15 Types of Bad Girlfriends who’ll make Your Life Hell

types of bad girlfriends

Bad girlfriends don’t just suck, they give relationships a bad name. Check out this list of 15 types of bad girlfriends, and make sure you avoid them!

A great girlfriend can make your life feel like a walk in the clouds.

On the other hand, a bad girlfriend will surely make your life feel like hell!

Bad partners don’t just create problems in a relationship, they give love a bad name.

Every time someone has a bad relationship, they blame love for it, or they mentally convince themselves that they’d never fall in love again.

But the truth is, love doesn’t ever feel terrible. It never leaves us unhappy.

It is bad experiences, and most importantly, the people involved that leave us upset or broken.

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Bad girlfriends and bad experiences

I’ve been in quite a few relationships, and if you ever find yourself stuck in a relationship where it’s just not working out, it’s easier to end it and just move on *if it’s still the early stages of the relationship*.

After all, we’re all different and even if we’re perfect by ourselves, we may not feel so perfect in the arms of someone who isn’t right for us.

Compatibility matters a lot for successful love. [Read: 50 questions for new couples to test your compatibility]

Almost always, it takes way too much effort to try and change yourself to fit the criteria of your lover’s perfect mate, and change your new lover into your idea of a perfect date.

How to know if she’ll be a bad girlfriend

You may have read all the articles and relationship tips in LovePanky about how to be a great boyfriend, and you may even think you’ve got what it takes to be the ideal mate. [Read: 23 foolproof relationship tips for men to be the best lover you can be]

But no matter how nice, understanding and perfect you are, at times, the person you’re dating could ruin the whole experience of love for you.

It’s not their fault really. Sometimes, a few girls you date may not realize they’re doing something wrong, or worse, they may assume they’re right and you’re completely wrong!

The easiest way to know if a girl you’re on a date with is a bad girlfriend potential is by trusting your instincts. It doesn’t take more than a couple of dates to know if both of you are compatible with each other.

The first date is a great litmus test, but considering the odds that the girl you’re dating may be troubled by a bad state of mind on the very first date *probably because she had a really bad day*, you could always use the second date to see if both of you can hit it off. [Read: 15 easy but effective first date tips to charm the girl in no time]

But if you still feel uncomfortable with her on the second date, perhaps you’re better off looking for someone else.

15 types of bad girlfriends who’ll make your life hell

If you’re on a date with a girl or have started dating a girl recently, keep an eye on these 15 types of girlfriends who’ll make your life a living hell. If you see these traits in the girl, point it out at a convenient time and talk about it with her.

But if she can’t change these bad girlfriend traits, you may be setting yourself up for a frustrating relationship that’ll take you nowhere but downhill over the coming months!

#1 The extremely clingy girl. When a girl is addicted to you or loves you a lot, it’s obvious that she’d want to spend a lot of time with you. But has your girlfriend crossed the thin line separating ‘want to be with you’ and ‘can’t do anything without you’?

When a girlfriend gets too clingy, or wants you to be involved in every little thing she does, she may not realize it herself, but she’d start to suffocate you. And most importantly, she’ll stop growing as an individual, and would end up as a boring extension of you. And that’ll leave you annoyed, and leave her more confused than ever about why you’re distancing yourself from her. [Read: 13 really clingy girlfriend signs and ways to avoid it]

#2 The obsessive possessive girlfriend. Your girlfriend’s possessiveness could seem flattering at first, but if she hates it when you do anything without her, or go out anywhere with your own friends, you may start to hate that side of her for it without realizing it. And a girlfriend who’s possessive would always feel insecure each time you meet another girl, even if it’s just a friend. And before you know it, both of you would be fighting every time you go out or meet anyone.

#3 The user. There are a few girls who see you as a great guy who could introduce her to a better world. You may be the guy who’s got a lot of connections, or the guy who’s cooler than everyone else. And she may believe that being seen around you could open a lot of doors for her.

