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How to Make a Girl Smile: 50 Things You Can Do to Make Her Happy

So, you want to know how to make a girl smile? Well, you’re already part of the way there. You want her to be happy. The rest is a piece of cake.

how to make a girl smile things

You might think learning how to make a girl smile takes tons of practice or swagger, but in reality, it isn’t all that difficult. All most girls want is for you to be genuine and a smile should pop right up.

But if you’re shy, nervous, or just don’t have much experience, here are some surefire ways to get that smile.

Crack a smile yourself

Before we even get into the tips and tricks, smiling is a great way to get anyone to smile at you. Keep it friendly, not over the top or clown like. You don’t want to freak this girl out.

But if you aren’t much of a talker or just want to make a girl smile from afar, show off your pearly whites, and she most likely will crack a smile right back. [Read: How to smile more often and change your life for the better]

What is your end game?

Are you looking to date this girl? Are you trying to start a conversation? Or do you want to cheer up a friend? Knowing where this is all going is a great place to begin.

You may not want to go in with a joke if you’re trying to cheer up a sad friend, but a compliment could be perfect for another situation. So, think about the appropriateness of your attempt in your specific scenario.

How to make a girl smile

When you want to make a girl smile, don’t overthink it. You could come across awkward or weird. Rather, just take a deep breath and go in with confidence. Most importantly, be yourself. [Read: 20 funny questions to ask a girl and leave her ROFL]

Most girls have pretty good intuition and can tell if you’re using a line or are too prepared. Being genuine is your best bet.

1. Compliment her

This is an oldie but a goodie. A solid compliment can go a long way.

Saying something like “Wow, you look so nice tonight,” or even, “That dress looks amazing on you,” is classic. This doesn’t feel like you planned it out or came up with a clever saying. A good old-fashioned compliment is always golden. [Read: The sweetest compliments a girl would love to hear]

2. Buy her something

I don’t mean a gift, but if you’re at a bar, order something for her. Yes, you can go for a drink. But personally, I think an appetizer is a lot more unique and will catch her off guard in a good way. Order her a side of fries, send her a milkshake, or what have you. But this is sure to get her to smile, if not more.

[Read: How to court a woman like a classy gentleman]

3. Offer her a hand

By this, I mean if she is struggling to get a waiter’s attention, taking a selfie with a friend, or anything along those lines, offer to help. This is a great intro to a smile and even a bit of flirting and, if you’re lucky, a full conversation.

This could even include helping her carry leftovers to the car or holding the door open for her. You don’t have to do something crazy to make a girl smile. Just a small act of kindness is all it takes.

4. Catch her eye

Flirting with your eyes can be considered a subtle art, and if you’re wondering how to make a girl smile, this is one great way to start. All you have to do, whether across the room, bar, or nearby is make eye contact for no more than three seconds.

Most likely, you’ve already gotten your smile without saying a word. Now you can go in and get a full-on laugh. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact moves that work every single time]

5. Make the most of every opportunity

You may not get the chance to offer to help her with something, but there are plenty of other people in the world. So no matter where you are, keep an eye out for anyone struggling.

I mean, you should do this anyway, to be a good person. It’s just a benefit if a girl sees it. Help an older person to their car or reach something off a high shelf for someone. When you’re going out of your way to help someone, it is certain to make her smile.

6. Support her

Whether this is a girlfriend, a friend, or someone you just met, and she is venting, support her. Now this does not mean that you should offer a fix to whatever complaint or problem she is sharing with you. Just listen.

Women love when a guy just listens. So tell her, “Wow, that sucks,” or “I can’t imagine that.” She is sure to smile due to your refreshing attitude. [Read: 15 courteous ways to be a gentleman and keep her happy]

7. Tell her she’s worth it

Worth what? Well, that is up to you. Whether you’re buying her dinner, driving her somewhere, or walking her home, make sure she knows she’s important to you.

8. Be a gentleman

Chivalry really is dead. So if you open the car door for her, pull out her chair, help her with her coat, or the modern version of this… stay off your phone when you’re together! She will beam with joy. [Read: 20 ways to make your girlfriend incredibly happy]

9. Be romantic as hell

On top of being a stand-up guy, showing your romantic side will sweep her off her feet. From candles to flowers and chocolates these may be a little cliche, but they work.

