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65 Open-Ended, Deep Questions to Ask a Girl & Get Her to Seriously Open Up

Want to get a girl to open up? You’ll need to ask the right open-ended questions to get her talking. Let’s dive into deep, serious questions to ask a girl.

What is a Chode? Why PUAs Hate Them But Women Prefer Dating These Guys

So, you’ve heard the word and thought to yourself, ‘exactly what is a chode?’ Don’t worry… you’re about to find out.

how to get over a girl who doesn't like you

How to Get Over a Girl Who Doesn’t Like You Without Getting Bitter

Do you like a girl, and for some reason she doesn’t like you? Here’s how to get over a girl and transform yourself into a desirable catch at the same time!

foster boyfriend

Foster Boyfriend: What Makes You One & How to Be “The One” Instead

Dating slang coins new phrases all the time, but the latest is something many men can associate with. Are you a foster boyfriend?

girl best friend

The Girl Best Friend: 18 Drama-Free Facts that Make Her a Real Gem

A girl best friend is often the best of both worlds. But don’t be deceived, while it has many benefits, there are a few drawbacks too!

weird penis

Weird Penis: 10 Freaky Behaviors that are Totally Normal

Morning wood, weird angles, and odd shapes – these are just some of the seemingly strange things about your penis that are actually normal!

relationship power play men

Relationship Power Plays: What Men Need to Know

Power can be addictive, so much so that this quest for the upper hand seeps into the dynamics of your relationships with women.

Unwanted Erection

Unwanted Erection: How to Get Rid of a Boner ASAP Before It’s Noticed!

Is your erection causing a few problems? Sometimes they “pop up” (literally) at the worst moment. Learn how to get rid of a boner and avoid embarrassment.

how to make her want more after a one night stand

How to Make Her Want More after a One Night Stand

Just because she slept with you, doesn’t mean she wants to stick around. So how can you make her see you as more than just a guy she slept with?

lifehacks for men

20 Easy Life-Changing Hacks for 20-Something Guys

Your twenties may well be the most exciting and most anxiety-inducing time of your life. But how can you survive such a tumultuous era?

signs of a narcissistic relationship

10 Deadly Phrases You Must Never Say to Your Girlfriend

She may be an absolute saint, but even the most patient of girlfriends can be sent over the edge by a particularly inappropriate word or two.

male orgasm

A Guy’s Guide to the Faux-O: How to Fake a Male Orgasm

You may be surprised to know men can fake their orgasms, with 10 times the difficulty! We’re showing you how to fake a male orgasm and when to do it.

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What Is a Simp? 28 Signs You’re Simping & How To Not Be One… EVER!

There are many terms floating around these days but you may not know what they mean. For instance, what is simping and how can you avoid being a simp?


The 41 Best Qualities of a Good Man that Sets Him Apart From Lesser Men

The qualities of a good man vary according to personal opinion, but there are some things you MUST look for in a man to ensure he’s a cut above the rest.


31 Sly Signs of a Cheating Wife, Why She Cheated & Ways to Confront Her

Most people think that men are more likely to cheat than women. But women also cheat on their husbands. Here are the signs of a cheating wife.


71 Reasons Why Women Cheat in Relationships & How to Read Her Mind

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, then you are probably wondering about the common reasons why women cheat. Here’s everything you need to know.