The relationship could start out perfectly, but within a few dates, you may find that she’s more eager to go out with your friends and have a nice time together than cozy up with you on a romantic date. And as time goes by, once she’s used you as a stepping stone and doesn’t need you anymore, she may even start to ignore you or pick flaws all the time. [Read: 10 signs your girlfriend’s using you to get something out of you]

#4 The unapologetic girlfriend. Are you dating a girl who just can’t apologize or admit her mistake? She may apologize in jest for trivial things, but for the things that really matter, she would prefer to give you the silent treatment than accept her fault.

This is a scary kind of girl to date, because she may seem like a sweet girl who’s a lot of fun. But in reality, she may be extremely egoistic and she would break you rather than accept defeat in front of you. She believes she can never make mistakes, and she’s too proud to ever admit to a mistake. And considering the fact that giving in to each other now and then is a big and important part of a happy relationship, you’d just be walking into a trap where you’re the only one hurt and feeding her ego all the time. [Read: Why you should never make this girl your priority when you’re only an option to her]

#5 The whiner. This kind of a bad girlfriend always whines. She complains and never has anything positive to add to the conversation. She talks about how bad her work is, how sad her life is, and how depressed she always is. If your girlfriend can’t ever just see the bright or happy side of anything, she’s probably too negative. And her negativity will rub off on you and you’d feel drained and tired each time you meet her.

#6 The confused girlfriend. This is the type of girlfriend who just doesn’t know what she wants. She’s always confused between choices and is almost always unsure about any decision she takes.

She even flirts with other guys constantly and probably sees you as the standby boyfriend who she calls when she’s not getting attention from anyone else. And the worst part is that she may even ditch you for another guy if she finds someone better than you. Dating this kind of a girl will leave you weak and shattered, and it’ll be a big blow to your self confidence because no matter how good you are, she’d always want something more. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere!]

#7 The dominating and demanding girlfriend. She’s the kind of girl who full of expectations and demands all the time. She’s a control freak and always wants things done her way. She’s bossy and expects you to do as she says all the time. You may be a nice guy who cares for his girl, but for this kind of a girlfriend, that’s not enough. She loves being bossy and wants to control your life and everything in it. [Read: 20 glaring signs of a control freak]

#8 The too opinionated girlfriend. Opinions are good, and opposing opinions can even be healthy at times. But this type of a girlfriend takes it too far. She’s got her own opinions and she’s too rigid to change it no matter what you say, or even if she’s wrong. She changes her mind only when she wants to, or if her friends convince her. But no matter how hard you try, she just doesn’t trust your opinions or suggestions.

#9 The sneaky snoop. She snoops on you all the time, the very second she gets an opportunity to do so. You may be loyal and truthful, but she still sees a reason to doubt your intentions all the time. She spies on you, looks through your cell phone, and calls and interrogates your friends even if you say you were late because you had to meet a friend. She won’t trust you because she probably has trust issues, and unless you’re okay with her constant doubts and interrogations, avoid dating a girl who never trusts you. It’s not healthy for a happy relationship. [Read: 10 reasons your partner has trust issues and 10 ways to fix it for them]

#10 The no-opinions nice girl. She seems like a great girl. She doesn’t complain or oppose you in any way. But she’s just way too accommodating, no matter what you say or do. She just has no opinions for herself, and no matter how many times you ask her, she just doesn’t have anything to suggest.

You may think she’s coy and too timid, but this kind of a girlfriend is just like like a ticking time bomb. You may assume she’s okay with anything you do or anyplace you take her, but she may only be holding her opinions and thoughts back for some reason. And once she snaps out of it, she may even start cold shouldering you or giving you the silent treatment when you upset her instead of communicating her thoughts with you. [Read: 12 real reasons why couples end up drifting in a relationship]

#11 The fighter. This girl is scary when she gets angry. Her face reddens with rage and she quivers like she’s going to explode. She may even punch you on your face or make a scene when she gets angry because she’s probably too hot tempered and all she sees is red when she gets angry.

If you can tread around her hot temper, that’s good for you. But if you just want to be yourself and not cower in fear each time she gets angry, stay away from this girl.

#12 The I-make-you-insecure girlfriend. This kind of a girlfriend may be a nice girl, but she’s too flirty and too friendly for her own good. She gets really friendly with a guy, even if he asks her out. She goes on dates with other guys even though she’s dating you exclusively. And you see her flirting with some guy or the other all the time. And even when you point out that a guy she was talking to was trying to hit on her and ask her out, she pretends not to have noticed! [Read: 25 truthful reasons why girls cheat so easily on their guy]

Dating a girl like this will leave you tired and insecure, because she won’t change for you. And somehow, every guy she talks too would still believe she’s still available!

