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65 Open-Ended, Deep Questions to Ask a Girl & Get Her to Seriously Open Up

Want to get a girl to open up? You’ll need to ask the right open-ended questions to get her talking. Let’s dive into deep, serious questions to ask a girl.

What is a Chode? Why PUAs Hate Them But Women Prefer Dating These Guys

So, you’ve heard the word and thought to yourself, ‘exactly what is a chode?’ Don’t worry… you’re about to find out.

random boners erection

Random Boners: Why Men Get These Erections & 20 Ways to Get Rid of It

Why do men get random boners? It’s something almost all men experience, but it can be embarrassing sometimes. Here’s all you need to know about it.

two girls kissing

Why Guys Love Watching Two Straight Girls Kissing & Find Them Irresistible

Ever wondered why guys get so turned on watching two girls kissing each other? Here are the different types of girlie kissers and their effect on men!

date a stripper

Dating a Stripper: The Good & Bad Sides to It & What Others Have to Say

Just like you wonder what happens when you date a CEO, people are asking what it’s like to date a stripper. And Reddit, once again, answers.

bro code rules bromandments

72 Bromandments: The Bro Code Rules Every Guy Must Know & Follow

The bro code rules must be followed at all times. If anyone breaks a rule, there’s trouble! Learn the common guy code rules and clue yourself up.

friendzoned by a girl signs

Friendzoned by a Girl: 25 Signs She’s Just Not Interested in Dating You

You really like her, but you are afraid that you are being friendzoned by a girl. Read these 25 signs so you know if it’s time to give up or not!

How to Get a Girl To Like You Again

How to Get a Girl To Like You Again After She’s Lost Interest in You

You thought she liked you, but then she is suddenly acting strange and rejected you. What should you do? Here’s how to get a girl to like you again.

How to tell if a woman is checking you out

27 Signs to Tell If a Woman Is Checking You Out & What To Do Next

You check out women all the time, but women do it too. Learn how to tell if a woman is checking you out with the right signs, and what to do if she is.

how to kiss a girl for the first time

How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time: 15 Steps To Not Screw it Up

A first kiss is tricky, especially if you haven’t set the foundation right. Want to know how to kiss a girl for the first time and make her want more?

instagram boyfriend

Instagram Boyfriend: Why Men Hate Him & What Makes Him Awesome

We’ve all heard the term “Instagram boyfriend,” but what does it really mean to be one? It’s not just about getting several photos of her like you think.

eskimo brothers meaning

Eskimo Brothers: What It Means to Be One & the Must-Know Details

Dating is a strange world. If you’re a guy and you accidentally *or on purpose* dated the same person as your friend, well, now you’re eskimo brothers.

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What Is a Simp? 28 Signs You’re Simping & How To Not Be One… EVER!

There are many terms floating around these days but you may not know what they mean. For instance, what is simping and how can you avoid being a simp?


The 41 Best Qualities of a Good Man that Sets Him Apart From Lesser Men

The qualities of a good man vary according to personal opinion, but there are some things you MUST look for in a man to ensure he’s a cut above the rest.


31 Sly Signs of a Cheating Wife, Why She Cheated & Ways to Confront Her

Most people think that men are more likely to cheat than women. But women also cheat on their husbands. Here are the signs of a cheating wife.


71 Reasons Why Women Cheat in Relationships & How to Read Her Mind

If you suspect your partner of infidelity, then you are probably wondering about the common reasons why women cheat. Here’s everything you need to know.