Body Language of Women: 12 Subtle Cues to Read Her Mind in No Time

body language of women

It’s no secret—women are complex. Between the mixed signals and body language of women, it can be hard to keep up. But don’t fret, we’re here to help.

As John Mayer would say, your body is a wonderland. He’d also say a lot of other cliché things that we aren’t going to get into here… No, today we’re exploring the glorious art form that is the body language of women.

Who cares, you ask? Well, you must if you are here. To many the body language of women is something never mastered, and many are afraid to even try. Honestly, as a woman, sometimes I confuse myself. “Wow, I just gave that stranger a terribly nasty look—why did I do that!? She probably thinks I’m upset with her, and I DON’T EVEN KNOW HER.” Ah, the beauty of RBF. I swear that’s just my face. [Read: 13 ways to tell if her resting bitch face is betraying her]

Understanding the body language of women

Maybe you stumbled onto this feature because you are at a loss, and you have no idea what it is, but you can’t seem to understand the women in your life. They are constantly upset with you over something and always repeat “take the hint” or “pay attention.” But you never saw this blowout coming.

You know what make women happy? Puppies. Just constantly have a puppy with you, in case of emergency. Works every time. But for when you can’t have a puppy with you, it may be wise to pay attention to the rest of this feature, where I unlock the key to the body language of women. Yep, it’s your lucky day: I’m going to crack the code, and share with you the secrets we have been hiding for centuries.

WARNING: The following tips and tricks are to be taken very seriously. May vary from woman to woman. User discretion is advised.

#1 It’s all in the face. One of the biggest indicator of a woman’s mood is her facial expression. If her facial expression is soft and her eyes are on you, she is likely interested in you. When you tell a story and her eyes are on you, that is a good sign. It means she genuinely cares about what you have to say, particularly in the moment. [Read: 12 ways to tell if she’s flirting or just being polite]

#2 Batting those eyelashes. It’s so cliché, but its totally a thing. I honestly don’t even think it is a conscious thing we do, but I’ve definitely caught myself blinking more often when talking to an attractive man. If she bats her eyelashes at you, take the hint, dude. [Read: 8 clues a girl gives if she wants you to make a move]

#3 Nostril flares. Okay, so this is sort of hilarious when you think of it visually, but it is an involuntary response to arousal. When interested in another person, we flare our nostrils. So, take a peak at her nose the next time you chat with her.

#4 Biting her lip. She wants you, man. There’s no way around this one. If she bites her lip when talking to you, it means she wants to kiss you–or more. This is a major sign of sexual interest in a woman. [Read: Lip biting and the scientific explanation as it why it’s so sexy]

#5 Open arms. Pay attention to how she stands or sits. Are her arms resting comfortably, crossed, or awkwardly placed? If she sits casually, then she is likely comfortable around you. If her arms are crossed, then she is completely closed off from you, and this is a bad sign. She either is not interested or wary of trusting you.

If her arms are in an awkward position, and perhaps she is fidgeting, this body language tells us she is shy and uncomfortable. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, either. If she is generally a shy person, it may just take some time for her to open up and relax around you.

#6 Playing with her hair. This body language is a huge sign that she feels flirtatious. However, only if done in a gentle manner. If she tugs at her hair or acts impatient, then she likely is nervous. If she twirls her hair around her fingers, or petting, then she is interested in you and your conversation. [Read: How to recognize the subtle hints she’s dropping]

#7 Fiddling. No, I don’t mean she is playing the fiddle. If she fiddles with her jewelry or her fork at dinner, then this means that she may be nervous and excited. This is typically a good thing, because it means spending time with you makes her nervous in a good way!

#8 Check out them legs. Since the dawn of time, women have used their legs as a key feature to attracting a mate. Wow, I just made dating sound like the Discovery Channel. You know what? I don’t think it’s that far off. Anyways, if a woman crosses her legs when talking to you, it is said to show physical attraction to you.

#9 Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Often times, women subconsciously mirror the actions of their desired *or obtained* partner. She doesn’t know she does it, but this specific example of body language signifies attraction.

#10 Leaning forward. Pay attention to the body language of women in your life. If they lean towards you when talking to you, this also signifies romantic attraction. Once again, this may be a subconscious response, and she may have no idea that she is actually doing it. But just watch out, because the signs are there.

#11 Giggles. While this may not be a physical example of body language, it is definitely a key factor to watch out for. If a woman is interested in you, she likely giggles at the majority of the things that you say, – even if they aren’t intended to be funny. Giggles show youth and innocence, which of course, women strive to be. [Read: The body language cues a girl gives away if she likes you]

#12 The blush. This one is a dead giveaway! Is she blushing when you chat one-on-one? Because HELLO, this means she is totally interested in you! This obviously isn’t something a woman has control over, and the perfect example of body language that cannot be hidden.

[Read: 15 more body language cues girls involuntarily reveal and what they really mean]

Dissecting the body language of women is an intense task and intimidating for some. With these tips and tricks, I hope that the entire process becomes increasingly easier for you in the future.

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