#13 The martyr girlfriend. This kind of a girlfriend resorts to emotional blackmail and manipulation to get things done her way. She may be very helpful and sweet, and may even go out of her way to be nice to you. But when she wants something, she uses emotional blackmail to twist your arm and get back at you. She may constantly use lines like “I do so much for you…” “After all I’ve done for you, can’t you do this little thing for me…?” [Read: 16 reasons why people find it so easy to take you for granted!]

#14 The parents’ pet. This girl is very close to her parents, be it her mom or her dad. And no matter what you say or how much you try to convince her of something, she can’t ever make up her mind about anything without talking to her parents about it.

She talks about everything you say with her mom or dad, and after hanging up the phone, turns around and tells you her opinion *which is almost always the opinions of her parents*. If a girl does this, it may mean she’s really close to her parents and trusts their judgment more than yours, or worse, she may believe you’re not man enough to take decent decisions yourself! [Read: 10 signs to recognize a selfish person and 5 ways to stop them from hurting you]

#15 Chronically dissatisfied girlfriend. She constantly compares your lives with others, especially when they’re doing something fun. She logs onto facebook, sees all her friends who are vacationing and whines about how unhappy she is, or just how underpaid you are. No matter what you do or where you take her, her happiness is always only momentary.

She may be happy for a few hours, but as soon as she sees a friend and her boyfriend doing something, she starts comparing her own relationship all over again. You can try your best, but this type of a girlfriend will always believe that other couples are always happier than the both of you!

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If you’re dating a girl and see any of these 15 types of girlfriends in her, talk to her about it. And if that conversation doesn’t fix it, perhaps it’s best for you to walk away before she makes you feel miserable and broken from the inside!

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26 thoughts on “15 Types of Bad Girlfriends who’ll make Your Life Hell”

  1. shauryea says:

    Ive never found girls who don’t fall in these categories. I love a girl who has 2 attributes from here bt I always used to consider them, hurting myself and being insecure. When I talked to her about these things about her she always told me there is nothing in between her and other guys but when I found out she used to flirt with those guys , she unexpectedly dumped me and told me that I had flirted with others girls…I loved her so much and still I’m waiting for her… but now I think I shoul move on…Is there any way I cud make her understand??? or what should I do to move on??

  2. Firoz says:

    I love a girl who has two or more of these attributes. But once I assure her I love her, she is alright with me. And yes I love her a lot too. I can’t dump her for one or two traits above. Everyone can’t be perfect…. I say there’s hardly any girl who can be so perfect without any of the above. But what I said doesn’t rule out the possibility of perfection… But I love my girl with all her ups and downs. She’s so in my heart….

  3. marsha says:

    i don’t think there’s a woman without any of these traits. i’m a woman and i do couple or some traits above but none of my ex or even my boyfriend would said i’m worst girlfriend. i have seen that all of my friends and woman i know have some of the traits above. even my mom has some of the traits above but my parents NEVER divorced,. My dad is happy with her, it’s been 30 years of marriage and they still in love each other.
    So, don’t worry…

  4. g says:

    there is absolutely no girl that would not fit into one of these categories in some way. if a guy doesnt know the girl that well he might dump her just becauseshe said ‘shes close to her parents’ or shes sometimes ‘indecisive’ over some things. this article is very misleading, and im not sure this is written from a male or female perspective but i am a female and i think that this article is absolutely misleading and just plain false.

  5. Laurel says:

    This is extremely offensive. What kind of “perfect girl” are you looking for? No one woman is going to be without at least one of these qualities, because she will be a human. This article speaks as if the man is completely faultless, too. Love is about acceptance, trust and and compromise. This article has none of that.