Also, if you’re really pulling out all the stops, dance with her, and I don’t mean grinding at the club. Put a slow song on your phone, take her hand, and dance in the street. This is something most women only see in the movies. So, bringing this fairytale-like moment to her real-life may even have her crying happy tears. [Read: The complete guide to romance without the cheesiness]

10. Hold her hand

Whether she is meeting your parents, you’re meeting hers or doing anything she would be nervous about, right before, just squeeze her hand gently. A simple touch like this says a lot in those moments.

It lets her know, even though you maybe can’t say anything at that moment, that you are with her and she is not alone.

11. Surprise her

Do something she isn’t expecting. Not only will she think you’re adorable, but she will surely smile. Make her dinner after a long day or have her favorite lunch delivered to her work. [Read: How to surprise your girlfriend and score major points]

12. Sing to her

Whether you have a voice of angels or not, singing to her is such a romantic gesture. Take some tips from Ashton Kutcher’s character in A Lot Like Love. He may not have a great voice, but the effort was what made the girl smile.

13. Send a text

This is the easiest thing you can do to make her smile. Simply send her a good morning text. Let her know you’re thinking of her throughout the day. She will smile, even though you can’t see it. [Read: 300 most romantic texts you can send her]

14. Be meaningful

It is great to tell her she is beautiful but take it a step further. Compliment who she is as a person. Tell her how smart or clever she is. It shows you know her and take notice of more than her looks.

15. Write a love note

Love letters are a dying art. Make her smile with a sweet note. You can spell it all out with multiple pages or just leave something sweet on the fridge for her to see in the morning.

16. Play with her hair

Do not by any means mess it up if you’re going someplace nice. If you are cuddled in bed watching TV, though, just run your fingers through it. This is so intimate and so underrated.

17. Protect her

If you’re walking on the road, stand closer to traffic. Help her over a puddle. These little things show you care and will for sure make her smile. [Read: The sweetest things you can do with her]

18. Put in effort with her friends

Firstly, most guys don’t do this. Secondly, it really goes a long way. If you put in the effort to talk to her friends and get to know them, not only will they like you better, but she will appreciate you so much as well.

19. Motivate her

If she is down in the dumps, inspire her. For example, if she had a bad day at work, remind her why she loves her job, so she is excited for the next day.

20. Trust her

Every woman has dated a jealous man, and it is not cute. Instead of questioning her or rolling your eyes at her guy friends, just trust her. She will smile and be happy that you aren’t trying to control her. Of course, this goes a long way. I’m sure it does for you too. [Read: How to build trust]

21. Post about her

Brag about her. Post a #WomanCrushWednesday photo and say something sweet about her. If you do it randomly and without warning, she will surely smile at your thoughtfulness.

22. Reminisce

Go back to when you first met. Tell her something you noticed about her on your first date. Furthermore, let her know why you were smitten with her. This will bring up that early excitement and make her smile.

23. Talk about the future

By the time you’re serious with her, she is expecting things to keep moving forward. Don’t force her to make plans alone. Bring up your own ideas for the future. Letting her know you’re thinking of the days, months, and years to come without her starting the conversation will make her smile.

24. Tell her

Do more than show, tell. Tell her that you love seeing her smile and being the reason for it. [Read: How to talk about your feelings in a relationship]

25. Small gestures

Bring her a glass of water without her asking. It may seem small, but just noticing she might need a snack or drink while working from home can go a long way.

26. Send a relatable meme

Have a show you two love? Send her a meme of the main couple and tell her how it reminds you of your relationship. The bonding of TV may seem surface level, yet it is such a big part of today’s relationships.

27. Take her somewhere

It is often overlooked but go out. Go out on dates. Take her to new places, whether that be a restaurant, a park, or somewhere else. Staying home is sweet, but going out is a nice change of scenery.

28. Learn something

Unlike many guys who do the minimum, go above and beyond. If she is always cooking, learn how to make a new meal. Learn something new for her. Make her the window seat of her dreams or start learning a her second language.

Make her smile by doing something she would never expect.

29. Give her a massage

Take it a step further and offer her a massage without being asked. And just let it be. Unless she initiates sex, just give her a massage without assuming you’ll get some. She will be so surprised, not only will she smile, but maybe you will get some. [Read: How to give a sensual massage]

30. Let her pick the movie

So, it’s movie night? Instead of going with something you both might enjoy, let her pick whatever she wants. Even more so, don’t complain. I’m sure she has sat through her fair share of things she wasn’t fond of.

31. Buy her a gift

Obviously, don’t forget her birthday, but take it further. Buy her a little gift just because you want to. Notice something she might like online, order it. At the store and see a mug that reminds you of her, pick it up. It shows you’re thinking of her and will make her smile.

