends could have helped me out in this situation. I mean, look at the variety in the stores these days… I couldn’t make up my mind! But I do know that lingerie is a very flattering and fun way to say that you appreciate your woman’s body.

But at the same time I know that, we as men, are pretty clueless with the whole lingerie thing! If only it was as easy as picking our own Calvin Klein’s from the rack!!

Buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend can be an exciting thought, but one that could get you drenched in sweat as you step into the cute and chilly restricted area we men call a lingerie store. But I’ve taken some pains to collect some information for all you men to make your lingerie buying experience a fruitful and a less harrowing one.

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