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How to Tell if a Woman Is Checking You Out: 9 Signs You Can’t Miss

Don’t kid yourself, women do it too. The key is learning how to tell if a woman is checking you out so you’re ready to take the next step.

how to tell if a woman is checking you out

Traditional gender roles might lead you to believe checking out the opposite sex is an exclusively male activity. However, women do their own fair share of checking out the men. Do you know how to tell if a woman is checking you out or not?

How to tell if a woman is checking you out – The little details

Women are considered to be more subtle and discreet when taking a gander at the goods. Whereas men are like heat-seeking missiles who stick and close in on their target. But women are capable of getting a full body scan without getting caught.

Their scouting game rivals that of a spy satellite’s camera. They take quick mental snapshots of a man’s physique while he sits there unaware he just got violated. So, still wondering how to tell if a woman is checking you out? Here’s how they do it.

#1 Successive and quick glances. When checking a guy out, women make good use of their peripheral vision. They throw quick unassuming glances in succession while making it appear that they are ignoring you until they get a full mental picture of your features or until you catch them. [Read: How to read a girl’s subtle signs she wants you to look her way]

#2 They will smile at you and look away. If you do catch them throwing glances at you, their immediate response would be to hold eye contact for a bit, throw in a faint hint of a smile, and look away. All while pretending to mind their own business. That smile is the dead giveaway that she’s checking you out.

If it’s just a case of accidental eye contact, a girl quickly looks away with a straight expression on her face. On the other hand, smiling after eye contact is a sign that she won’t mind if you approach and talk to her. [Read: How to read the signs of friendly vs flirty]

#3 She positions herself from a good vantage point. Like a good Navy SEAL sniper, she picks a good vantage point where she can safely ogle you without getting caught. And if you’re lucky enough to have caught her interest, she’ll even move in your general area if you’re on the go. The only drawback is she seems like a stalker hovering in your general direction giving you the Jason Bourne gut feeling that you’re being tailed.

#4 They hover or hang around the areas you frequently occupy. Women are keen to the small details of a man’s behavior. They smartly use your routines to safely check you out. So if you are a creature of habit who likes to pass by a specific route every day, take your lunch in a specific table, or walk through the same office hallway at a specific time, she’ll take advantage of this information. Then, she’ll occupy the same space to be in close proximity.

If you notice a girl who you keep running into during the course of your day or has been taking her coffee breaks the same time as yours, she may be interested in and checking you out.

#5 She utilizes the “girlfriend smoke screen.” The “girlfriend smokescreen” is a unique tactic that women use to make them less conspicuous when checking out their guys. It is usually done by employing the company of one or more female friends who provide them with necessary social cover while they check the guy out.

They may either chat or laugh loudly while the helpless guy tries his best to mind his own business without knowing that one from the group is checking him out. [Read: 15 tips you absolutely need to know when you approach women]

#6 If she’s with a bunch of friends, you’ll catch any of them looking at you too. Women care for their girlfriends’ opinion when it comes to men. It will be easy to tell that you’re being checked out when you get glances from a group of girls either one at a time or all at the same time. The difficulty is knowing which woman is the likely culprit?

#7 She notices any changes in your person. Let’s say she is a co-worker or an acquaintance that you get to talk to once in a while. With this casual kind of relationship, your interactions would often be limited to small talks and occasional greetings.

But when she suddenly gives you a random compliment aimed at a recent haircut, a new shirt, or your conspicuously toning body, chances are that she’s been checking you out for a long time. She unwittingly gave herself away by that compliment.

#8 She notices and comments on your social media activity. Women don’t just check out guys in close encounters. They also will sift through your social media content. This mild case of cyberstalking is understandably safer than doing it face to face. A sure sign she’s checking you out online? She comments or mentions anything about one of your social media posts in person. [Read: How girls flirt – 15 signs she’s being more than just nice to you]

#9 She remembers the details of your conversation even if it happened ages ago. People forget details in conversations. But if the person she’s talking to is someone special, like a guy she’s checking out, she’s more focused and attentive to what is said.

[Read: The spot-on signs a girl has a crush on you]

Men and women check out the opposite sex in different ways. So, start by memorizing these nine lessons for how to tell if a woman is checking you out.

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