  6. Alex says:

    Number 4 is the worst you can get. This type of girl reduced me to dust. It took a long time to recover.
    Never ever date such a girl. She will bring hell to your life and make you feel like you are nothing.
    Blowing hot and cold. And then COLD. She will never admit because she is such an ego maniac and thinks she’s the next best thing….
    I had hell with her but at least I can move on and never date such a girl ever ever again

  7. J says:

    1, 5, 14, 15 in the one girl. Relationship lasted 7 years, but she walked on me for essentially nothing. She wanted me to earn more, I got 2 promotions in the space of a year. I learnt to drive to stop her whining, I got a small fortune from my parents and we bought a house together, stretching our finances. Not alot of money spare in a mortgage, she’s bored, the house isn’t good enough and we’re done. I chose to ignore the warning signs and it cost me 7 years…never again.

  8. Elis says:

    I am a fine mix of 6 and 12

  9. Alef says:

    My ex had a dozen of these freaky attitudes! Cheers pals

  10. Anon says:

    I’m with this girl for a year. I know me and her don’t get along but everytime I try to leave I think about all the good times we have together . She doesn’t have parents so I try to teach her instead of leaving her. I find myself not happy a lot because I miss the single life. If I leave I know I’ll regret it . What should I do…..

  11. Hasa says:

    What if I told you guys I stayed with a girl with more than 5 of these qualities?
    I’m not boasting off that I’m great, just saying that there are such girls out there! Until I read this post, I believed that it was my fault (stuffed into my head by her) and imagined that it would be her all the way! =(
    The best and worst mistake that guys try to do is to correct them.. Trust me people, very bad idea! I was drained, humiliated, treated as shit.. I stuck around thinking LOVE could change her but I ended up dying! Now I’m just a dead man walking.. I’ve no feelings whatsoever and I’m scared of getting into any sort of serious relationship =(

    All I would like to say is this post opened my eyes, and I thank Jake for such clarity in putting the msg across.. We did break up, it is heartbreaking but now I feel good as a human being and that’s what used to matter to me, and now it does! =)

    I have hope that I will find love that doesn’t require me to change myself or compromise with.. And so will you folks! But please, oh please.. Do not stay with a girl who has several of those qualities..

    Cheers to a good life! =)

  12. R says:

    My girlfriend is a type 4, 7, 8, 9, and 11. I fear it may be too much to overcome. I love her, but Damn!

  13. tony says:

    I ticked all 15!! Got out when I realised I was being taken for a mug,3 years down the pan

  14. Ellie says:

    I unfortunately fall under category 4 at times, and category 14. I’m in a two year relationship with my bf right now and I hate how I make mistakes under those categories. It takes a lot of effort for me to be not like that, but as soon as I start being myself, I ruin my bf’s day. I am doing everything and giving up whatever it is that I can to not be like that but I can’t help but fall short at times. I am desperate in becoming the best gf for my guy but I always make mistakes at some point! I am really depressed for falling short over the same things and I have no idea why I can’t just get over it.. I find it so difficult to change and I am afraid that I don’t deserve to be my partner’s gf. I just want to change.. I just want to be perfect.. It’s just so hard to…

  15. Moh man says:

    Darn – that about covers all girls in this world. I am in a very difficult relationship. My girl is 1, 2,4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15. She says she will leave me and I should prepare myself for it, but at this point, I think I should just tell her that it is over. And after it is, I don’t think I ever want another woman in my life. It sucks bad, and it sucks royally.

  16. Madag says:

    Any girl will have 2-3 of these qualities I think to be fair and even though my ex girlfriend broke up with me making the relationship look like my fault, after reading this article and trying to be reasonable she still had 12 of these, fyi run if she has #14 plus a couple more. This helps in knowing I probably wasn’t too happy which made her unhappy and broke up with me. They don’t even have drama queen, add that too. Wow she was brutal and I was blinded by it, she was hot, probably why, not worth it I’m seeing now. I know I could of been a better boyfriend sometimes but I don’t think it would of mattered.