32. Do chores

This is important. Rather than doing chores because you want to do something for her, don’t assume chores are her job. Do them because they are half your responsibility. Don’t expect a thank you for doing something you should be doing. She will smile at your growth.

33. Print photos

You probably have tons of pictures of the two of you on your phone. Instead of letting them fall into the pits of the cloud, print them out. More importantly, frame them. It is so simple yet such a sign of love.

34. Hold her tighter

Next time you’re hugging, don’t let go right away. Just squeeze her a little bit tighter before you let her go. Show her that you want her to always be in your arms. [Read: How to show affection when it doesn’t come naturally for you]

35. Cook for her

Although this is an easy one, many men overlook it. Cook for her. It can be something simple. Make her breakfast in bed. Whether you are the world’s best chef or can barely make toast, it is the effort that will make her smile.

36. Plan a night for her

Not every way you make her happy will have you at the center. Take note, and plan a night for her to be alone or with her friends. Moreover, make an agenda. Plan out a spa night for her or a trip for her and her bestie.

37. Take initiative

Don’t wait for her to make all the plans. While you may know she has been dying for your parents to meet hers, nothing has come of it. Talk to all the folks and make a date. She will be blown away.

38. Read to her

Even though this is a bit old-fashioned, it is sweet. Read out loud to her. We don’t do this anymore with TV and movies, but it is so sweet and meaningful. Reading to someone is such an intimate act.

39. Be honest

Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t just say what you think she wants to hear. Instead, be honest, even if it is harder. She would rather have raw and real conversations with you than have you fake it. [Read: All the times you should be brutally honest]

40. Please her

Put her pleasure first in bed. Beyond that, make her pleasure a priority all the time. Take time out just to please her too. Not everything needs to be back and forth. Give her what she likes without expecting anything in return.

41. Call her

Texting may be all the rage, but call her just to hear her voice. She will also smile so big you’ll be able to hear it through the phone. No one does that anymore. Take advantage of technology differently.

42. Apologize

First, being able to admit when you’re wrong is not a common characteristic, so having it is refreshing. Next, apologize when a fight isn’t worth it. She will love that you can put your ego aside and focus on the relationship as a whole. [Read: How to apologize and really mean it]

43. Ask for her advice

Don’t just ask. Also, take it. Asking for her help lets her know that you admire her. Even though I’m sure, she already knows it, ask for her opinion. When she realizes you want her take on things, she will surely smile.

44. Go out of your way

Do things for her parents or friends. Sure, it is easy to do convenient things, but it makes a huge difference when you go that extra step. It is one thing to help her dad with something when you’re at her parents’ for dinner. It is another to go over there on your day off to work on a project with him.

45. Confide in her

Open up to her. More importantly, take time to really talk. Complaining about your bad day while you’re staring at the TV isn’t confiding in her. Talking to her, coupled with trusting her to hear you out and just let you vent, is so meaningful.

46. Ask about her

This seems obvious, especially in a relationship, but it is easily forgotten. Once you know someone, you can forget to keep getting to know them. For this reason, it is so vital that you ask her about her hobbies and friends. Show her that you want to know even more about her. She will smile at your intrigue. [Read: 20 questions to get to know someone even better]

47. Keep your promises

It is one thing to make promises, and it is another to live up to them. Surely you’ve told her you’d take her to Paris one day or just that you’ll fix the leaky faucet. Follow through, and she will be so happy to have such a reliable guy by her side.

48. Try to calm your anger

We all get mad on occasion. By all means, don’t bottle it up. But try to release it productively. Listen to loud music or go for a run. After you’ve cooled off, go to her. Letting yourself take out your frustrations on her is never okay.

Keep you cool, and she will be happy to see you be so mature.

49. Be spontaneous

If you’re bored at home watching Netflix, get up and do something. You don’t need a plan. Until now, you may have been comfortable, but doing something random is exciting. Whether you are just going to the mall to sit in the massage chairs or driving out of state to go camping, a trip is a trip, nonetheless.

50. Say things when you feel them

Do you even look at her and just think, “Wow, I am so lucky”? If so, say it. She will find that so sweet. Don’t hide your feelings even if you think they’re cheesy.

[Read: How to make your girlfriend happier than ever]

When it comes to knowing how to make a girl smile, the first step is to make her feel good. Whether through action, compliment, or even a joke, a smile is the perfect start to any relationship.

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