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why do men get random boners
Why Do Men Get Random Boners? The Science Behind the Untimely Bulge

Getting a boner is an experience all men relate to but sometimes can be puzzling and inconvenient, leaving you wondering, why do men get random boners?

signs she's using you emotionally
11 Signs She’s Using You Emotionally & Just Playing with Your Heart

You may be seriously head over heels for her, but she’s not fully committing to you. What are the signs she’s using you emotionally?

weird penis

Weird Penis: 10 Freaky Behaviors that are Totally Normal

Morning wood, weird angles, and odd shapes – these are just some of the seemingly strange things about your penis that are actually normal!

relationship power play men

Relationship Power Plays: What Men Need to Know

Power can be addictive, so much so that this quest for the upper hand seeps into the dynamics of your relationships with women.

meeting your girlfriend's parents

Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents: 21 Dos and Don’ts

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time can be daunting. Follow these dos and don’ts to make a potentially bad situation a little better.

sensitive questions

20 Questions to Ask Her to Show Your Sensitive Side

Not all women go for the caveman and a sensitive soul is highly attractive. To show her you’re not like the others, ask her a few of these questions.

bad boy

20 Ways to Be a Badass Bad Boy That All Girls Fall For

Finding yourself losing out in the dating stakes to the local badasses? Then follow our tips below to become the ultimate badass bad boy.


How to Choose the Perfect Wingman While Meeting Women

When out on the hunt for your next potential partner, a wingman can be a valuable aid in helping you achieve that end. But who should your wingman be?

Unwanted Erection

10 Quick and Easy Ways To Get Rid of an Unwanted Erection

Have a raging hard on that just won’t leave? Use these 10 unwanted erection reducers to fend off potential embarrassment—or worse, a harassment claim.

low maintenance girl

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Date a Low Maintenance Girl

A low-maintenance girl seems to be the holy grail of dating. They bring no drama and no hassle. But are they really all they’re cracked up to be?

how to make her want more after a one night stand

How to Make Her Want More after a One Night Stand

Just because she slept with you, doesn’t mean she wants to stick around. So how can you make her see you as more than just a guy she slept with?

lifehacks for men

20 Easy Life-Changing Hacks for 20-Something Guys

Your twenties may well be the most exciting and most anxiety-inducing time of your life. But how can you survive such a tumultuous era?

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