  17. Cheated and Broken says:

    I was recently dumped by a very attractive girl that showed signs of 3, sometimes 4 and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14 but only with two older individuals at work that she treats as parents, and 15 but only with certain topics . I blinded myself because early on she kept professing how much and how deep she loved me. I fell hook line and sinker. I fell in love with this girl and it hurt like hell when she ended it. I asked her some questions which she eventually answered. Oh and the kicker is, I work with her. I asked, of course, if there was another that her heart belonged to and the same time I added, “perhaps BJ (old ex)”. She ignored the first part but said she didn’t care for BJ at all. What she doesn’t know is a very reliable source told me that she was visiting an ex boyfriend (not BJ) while running errands for her mother in another city. Seems my source and this other guy are acquainted and the other guy still wants my ex and she wants him. She just didn’t have the decency and respect to let me know that they started talking again just before I asked her to date me exclusively but after we had been on several dates. She was hot so she thought she could do as she pleases. Shame on me for thinking she wanted only me and for not seeing the signs above which I questioned but ignored. nice guys finish last. She obliged me by telling me I’m a nice guy, just not what she wanted when she called it off.

  18. maybe i should take a break says:

    I would not google this topic if i was happy in my relationship. She has extreme traits of the following signs: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 15.

  19. Ryan says:

    You just described the entire female population.

  20. Mike M says:

    I had a ex like that, 1-14, except 15. She broke up with me due bad relationship with my family (she think they are going hurt her) truth is, they trying help her and my ex has bad mental issues. She very clingy, when I went to work for long period of time, she very impatient, and told me she going on pof look for friends, I said that’s fine, meanwhile she looking for relationship. Once she found the guy, she tell me “we just friends.” Because she can’t get along with girls, just guys. Soooo week later she broke up with me, and dating that guy, she called me saying we can be best friends, well I told her off “we can’t be friend, I don’t wanna talk to you anymore, you hurtled me badly, I don’t wanna see u anymore. Also she claimed I’m the best boyfriend she ever have, while she dating the guy, sometime she call me and text me saying she still have strong feeling for me, and truly love me. Well if she love me, why she won’t come back to me? Well I told her it’s over, no more, stay away from my life, she ruined everything, but she blame my family for ruining our future, well completely false. She a foreigner from other country. I do love her still, also she have no friends, just one or two, no ones tell her reason why, I don’t know why thou, but she can’t figured out what she did wrong and stuff.

  21. susieq2u says:

    And the male population.

  22. Manju says:

    So,u think all guys are good???
    How can u describe a woman as a good girlfriend n a bad girlfriend??what about guys???
    What a stupidity….So u call possessiveness as a bad quality… Only if a girl is possessive she meant to be a good girl friend else wat u guys do,u will go in search of another very easily….most disgusting tips these are….

  23. Edward says:

    Hi guys and girls, each gender have some putrified apples in the basket. Of course generalizations are always wrong but, as a guy, i also have some strong prejudgments about girls, and i haven’t been wrong after some bad relationship experiences. I think you all know “A beautiful mind” movie. There is a blond girl scene in this movie. Just watch and see the game theory. It isn’t different from trading environment. Just model the boy-girl relationships as stock market. Just think a good girl as a high quality-high inertia company share, and think the bad one as a company who takes its inevstors money and gives nothing. Low quality girls can be easily manipulated just like low quality share-papers by the boys who have much money than you. These types of girls usually deserves dicks, so leave them alone and be happy for not having such a girl.

    In today’s world, girls are converting themselves to sex objects that can be bought or sold. So make yourselves a favor and find a good girl who deserves your love. Don’t play gamble. Decide with your logical judgements not with butterflies in your stomach. This is experience.

  24. Godpuncher says:

    Those women and their opinions! Just who do they think they are, anyway? “She only changes her mind when she wants to.” What a bunch of crap, right?! But they also can’t have no NO opinions… I mean, come ON. Stupid women.

  25. Coppy says:

    What a great article! I really enjoyed reading this article. This article mentions facts not just random ideas or thoughts. I and my gf broke up few weeks ago and I can clearly tell that I found 11signs applied to my old gf ( terrible gf ) they’re gone for good now. Thanks anyways it’s good article.

  26. Mar Komus says:

    You missed the gold digger–that girl who has to have the big rock on her finger, the posh car in the garage, the designer bags, the shoes, the makeup, the bling, etc. Just as there are man pigs who claim to be OK with anything and everything as long as she’s hot, so there are also women who will put up with quite a bit as long as you’re loaded. Her loyalty to you is only as deep as your pocketbook

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